Thursday 16 November 2023


 Hello everyone!

Life has been busy and time just keeps getting away from me, so big apologies for my bad blogging and I hope you are all still with me.

Crafting has taken place sporadically but sad to say not a Christmas card in sight yet!

Let's start my catch up with the wedding which seems ages ago now.

Here is the invite.........

.......and here is the wedding card I made for them........

Love this Memory Box heart, and I was able to carry the theme through.

So..... to the Bride and Groom who were blessed with the weather on the day and it was quite warm too. The day after we were marooned in the hotel in Chester by the floods caused by the storm.

 Not a traditional dress for the bride, but she looked stunning nonetheless, and also where the green theme came from. It shimmered blue too in different lights.

No posing ! just happy snapshots from guests.

......and after all that and my outfit...yes I ended up with green after trying really hard to avoid it. 

 My younger son (Iain) that flew in from Australia for the occasion and to be a witness (on the left in the picture)...the rose between two thorns in the middle! and Andrew on the right.. It was so lovely to see my two sons together and to see Iain again after four years, but very hard to say goodbye again the day after the wedding. Fortunately for him he left early for Heathrow before the hotel was cut off by flooded roads. 

I will be back again soon I hope with a few more makes...but still not Christmas. If I get to make any maybe I should save them all for next year..I would be ahead of the game then wouldn't I?  I seem to remember my New Year Resolution was one a week...hmmm..say no more on that!

On that note I will wish you a good weekend as we are nearly there. I hope you are all well and here in the UK I hope you have not grown webbed much rain!!

Take care now

Crafty hugs

Carole xx