Wednesday 21 October 2015


Hi there friends! ....Yes it's me....good to see you all............I am just popping in with a quick make that I did for Son's Birthday last week......and then forgot to photograph!!!! Doh!...silly me. Anyway son has sent me a picture it is......

 To be perfectly honest I do not feel that it is one of my best, but as I have nothing else to blog at present....this is it! It speaks for itself. The die is a Marianne die with a few accompanying stamps one of which I used for the @ (glad that symbol is on the PC) sign. Looks like it got a bit damaged in the post too! My mojo is lacking at present unfortunately so I struggled to make this as it seemed such an effort............anyway son says he liked it and at least it arrived for the day this time (unlike the anniversary card).

I have been doing some crafty bits while watching a bit of craft on the telly...a bit of cardigan.....I have reached the sewing up bit which I hate so that is at a halt......and I have also sat and made a few of the pine cones that I did last year and you will see back in the archives of my blog somewhere.
As for the Christmas cards...NO still none done ......but..........Hubby has put all the Christmas crafty things on the bed in the spare room so I do not have to lift heavy boxes etc, so that when the urge strikes (wish it would hurry or it will be next year!) I can get going.......The mind is willing!!

I have been visiting all your lovely blogs and seeing all your wonderful creations....what a talented bunch of friends I have who put me to shame!

Thank you so much for stopping by and continuing  to spur me on with your messages of love.....I am so grateful for every one and glad to say I am tons better now thank you..........still a bit to go till full pelt but I consider that there is always someone out there who is worse off and if that happens to be you today...then I hope life gets better for you quickly.

Right enough waffle and apologies for the not so inspiring post............well done if you are still reading this! Hopefully it will not be 3 weeks again before I post...sigh...I must get card making again!

Till next time...please keep popping by as I shall stop to see your fantastic works of art.
Take care and 'Happy Halloween' to all of you that are into it! (sorry it doesn't really float my boat).
An extra hour in bed this weekend for those in the UK as the clocks go back..........yippee for the hour but I hate the dark nights.

Hugs and love
Carole xx