Thursday 16 November 2023


 Hello everyone!

Life has been busy and time just keeps getting away from me, so big apologies for my bad blogging and I hope you are all still with me.

Crafting has taken place sporadically but sad to say not a Christmas card in sight yet!

Let's start my catch up with the wedding which seems ages ago now.

Here is the invite.........

.......and here is the wedding card I made for them........

Love this Memory Box heart, and I was able to carry the theme through.

So..... to the Bride and Groom who were blessed with the weather on the day and it was quite warm too. The day after we were marooned in the hotel in Chester by the floods caused by the storm.

 Not a traditional dress for the bride, but she looked stunning nonetheless, and also where the green theme came from. It shimmered blue too in different lights.

No posing ! just happy snapshots from guests.

......and after all that and my outfit...yes I ended up with green after trying really hard to avoid it. 

 My younger son (Iain) that flew in from Australia for the occasion and to be a witness (on the left in the picture)...the rose between two thorns in the middle! and Andrew on the right.. It was so lovely to see my two sons together and to see Iain again after four years, but very hard to say goodbye again the day after the wedding. Fortunately for him he left early for Heathrow before the hotel was cut off by flooded roads. 

I will be back again soon I hope with a few more makes...but still not Christmas. If I get to make any maybe I should save them all for next year..I would be ahead of the game then wouldn't I?  I seem to remember my New Year Resolution was one a week...hmmm..say no more on that!

On that note I will wish you a good weekend as we are nearly there. I hope you are all well and here in the UK I hope you have not grown webbed much rain!!

Take care now

Crafty hugs

Carole xx


  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I am so glad the wedding went well and what a shame that you son couldn't stay any longer after coming all that way. You look stunning, I love that green. Love the invites and card too. The happy couple look very happy xx

  2. Your cards are so elegant Carol, the invitations are beautiful and must have been a joy to receive.

    But the photos really steal the show, the wedding dress is just stunning (who said they had to be white, my eldest daughter had pink). It sounds like a wonderful day and must have been wonderful having both sons together.

    You look to be vertically challenged like me, I'm always dwarfed by the children and even grandchildren taller than me now. I can identify with distance and children living away, it's tough and Covid played a big part in making it worse. It's only weddings when all of ours are together, but we've been spoilt the last year having three so I'm not complaining.

    Sounds like a plan with Christmas cards, mine are made but was thinking in the night (as you do when sleep evades) I might make a start on more so I'm ahead next year.

    Take care and thank you for sharing,

    B x

  3. What beautiful cards, just love the colour theme, beautiful bride and groom, love your outfit too, and such lovely photos! Xxx

  4. such an elegant card...and awesome wedding photos!!!!

  5. Hi Carole

    What a lovely, happy blog post!

    So lovely to see you enjoying such a special day.

    A great photograph of you with your two sons .. .. and your wedding attire is great!

    It must have been wonderful that your son from Australia was able to be with you .. .. but understandably hard to have to say goodbye to him again too. But as my Mum would say "all good things must come to an end .. .. the same as all the bad ones" (is that a proper saying or just something my Mum says? LOL!!!

    Love the colours of the bride and groom's outfits .. .. they look super happy. I think snapshot photographs are often the best .. .. .. some of my favourites from our wedding were ones we didn't know were being taken!

    I also love the wedding stationery you made and how you carried the theme and colours through to the wedding card you made. Just beautiful!

    Pleased to read I am not the only one who is mega behind with Christmas makes!

    Hope your weekend is going well.

    Love Jules xxxx

  6. Hi Carole, a beautiful card for your son and daughter-in-law, and a lovely picture of you with your sons. Love the invitation and the card you made for their special day. I had the same idea, make Christmas cards each month as I went along, however I am joining in with an Aussie Blogger Beccy who has a month long challenge using the alphabet and a few extras thrown in the mix... Have a wonderful week... Megan

  7. Hi Carole! I just sent off your birthday card and asked for wedding photos and then here they are! Fabulous! I must say you and hubby made two very handsome men and I can see it was very special for all three of you to be together again - if only briefly!And the new bride looks like a hoot! I love both her dress and your pantsuit and I'm delighted to hear that the skies stay clear for them on their special day. You have all been drenched in the weeks since! Finally, you did a stunning job on the invitation and on their card, which they will cherish! Don't worry about Christmas cards this year, but do keep in touch! Hugs, Darnell

  8. What a lovely elegant invitation for the bride and groom! Happy to hear that they had good weather for the special occasion! And, wonderful photos of the happy couple and you in your beautiful outfit with your two handsome sons!

  9. What a happy post, Carole and I'm so glad the wedding went so well. Everyone looks so spiffy and handsome and the pictures look so natural - much better than over-posed formal ones IMHO lol! You really knocked it out of the park with the wedding invites - such a gorgeous elegant design and the wedding card will be kept as a keepsake, I'm sure. It's sad that your son had to leave so quickly but the memories of such a happy occasion together will linger.
    If I don't get to stop by again before Christmas, I hope you have a lovely one.
    Carol xxx

  10. Wahoo - so pleased to read that everything went well for the big day. Can’t imagine how hard it was to say goodbye to your son after such a brief visit having not seen him for 4 years. Great wedding pictures.

    Love the invite & card. The colours match perfectly for the wedding theme.