Tuesday 7 February 2023

7 today!

 Hi..it's me, back again with Thomas's card as promised. I asked if it had arrived..I got told 'I think so'...so anyone's guess. 

When Thomas wakes (it is of course the middle of the night over there) he will be a Birthday Boy, no doubt a very excited one at that.  I remember at junior school being able to take your birthday cards into school to display on the windowsill in the classroom. Mind you in those day the postie came before school...not such the case anymore, here anyway.

Here is the one I made for Thomas after great deliberation. He is into Pokemon and I don't pretend to know what it is all about! but apparently he loves it, amongst other things like Minecraft now. Wonder what happened to the Lego phase?

The images were colouring pages I downloaded and resized and then used copics to colour, and then fussy cut the images (not my favourite pastime)

 I guess it's very self explanatory and the design is abit of a take on one I found on pinterest, but don't know where it originated.

So I hope Thomas has a wonderful 7th birthday and that his card has arrived. He won't be peeking at my blog anyway so this wont be spoiler for him.

Thanks for stopping by . Enjoy the rest of your week ad hopefully I will get to see you again soon.

Crafty hugs

Carole xx

Sunday 5 February 2023

Plain sailing !

  H ello ! Nice to see you...thank you for stopping by.

I've got a male seaside themed card for a friends hubby. They live close to the sea (lucky things)!

Apologies for the photo that makes the card look misshapen.

 It was a 7x7inch card.

I stamped the Uniko sailing boat on to age old pp from an 8x8 pad, cutting off one strip of the shells and adding a contrast down either side. That strip I stuck down the side of the envelope before posting.

I paper pieced the sails on the boat with more paper bits from stash and die cut the little anchor and the sentiment from dark navy card. Added a few waves to grond the ship so to speak and there we have it. 

It took longer to get the idea than to execute in the end.

A brighter day her in West Yorkshire with the sun saying hi  now and again but it is still pretty cool here though the spring bulbs are showing and the snowdrops are in bloom.

I hope you are having a good weekend in your part of blogland, and are well.

Tale care, back again soon with Thomas's card (probably not arrived due to the cyber issues affecting international post)...sigh!

Crafty hugs

Carole xx