Wednesday 28 November 2018

A few more?

Hi everyone...thank you for popping by at this very busy time of year. Your visits cheer me and I do so appreciate the lovely comments you leave me.....fabulous cyber friends......that's what I have.

I have been in the craft room, but sadly nothing I can share yet, so that leaves me to show you a few more of the cards made at class. The designs of course are down to the crafty duo (Sue and Carol)..with the odd bit added later at my discretion.

I do enjoy making cards that I probably would not make usually (if you know what I mean). It also gives us the chance to use stamps and dies that we do not have in our stash. That can soon be remedied as  the ones you really like and are current are sourced and added very quickly!!!

Well last weekend I celebrated 21 (again) and this weekend it's hubby's turn!...after that we can concentrate on Christmas. I think that's why I never feel organised at this time of year,,,birthdays get in the way.!
We visited Castle Howard near York last Saturday. the house is all decorated in the theme of the 12 days of Christmas...stunning! It was designed by Charlotte LLoyd Webber...I wonder if she is related to Andrew? to google there.

OK friends...time to press on with the day. I hope all your Christmas plans are on schedule. I actually think the best part of Christmas is the planning...the actual day always seems a bit of an anti climax  when it arrives.

Till next week....keep busy!!
Carole xx

Saturday 17 November 2018

37 days till Christmas!

Yes...37 days to go (sorry to remind you)...and I am in panic to join me? 

Hi there friends....just a quick post from me as I am aware that time is of the essence. I have been crafting...very hard.... at the monthly craft class that I now attend where Sue and Carol (The crafty Duo) crack the whip as we all endeavor to beat the clock and reproduce their wonderful designs, and if we don't finish we get to finish it at home of course. (Do they still call that homework these days?) Seriously these ladies put a lot of time and effort in to what they bring to us...if you are reading this ladies...a big Thank You...and if you are not...why not?

Here are a few of the Christmas cards we have made......

I will show you more at a later the meantime I have to get back to panicking

Have a good weekend everyone...take care
Crafty hugs...see you later..
Carole xx

Sunday 11 November 2018

'Lest we Forget'


'When you go home, tell them of us and say..for your tomorrow ,we gave our today.'

This is a quilt that was on display at the recent Crafts and Hobby show at the NEC Birmingham.

Thursday 1 November 2018


Hello fellow crafters!..........Rabbits you ask?....nothing to do with rabbits, but it is the first of the month, and the month contains the letter R, and as a little girl I was always told you had to say 'Rabbits,rabbits,rabbits' on the first day of the month containing an 'R' in it's name. So there we have it!...........your useless information for the day.

So to crafting...and hoping I find you all well and dandy as we hurtle way too fast towards Christmas.

It's a birthday card today...not a Christmas card in sight...literally! (note to running out of time) Even the extra hour last weekend saw no more crafting time. Where do I go wrong?
Here it is......

We made one similar at our card workshop a bit back and I liked it so much I just had to buy the stamp and case the card and so I made some more in different colours. The stamp is by Julie Hickey and has just the one flower, so the second is fussy cut and layered up. All this is paper pieced.

It's turned a lot colder here now and the long dark nights are I HATE this time of year. the Vit D drops are out again, the woolies, vests and boots hot on their heels!..ugh ...but we have had a good summer and Autumn...fingers crossed for a lovely spring next year.

Enjoy your weekend.

Crafty hugs
Carole xx