Saturday 30 September 2023

70!..embossing folder & cautionary tale

 Hello Friends

Sorry it has been so long since I posted...but most people I am finding this year is hurtling by at a rate of knots and time slips away from me. Thank you for joining me though..your love and time is so very much appreciated.

So first of all..a card.......

A Creative Expressions 6" x 6" embossing folder coloured with oxide inks and a finger dauber. The 70 was cut several times in white and layered...the top layer was cut from a piece of card that I had coloured with the same colours used on the folder, Finally the addition of some matching enamel dots.

Now for the cautionary tale......

I recently used, or should I say tried to use, a 3D embossing folder from Memory Box in my Gemini I know that these folders are thick...and plates have to be adjusted which was what I did ..right? The machine started to take the combination and then wouldn't reverse...and was well and truly guessed it Stuck! 

I rang Crafters Companion...quite upset by this time...where was Alan when I needed him (late husband)...he used to be the official repair guy in the UK for Spellbinders and rescued many a stuck plate from a Grand Calibur. I know you would think I would know better...but it did start to accept the sandwich until it got to the really thick part.

Anyway Crafters Companion were brilliant and for £35 they collected my machine, rescued the contents and returned my machine and embossing folder. I had only one tiny piece of card in the folder  just covering one flower. cautionary tale is not to put 3D folders (other than Crafters Companion) in your Gemini...or if you do then double check  the thickness of your sandwich. (not the one you ate for lunch!) probably are more sensible than me and already aware of this!

I have resorted to my old Big Shot with card shims and now am very fact quite scared to use my Gemini for anything other than cutting. 

Crafters Companion also advised that Sizzix 3D folders would not go through the Gemini.

ON a last note a question for my blogging friends in America who MUST have these Magnolia 3D folders (so pretty)  with dies from Memory Box...what machine do you use? and what is your sandwich?

My sons wedding is now less than 3 weeks away...outfit almost sorted! (It's been a nightmare) and I am looking forward to seeing my other son as he flies in from Australia soon. A shame the rest of his family will not be here, it would have been lovely to see the children too.

Thank you for staying with me, I hope you are all safe and well and hopefully I will be back soon.

October tomorrow!......not started Christmas yet!!

Love and crafty hugs

 Carole xx


  1. Hi Carole, I have one 3d flower embossing folder, a freebie with a magazine, I am yet to try it out and only have a Cuttle bug, I will be extra careful putting it through when I do try it out, love the card and colours. Hope the wedding goes well, have a wonderful week... Megan

  2. Oh how I can identify with that problem Carole, I use electronic machines, when it happened with the Switch rang Sizzix who said take a pice of wood and mallet and bang on the end of the sandwich, reluctantly did and it worked. First time anyhow, next time you know the story. So now have a Switch and an Express as can't be caught out with timeframes for TRR, it's that or not push my luck to see if it works! I find in particular Lisa Horton folders which I love, are very thick.

    Back to your card and the colouring is very subtle, try and I may I'm just too heavy handed to achieve the desired effect.

    Enjoy the wedding preparations and of course the wedding itself.

    B x

  3. I am very impressed by how you have added ink to your embossing. I can't see any straying outside the flowers. I could never achieve that. Such a pretty card. Thanks for the tips about embossing folders and the Gemini machine. I have a Gemini Junior and have found that I don't use it much since I bought a Sizzix Foldaway. I do use it with my foiling machine and because of that I used it a bit recently to die cut and remember how the plates warp so badly that it is hard to use. I nearly got something stuck once, so I am wary now. Glad CC sorted it out for you. I bet you have little moments everyday when you miss your husband xx

  4. Stunning card Carole xx glad you got you machine going xx

  5. Love that gorgeous embossing and sof colouring, Carole - such a pretty card. I had the Gemini get stuck a few times too and they told me to use the hammer trick that Brenda used. It's hard to keep up with all the different shims and thicknesses these days but I do love the results when everything works well. I hope the wedding preparations go well and that you have a wonderful time - I'll need to see a picture please.
    Hope you are well.
    Carol x

  6. A beautiful card. Love the colours you've used and the delicate colouring on the petals. I doubt I could be so careful! Goodness, I'm glad you got your machine sorted and I'm sure you are very wary of it now. I can't offer any advice but these folders are so tempting. I am quite careful now having mashed up a few things but it's never actually been completely stuck. x

  7. Hi Carole

    .. .. .. and it will be November tomorrow in my world because I have been so slow in getting here!!

    Your card is gorgeous and I love the colours very much.

    Scary times with your 3D embossing folders! I always resort to thick cardboard instead of one of the plates in my machines .. .. but my machines are manual so you soon know if they aren't going to go through OK.

    Many thanks for your lovely message on my blog.

    I hope that all is well at your end..

    Love Jules xx

  8. Beautiful!! I love how you colored the embossing. Turned out so pretty.

  9. Beautiful card, but sorry to hear the cautionary tale! Alls well that ends well though eh?!

    I’m catching up on your blog - bear with! Xxx