Thursday 23 May 2019


Hi Friends!
Where did that 2 weeks go? Sorry for not being around much but life in several guises has chosen to rule the roost here, and that doesn't include hubby!!

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and support on my last post. You will be pleased to know that Chloe eventually responded to a cocktail of antibiotics (cocktails at age 1  ! ) and is home again, still on antibiotics and at the last report more like her old self...phew! Your love and support meant so much to me at a worrying time...Thank you all again..mwah x

So...onto crafting..(or lack of it) I have more cards for you to see that were done at the monthly card club. Lucky I have these to fall back on! A cocktail of cards!!
Here goes....

Just love that face!

So I wish you all a lovely Bank Holiday weekend if you are in the UK...and if you are elsewhere in the world...have a great weekend too!

Take care of yourselves. If you are under the weather or having worries/problems may you feel better soon.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by , I really do appreciate it and also as you know any comments you leave. You are a great bunch.

Right while I have charge of the computer and a coffee I am coming to see what you have all been up to now, and return some love.
Till next time
Carole xx

Sadly no chance to enter any challenges this time.

Sunday 12 May 2019

Tool Box Birthday!

Hello friends!

Another week gone!,and a mixed one here.
Thank you so much for the good wishes lots of you left me on my last post. Glad to say the chest infection is behind me BUT I am now nursing a very painful shoulder.....and YES it has stopped that promising crafting along with the feeling that I need a good kick up the derriere to get me going again!.... I don't reckon much to this getting older lark one bit!

Before you rush off...(it is a crafty blog after all and you didn't come to hear my tales of woe) I sadly have one other snippet of news. I received an email from my son in Australia yesterday to say that Chloe (the granddaughter that the card on my last post was for) is very poorly in hospital with sepsis.
Not the sort of news one wants at any time but it is so difficult when one is all those miles away and I can't give anyone a hug.Please keep your fingers crossed for her full recovery...everything I can think of is crossed here!

Ok ...thanks for to the main event as it were....the one you called to see me for!

I made this a while back for my eldest son who who recently had a birthday.

 I used a freebie die from Die Cut Essentials magazine and took two of the card designs from the magazine and incorporated them in to one for my creation.The papers were part of an accompanying free download which I found a faff to get to the right scale. I am not very good at this digi!!

I have to say I was glad how it turned out in the end as it was fiddly and time consuming, and I even enlisted hubby's help in putting all the coloured handles on the tools which saved me quite a bit of time. One has to keep these retirees busy you know!!

Well the sun has shone today for a change, I hope it has where you are.

The kitchen fitters have moved in here this last week so you can imagine the mess....and the microwave I hate having workmen in the house as I always feel I can't settle to do anything...are you the same?. hubby knows what I mean about that now too!!!

Well friends, I can smell that microwave dinner. It has been good to chat with you,,,thanks for go eat it!

I hope you have had a good weekend and have a good and crafty week ahead.
Stay well and happy and we will catch up again soon I hope.Forgive me if my blogging is a bit sporadic.

Crafty hugs
Carole xx