Friday 21 December 2018

It's Christmas!!

One last card to share with you all as the big day is peeping round the corner. This is hubby's...a larger version of an earlier cad I showed on my blog, and using a different set of stamps. He fell in love with the original. so I went one better for him..he deserves it! This is an 8"x8" card......

.....and one to show the glitter which was applied over a double adhesive sheet.

I would just like to say as BIG THANK YOU to all my friends and followers for your loving support of my blog this year. I have made some wonderful friendships through my blog and I am so grateful to each and every one of you who gives of your precious time to leave me love in a comment.


Hugs xx

Saturday 15 December 2018

Across the miles

Hello blog friends!
How are we all? Keeping well I hope and not too frazzled as the big day looms nearer ...and is gone again in the blink of any eye...only to return all too soon and bring all that stress all over again!! BUT we still do it!! WHY?.....because we like it to be nice and  the preparation for me is the feeling that makes it Christmas. Are you the same?

My card is the one that has winged it's way to Oz to youngest son and family....I know it has got there and I hope they have opened it by now, so I am blogging it anyway...I doubt they have time to peek at my blog anyway!

Snowfall acetate covering the front of the card over the double layered die cut of the London skyline and the inked panel with Santa.


another layer of acetate with the Sydney skyline on it (no snow of course)  to overlay the back of the card with the inked circle and stamped greeting.
It ended up being almost two cards fastened together with strips to hide the glue on the acetate. It really was a labour of love this one...but I was fairly pleased with the end result...I hope they like it too.! No doubt they are basking in 40 degree heat as we are experiencing freezing temperatures, gales and rain/sleet.

Difficult to photograph due to reflections!...and bad light...sorry!

The dies I used are Joanna Sheen and the backgrounds were created with distress ink.

OK...I will leave you to get on with your plans. Thank you so very much for popping in today...I know we are all chasing our tails at present...and hoping the elves pop by to help!

Take care
See you again soon...crafty hugs
Carole xx

Monday 10 December 2018

Down by the river?

Hello friends
 Sorry it's been longer than I thought since I posted but the Christmas trees, decorations etc just had to be done and the last of the shopping...the odd card too! Also there was hubby's birthday to celebrate!

So my offering this post is the card I made for him....Not a Christmas card in sight!

It's pretty self explanatory of course and uses one of  Phill Martins recent stamps that I bought at Ally Pally..the detail is phenomenal on this stamp.
I stamped in black Versafine ink and then quickly embossed with clear powder.
Then Idid the background with distress inks....more practice required here I think.Lastly stamped the sentiments in Versafine and mounted  up.
Here you can see the shine from the embossed image. there we have it, and I am pleased to say hubby loved it....and as long as the recipient likes , then that is all that matters isn't it?

Ok that's it for now as I now have to go and make a last Christmas card...yes you guessed it...for hubby!....

Thank you for popping in, your visits and lovely comments are so very much appreciated (hugs to all).

I hope you are all well on with all your preparations and not too stressed. Take care,stay well and above all enjoy the season!

I will be back before Christmas...promise.
Bye for now
Love Carole xx

Wednesday 28 November 2018

A few more?

Hi everyone...thank you for popping by at this very busy time of year. Your visits cheer me and I do so appreciate the lovely comments you leave me.....fabulous cyber friends......that's what I have.

I have been in the craft room, but sadly nothing I can share yet, so that leaves me to show you a few more of the cards made at class. The designs of course are down to the crafty duo (Sue and Carol)..with the odd bit added later at my discretion.

I do enjoy making cards that I probably would not make usually (if you know what I mean). It also gives us the chance to use stamps and dies that we do not have in our stash. That can soon be remedied as  the ones you really like and are current are sourced and added very quickly!!!

