Sunday 7 May 2023

'The simple things in life.'

 Hi friends..far and wide, and closer to home. how are you all? I hope you are well and enjoying life.

Well what a weekend here in the UK...a new King and Queen crowned yesterday and an extra Bank Holiday tomorrow...not that it makes much difference to me, every day seems to be the same!

I did watch history unfold though yesterday and watched it all on the telly. It was sadly a wet day but it didn't seem to dampen peoples spirits, and I found it quite emotional at times. The organisation that must have gone onto it all was phenomenal!

OK .....crafting...well not had a lot of time for that due to some eye issues and an ongoing shoulder issue...the joys of getting older no doubt, so forgive me for not being a good blogger of late. I did however manage to make a card for my eldest son's birthday last week. A CASE of a card that Brenda (Floral Fantasies) did a while back with a few slight differences. (not good on the linking bit sorry). She did enable me to buy the silhouette stamp though :)

In the end I was pleased with how it turned out, though if I did another there may be a couple of tweaks to do.

Oxide inked background and stamping in Versafine Clair. You might just pick up a bit of stencilling in the corner with a new stencil, just to take abit of the stark white away.

My son regularly walks his dog...a black labrador (I masked off the ears on this dog...totally pain free I hasten to for a good long walk so it all seemed very apt, and he seemed pleased with his card. 

OK I hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend if you are in the UK and hopefully I will be back before too long. I do keep popping in to see your wonderful creations and I thank you all for stopping by my blog...... I know how precious time is.

Happy Crafting

Love Carole xx