Saturday 22 July 2023

'Just for the record '

Hi last I have something to share!  A male card for a friends husband cased from one I saw on pinterest. ....thanks to the designer whoever they may be.

Male cards are not my favourite cards to make and I seem to have exhausted the ideas relevant to the person in cars (green ones) and canal boats on past this was what he got this time round!

I guess it speaks for itself really but the base card was cut from an 8 inch square card base and the rest from varying sizes of the same circular nesting dies. 

The 70 was cut from dies in my stash that I use quite regularly as they are not too big...and I didn't want to rub it in! The writing was hand written.

So life continues to be very busy here, organising workmen for varying maintenance and repair jobs in the house and garden...and costly too. I can never settle when I have people here whether they're inside or out. Are you the same?...or is it because normally my hubby would have been keeping an eye on these people? and doing all the organising of them to come in the first place too! 

Anyway enough of that..what happened to our summer? I know we wanted rain for the gardens but now it doesn't know when to stop! No drying washing outside here..!

If you are struggling in the heat out in Europe I do hope you are staying safe from it and keeping well. Seems we have to have extremes of weather now and no happy mediums.

I've also been making wedding invites for my eldest son who is getting married in October. A small affair due to costs of course, but I hope it will be a memorable day for them both. All being well my other son in Australia is flying over for the occasion, so it will be good to see him as it is 4 years since I last saw him and the family.... a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then so to speak. sadly though Nicole and the children can't make it as the children are in school disappointing that I will not get to see my grandchildren.

I am also waiting for shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff and so hoping it will now not take place before then. I have still to find an outfit for the back zips please!  Birthday suit and arm in a sling would be different! ......but maybe not in October!

So my friends I hope you are keeping as well as you can and as happy as you can and I Thank You for stopping by my blog and taking some of your precious time to read this.

If you are still with is the card I made for the Birthday Boys wife to give to him....

Apologies for the photos not cropped...taken on my phone and then the files are too big to load! Why does technology change daily?

Crafty hugs to you all

Carole xx