Well last weekend I celebrated 21 (again) and this weekend it's hubby's turn!...after that we can concentrate on Christmas. I think that's why I never feel organised at this time of year,,,birthdays get in the way.!
We visited Castle Howard near York last Saturday. the house is all decorated in the theme of the 12 days of Christmas...stunning! It was designed by Charlotte LLoyd Webber...I wonder if she is related to Andrew? to google there.

OK friends...time to press on with the day. I hope all your Christmas plans are on schedule. I actually think the best part of Christmas is the planning...the actual day always seems a bit of an anti climax  when it arrives.

Till next week....keep busy!!
Carole xx

Saturday 17 November 2018

37 days till Christmas!

Yes...37 days to go (sorry to remind you)...and I am in panic to join me? 

Hi there friends....just a quick post from me as I am aware that time is of the essence. I have been crafting...very hard.... at the monthly craft class that I now attend where Sue and Carol (The crafty Duo) crack the whip as we all endeavor to beat the clock and reproduce their wonderful designs, and if we don't finish we get to finish it at home of course. (Do they still call that homework these days?) Seriously these ladies put a lot of time and effort in to what they bring to us...if you are reading this ladies...a big Thank You...and if you are not...why not?

Here are a few of the Christmas cards we have made......

I will show you more at a later the meantime I have to get back to panicking

Have a good weekend everyone...take care
Crafty hugs...see you later..
Carole xx

Sunday 11 November 2018

'Lest we Forget'


'When you go home, tell them of us and say..for your tomorrow ,we gave our today.'

This is a quilt that was on display at the recent Crafts and Hobby show at the NEC Birmingham.

Thursday 1 November 2018


Hello fellow crafters!..........Rabbits you ask?....nothing to do with rabbits, but it is the first of the month, and the month contains the letter R, and as a little girl I was always told you had to say 'Rabbits,rabbits,rabbits' on the first day of the month containing an 'R' in it's name. So there we have it!...........your useless information for the day.

So to crafting...and hoping I find you all well and dandy as we hurtle way too fast towards Christmas.

It's a birthday card today...not a Christmas card in sight...literally! (note to running out of time) Even the extra hour last weekend saw no more crafting time. Where do I go wrong?
Here it is......

We made one similar at our card workshop a bit back and I liked it so much I just had to buy the stamp and case the card and so I made some more in different colours. The stamp is by Julie Hickey and has just the one flower, so the second is fussy cut and layered up. All this is paper pieced.

It's turned a lot colder here now and the long dark nights are I HATE this time of year. the Vit D drops are out again, the woolies, vests and boots hot on their heels!..ugh ...but we have had a good summer and Autumn...fingers crossed for a lovely spring next year.

Enjoy your weekend.

Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Sunday 14 October 2018

'Koality' birthday time

Hello friends

Yes I would love to be able to spend some quality Birthday time with the recipient of this card...but sadly I know that cannot be so a card is the next best thing yes?...a hug in an envelope as they say.......that's if it has traveled all those miles and arrived in Australia of course.
So Happy Birthday to my youngest is his card.....

He is not a sloppy sentimental type so I am hoping this suits him!

I hope your weekend is going well, thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit me.If you leave me a very much appreciated..... I will return the favour.

Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Tuesday 9 October 2018

Sparkle at 40!

Hi friends!

A beautiful Autumn day here today..I hope it is the same with you....and that you are all well.

You may need your sunglasses for today's card because it is literally...SPARKLE!

The background is sparkle texture paste through Uniko's broken line stencil...done in two colours and rotated 90 degrees. I die cut the 40 from some lovely no shed glitter card that matched the jade paste perfectly and also cut it twice from plain card and mounted it up to five depth. It also sits on 3D foam on the card. A final addition of purple sequins and some little punched stars ....ta -daa....

It didn't turn out quite like the picture in my mind...but then nothing generally does. I'm hoping the recipient likes it!.....Oh to be 40 again but know what I know now!
Another view just to help you see the sparkle more.

