Tuesday 15 January 2019

'Allsorts' challenge

NO not how quick can I eat a box of the liqourice variety!...think of the consequences!!!...on second thoughts don't!....it's the card challenge of course.

Hi everyone...thanks for stopping by. It seems this year is going faster than the last one did...for me anyway and I have only done a little bit of crafting, but for a very important person....Thomas In Australia will be 3...yes I know 3!.....at the beginning of February.....it's time again whizzing past in the blink of an eye.

Here is the card...already on it's way down under......

No they won't peak!...I never got any feed back on the Christmas card I sent so I don't hold out much hope on getting any on this one either...but...I keep sending as grandma's and mums do!.....but I will welcome your feed back! :)

I've had this lovely bright card in my stash for ages so that was my starting point and the rest followed on using snippets from my ever growing box. The number 3 is a Verso tonic large number die....and the little circular tractor and lorry buttons were punched from a coordinating sheet of card.
I decorated the inside to match.

Talking of snippets....I have just had to have re sort...makes a change from the knicker drawer...lol!!!! The box was an old toy box from when my boys were little, the sort that could have castors on the bottom and would stack. Sadly it fell off the box it was stacked on...all the card all over the floor underneath my desk...rescued by hubby as I can't get down there (where would I be without him?).....and there was an almighty split right across the bottom of the box!....does that show how heavy it was with card?...probably , but perhaps the plastic was brittle with age!!...lol...bit like me!
Anyway its been sorted and is awaiting a new box now!

Snippets playground here I come...it's been ages, so looking forward to hearing how everyone has broken their New Years Resolutions.

I have waffled long enough, time for a cuppa, please stay and join me.
Thank you for calling in on me and your feedback is always appreciated...as are all of you.

Take care and see you soon.
Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Challenges entered :-

Snippets Playground  343 ...........................All made from snippets both small and big.
Allsorts Challenge. 502..Milestones........... NO 3

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Happy New Year

Well that's it...another year flown by!

I hope Santa managed a few crafting goodies for you under the tree!

I don't have a card to share but I wanted to just thank each and everyone of you that takes the time to stop by my blog, your friendship is so very much appreciated and those of you who are kind enough to leave me a comment have spurred me on to keep creating and blogging. I feel blessed to have made friends with such wonderful people all over the globe.

So I wish each of you a very Peaceful, Happy, Healthy and Crafty 2019 as we all start afresh.
Love Carole xx