Must dash...lots to do as usual. 'Thank you' so much for popping in and if you have left me a comment...another 'Thank you' very much appreciated as I know how time is precious to us all.

Hope you all have a good rest of the week...take care..
Carole xx

Saturday 29 September 2018

September shares

Hi Friends!...phew what a week!...but here I am at last with a few more shares.

I am so glad that I managed to make a few of you smile with my last post, thanks for letting me know those that did :)   and my other mission is also accomplished (card for son in Oz) but I am keeping that till it has a chance to get there, though viewing my blog is not on his to do list for sure! Something for you to look forward to

So more shares from Craft club/class...whatever the correct terminology is here.....

This is a blast from the past.......if you know what I mean. Stamped in Versamark and them 'Pearl Ex' powders brushed over the top! you remember that?...OK then you are younger than me..or not been crafting as long!!

I think this next one (seagull) is a Woodware stamp

This is a Crafters Companion stamp and edge die.....beautiful and very reasonably priced (no I am not on commission)...I just love it! Coloured with copics.

Not sure on this ones origins...maybe penny Black....... certain bits decoupaged on this but hard to see on the photo.

I could go on but will save some more for later...especially as time is not seeing my creativity at present. Hubby has been on holiday this week and I have had a visit from Rudolph courtesy of hubby of all in all a somewhat 'unusual' week. By Monday I should be back to normal!...for me anyway!

Thanks for popping by.....I do hope you are all well and Rudolph has flown right past you....but if not...I sympathise...atishoo...and get well soon.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend...beautiful Autumn sunshine here and the trees are turning lovely shades of gold and red. How I love nature.

Take care..till next time
Carole xx

Thursday 20 September 2018

Time to smile

Just popping in quickly to make you smile. I found these on Pinterest so though I would share. Does anyone else identify with these?

and you surely must identify with this one!

So have I made you smile?...good! mission accomplished.
I will be back soon with more shares from craft club. Till then I am off on another mission...a birthday card for son down under!

Thanks for popping in...see you soon Hugs xx Carole

Thursday 6 September 2018

A Christmas start!

Hello I am at last!

I hope you are all well and Thank you for stopping by.
Autumn is showing its colours here, the trees are dropping their leaves early this year, I guess that is down to all the dry weather we have had.

The cards I have to share this time around are some I made at a recent class I have started going to once a month. It is run by two lovely ladies (The Crafty Duo) who used to work in the Roseville Road (Leeds) branch of Samuel Taylor's crafts before its closure.

The cards they design for us to make are lovely and varied.
 I am sharing the first Christmas cards that I have done this year. I love them but of course they are not my designs...all credit to the Duo for that. (yes I have their permission to share)

This last one has to be a favourite...oh.... and the snowman (Penny Black)

As time is flying so quickly again this year it wont be long until our next session this month.

OK...time to get back to my stamp sorting......all are stored on cling panels in A4 binders and I am sorting them into categories and stamping or referencing them all on copy paper in clear wallets stored so I know what is on each sheet...laborious...but I am taking stock of what I have at the same time, and what has never been used. I haven't parted with much I have to say so no room gained there! One binder to go...Christmas!! ( I haven't thought about all the wood mounted ones I have in drawers yet!!..eek!)

Will see you all soon with some more class makes.
Enjoy your weekend when it arrives and Thanks again for your visit and comment if you have left me one. You are the reason I blog! Hugs
Carole xx

Saturday 18 August 2018

'Bubbly' Anniversary

Hi there!....where does time go? I can't believe we are so far in to August and the nights are drawing in...and the weather has changed..........enough, lets talk happier things like blogging buddies.

Since my last post it has heartened me by the comments that have been left on my blog. Thank you so much to each and every one of really makes s difference you know. It was encouraging to hear that most people feel the same as I do about blog land at present and to know that there is not only me that doesn't do facebook!

So I shall plod on blogging for now.....probably sporadically, and I shall continue to visit my loyal followers and friends to see there wonderful creations of course and leave them some love.

As far as challenges go I have put them on hold at present. All credit to those who give of their time so freely to run these challenges, but I do find it quite a hassle trying to cross link everything and very time consuming. Another thing I find...I blog a card and then a couple of days later up go the challenges that card would have fitted...and of course it's too late when it's already live on your blog! Does anyone else experience this? I have to smile as I guess it's just coincidence!.... want to see a card...yet another anniversary card from goes....

(that has taken me an age to turn around, blogger insists on loading it sideways....scream!!!)

The champagne flute die is from stash and I coloured them with copics and then covered them in Diamond glaze to make them shiny...they seem almost plastic in real life!
The squiggly embossing is from a newly acquired (I know ..I know) Lisa Horton die containing all sewing type embossing strips....zig zag, cross stitch etc. and the sentiment an old favourite from stash. The front panel was cut with a stitched rectangle and is on foam for dimension. I cut the base card short as the rectangular panel was slightly smaller than the C6 card.

Hope you like it!

If you are still with me 'Thank you'...time to put the kettle on I think.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to and we will chat again soon!
Carole xx

Monday 30 July 2018

White on Kraft.........

Well the rain came and the thunder storms and the gardens said 'Thank You' ! today is very pleasant...not too hot, but sunny and breezy. Cool enough to do a few chores and the ironing!
It's set to get hotter again towards the end of the week so best make hay as they say!

As promised this is the card that I made for hubby for our Anniversary the other weekend....

Base card is 7 inch square
The brown card is Neenah and the Inkylicious stamp was stamped and embossed in white. Using the mask that came with the stamp I then created the inner scene using Distress Oxides and again an Inklicious stamp embossed in white. Love theses stamps.!

I am pleased with the result because it didn't end up in the bin!...and hubby seemed happy enough with it too.

Blogger seems to be playing many tricks of late that I am not happy with. It took ages to get this photo on the blog, I ended up re taking the photo as blogger insisted on turning it on it's side and no matter what I tried it wouldn't turn around! frustrating.

Blogging seems to have really dropped off of late...perhaps everyone is feeling like me...why bother?...followers have disappeared.....comments either everyone is having a rest/holiday ...maybe enjoying the summer.....or they are all on Facebook...which I don't do. Is anyone else finding this?

On a brighter note I got some mojo back last week when I attended a workshop/class and made 6 cards...4 for the Christmas Box.....that's a start for me ! I really enjoyed myself and met some nice like minded ladies. Will maybe show you the results at some future point.

Right it's cuppa time so off to boil the kettle...hang around if you would care to join if you have popped in then 'Thank You'...much appreciated. Please let me know you have been.

Take care and keep safe in the sunshine.
Hugs Carole xx

Friday 20 July 2018

Schools Out!

Hello there!.....yes the kids break up from school today in the UK ready for their summer break. I have a card to share that I was asked to make for a teacher leaving/retiring from the profession......

The wording was a request and the inside says'YIPPEE' !! The image was a freebie on the internet (took longer to find a suitable image than make the card) and I layered the middle bit for a bit of dimension after adding my own wording to the blackboard.

Well we are having a shower here in West Yorkshire this afternoon...not a very heavy one (barely wet the paths)so I don't think it will do a lot of good but it may freshen up the grass....and it allows me to do inside jobs rather than want to be outside.

The craft room sorting?... I hear you say....not much further on.....crafting seems to have really taken a back seat too as it seems to have done with a lot of people as I pop into if you have taken the time to 'pop' into mine then Thank you...glad I still have some friends  :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone...we are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary this weekend with a day out somewhere and a meal. I can't believe it is a year since we were at Niagara Falls....wish we still were!

Take care and see you soon...with the Anniversary card for hubby of course!!

Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Wednesday 4 July 2018

'Happy Succulents'

Hi Everyone!.......... and a very Happy 4th July to my friends in America.

Well here in the UK we are still having a glorious summer and I for one am not complaining but it does mean I am loath to get in the craft room when I can enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

I do have a card to share though, made with Uniko's...... 'Happy Succulents'. I guess they are happy because they have their own supply of water!

Pretty self explanatory...the sentiment is Uniko too and the embossing was done in silver. Not a brilliant photo I am afraid.
This was not the first idea I had... that went in the bin along with a couple of others too...about par for the course for me...never a quick card! this was nothing like what my head was telling me to do in the beginning. It was well received by it's recipient though so that's all that matters.

Thanks for stopping by and for all your lovely comments that you leave me...I have some lovely blogging buddies and I am so grateful to each and everyone of you.

Enjoy the rest of your week...enjoy the sunshine if you have it..........and make the most of your weekend...says she who's hubby spent a day last weekend clearing the garage out ( needed my help of course) and the shed is due the same treatment this weekend!!(deep joy)...Pity I can't do the craft room in a day!

Take care till next time.
Carole xx

Friday 22 June 2018

Here at last!

Well hello friends! Sorry I have not been around for a while...various reasons, the main ones being that I have suffered from a bad bout of shingles and was quite poorly since my last post and also have just returned from our hols this week! It was fingers crossed for hols but we made Kos...and now it's back guessed it...the ironing.!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post...I was a while finding them as blogger decided to play funny and stopped alerting me to comments via chance I found them...thank you for sticking by me...I thought I had lost you all!!

A couple of  Silver Wedding cards to share with you now that I made a good while back for a friend that required them.......I gave her a choice but I knew which she would pick after I had made them. can you guess?...answers on a postcard

The first one...

and the second...

Oh I'm screaming! photo keeps loading on it's side and my attempts at rotating it are distorting the's the best I can do :(

Anyway you get the gist, I have done similar cards to the second one before.
If you want to know what I have used in either card then please e-mail me. I am aware I have rabbited for long enough!

Thanks for staying with me...I haven't crafted for a good while but have one more card to share next month. I have decided to not spend as much time at the computer and finish getting that craft room sorted and then I can concentrate on CRAFTING!!and using all that new stuff that I have acquired! I may be haphazard in blogging. I will of course still be stopping by to visit you lovely people to see what you have been up to. I always admire all your wonderful talent.

Take care my friends till next time...keep well and safe and enjoy the sunshine if you are having it. The crafting channels I notice are doing there best to remind of us snow!!

Crafty hugs
Carole xx

PS She chose the first one!
PPS Eldest son didn't recognise the golf tees as the candles ...he thought I had used mini crayons!...see previous posts.

Sunday 20 May 2018

Pink addition!

Hello friends!...well I got my wish didn't I ! Sunshine...hasn't it been lovely. I do hope it lasts the rest of the summer and doesn't call a halt the next time we get a drop of rain. I have been making the most of it so not much crafting to share with you...but I do have one card....currently winging it's way across the Australia.

Here it is......

sorry abut the photo quality...bad lighting!

Yes...we have a Grandaughter Chloe...born 27th April..7lbs 3oz.  I don't think my son has the time to view my blog so I have decided to share ahead of them receiving this. No cuddles this time sadly...not sure when or if we will see her....but here is a picture..............

and one of Thomas proudly holding her...

he is 2 now...doesn't he look happy!! Where did that time go?

Ok that's it from me. I do have other cards that I cannot share for a while yet , and while the sun continues to shine I shall continue to soak up my Vitamin D. The chores can wait...and the crafting too!

Hope you have enjoyed the sunshine this weekend and wishing you all a good week.
Catch up again soon
Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Challenges entered : -  Snippets Playground #326.......... elephant and sentiments all from snippets

Friday 4 May 2018

Make a wish! wish is for some sunshine! What's yours?

Hi Everyone!.........I am so tired now of this English weather, and I know we Brits are renowned for 'going on' about the weather...but come on surely we are allowed to when it is so rubbish for so long. Grey skies and threatening dark clouds today......doesn't make me feel happy like the sunshine does.

OK..enough on the weather...and it's May for goodness sake...does anyone else in Britain feel like the year just hasn't got going yet?

Today my card is a birthday card for my eldest son who is.......making me feel very old right now!...and there is a story to this first...(sorry about the light when it was taken).

The story..are you sitting comfortably?.....(I'll keep it brief)
Last year hubby and I went out for a meal with Andrew and his partner Becky. This was to celebrate 3 of our birthdays which all fell around the same time (you can work out which 3). As it was the end Nov/beg Dec...the restaurant laid the tables with crackers for the Christmas party season. 3 of us got golf tees in our crackers and as the only golfer is my son , he copped for them all! Varnished wooden looking ones they were......but apparently not suitable for his needs so I collected them all back as we crafters do. They had to have a use.
Yes you can now guess the next bit...the candles on the card are the golf tees...hubby sawed off the wide end and I painted them with 'Starlights' paint (several coats). As Andrew is still yet to open his card I am waiting to see if he works it out! I thought they would also make great little pencils too!

The card itself was all made from Snippets(except the base) I will be heading to the Playground to catch up with my mates there.
green card....adorable scorable
stamp...........Uniko Party Confetti background
                     sentiment from a fairy set in stash.
Inks..............Brilliance rainbow in blues and greens and Brilliance purple dewdrop.
Glitter...........Glamour dust (sorry not visible on photo)
Paints...........Imagination Starlights

I hope you all enjoy your long Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and have something nice planned,  we don't go far because of becoming stuck in traffic jams and today the Tour -de -Yorkshire is heading all around our way...another reason not to venture far...unless you are into bike riding of course.

OK  I'm off to see if there are any challenges to be joined in with...sourcing them is a challenge itself!

Take care
Carole xx

Challenges entered:-
Snippets Playground............................all snippets!

Monday 16 April 2018

Gone Fishing

Hi there everyone!...Monday again!..but at least the sun is shining here today and the promise of a warmer week...fingers crossed. I hope it is spring like where you are.

Another male card and this time

Not my idea of fun but each to their own. I would rather be stood in warm water in the Med with a cocktail in my hand!

I used a Kraft card for my base for a change and the background paper and image are from an old Making Cards for Men magazine...see I knew it would be useful one day! The ribbon I had in my stash...probably used it before for the same person!! The sentiment and Candi are Craftwork Cards.
The black mats were cut with a Sue Wilson double pierced squares die.......but they looked flat when the card was put together so I took my silver pen and highlighted each pierce.... it corresponded to the sentiment and I am really pleased as it lifted the whole thing.

So what wonderful plans have you got for this week? Nothing exciting happening here...just looking forward to some sunshine and warmth.

OK folks...tea/coffee break over...back to it! Thank you for stopping by and sharing my makes and also if you leave me a extra hug for you this week. You make me smile.

Take care friends

Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Monday 9 April 2018

Steaming in....

Good Morning to you all! here we are at the start of another week!...I shall not mention how quickly time seems to!

A male card for a steam railway fan this morning............

I used an old wooden stamp from stash and I think (sorry this was the second attempt) I stamped in Versafine black and coloured with a Tombow marker pen (remember them?). As I had stamped in black... a black engine blurred in to a mass of black with the outline (in the bin) so I chose a charcoal colour (artistic licence). I used a silver pen for the wheels but it doesn't show in the photo.

The die is a Spellbinders (Opulent ovals I think) and I cut a brown one to shadow the white. I just cut it in two horizontally so I could offset it.
Bronze brads (remember them?) just for detail.
Backing paper was from an old magazine and the scrap left over was used to stamp the ticket onto.
Finally I decided it just needed something more so I scribbled a line round the edge with a black fine liner.
Well I did use some 'old' stuff here...some forgotten stuff...and the final result passed the 'in house critic' who is a steam railway woe is me if I get it wrong!

It's another grey day here in West Yorkshire...still no sunshine...but at least it is dry at the moment....started off misty this morning!.........we had one beautiful day last week...oh how I want some more sunshine! 

I hope you all have a good week and 'Thank You' for popping in and if you have left me a comment...'Thank you' cheers me to know I have such lovely blogging buddies out there.

Must get on...lots to do....I bought some 'Thyme' yesterday...wish it was the sort we could all do with a bit more regardless I am determined to have a productive day today!

Take card friends
See you soon
Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Challenges entered :-

Cards 4 guys #192.......... transport

Friday 30 March 2018

Happy Easter

 A very HAPPY EASTER to all my followers, friends and anyone who has just 'popped' in to read my blog......

Enjoy your long weekend folks!


Monday 26 March 2018

New Home...a long way away

Hi friends.

Spring is here!...well yesterday and today anyway...promise of it going down hill tomorrow and a threat of the white stuff AGAIN this Easter weekend! Brr...what a thought! lets hope they have got it all wrong.

Hope you are all well and if you are in the UK enjoying the extra hour of daylight at the end of th day...makes you feel so much better doesn't it.

My card share is  a new home card currently on its way to the other side of the world...yes for my son and DIL in Australia who have just moved into the first house they have ever bought! A wonderful new beginning for them.

I cut a heart in a piece of linen textured card...sorry it doesn't show well in the photo and then I cut a piece from a map to go in the aperture...... as they live in Brisbane I wanted to include the city name.

The top layer was stamped with Versafine grey ink and I used my T H Platform...good job as I had to do it about three times with it being textured card.
The little house (no not on the prairie) is an X-cut mini..really cute with the little hearts...had to cut it twice, once in red to get the hearts and the door and windows were carefully replaced after cutting. I backed the house on a thin piece of card to make this task easier, glueing the bits in place and then cutting round it.
I raised the front panel and house on foam pads...voila!
Let's hope it arrives OK and they like it!

Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for all the lovely comments I have been receiving too. it really does give one a boost to know you like what I do, and all your comments and time spent reading my blurb is so very much appreciated.

Ok I have kept you long enough. Enjoy your week and take care.
Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Challenges entered :-

Addicted to Stamps and More #284....Clean and Simple
Wed Creative Inspirations....................Anything goes ...2nd entry
Crafting from the heart #200...............Anything goes
Crafty Creations #362..........................Anything goes...2nd entry

Saturday 17 March 2018

18.....I wish??

Hello everyone...thanks for stopping by..especially if your up to you ankles/knees in snow.! Yes it's back again here in West are loving it of course but I certainly have had enough of it and parts of the country have had it a lot worse. Take care wherever you are, keep safe and week British  summer time begins and we alter the clocks....summer time!!!!! that's a laugh!

Onto brighter about being 18 again? Yes I'd go for it if I knew what I know now, but it doesn't work like that does here is my card.......

I cut a piece of white card to the size of my base card and die cut a circle from it.

Next I embossed it in the Sara Signature Happy Birthday embossing folder...yes do this after cutting the circle or you will flatten the embossing.....then I raised the panel on foam pads on my base card.

 I cut the 18 from glitter card and twice from white card (snippets left over from other creations) and stuck them all together for dimension and put them in the to speak...

Then I highlighted the words in a matching gel pen, added the sequins...job done! got to make it sound quick even if it wasn'

I hope you are all having a good weekend...nothing special happening her.. just as well with the weather....might get in the crafty room tomorrow!

Thanks again for popping in...see you again soon.
Take care
Carole xx

OK entering this in the following will probably take me all evening I get in such a twist with it...don't know why but linking is definitely not my forte...but then what is?

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Card Mania challenge #102...................Embossing (pretty obvious)
Wednesday creative Inspiration.......... Any occasion
Use your stuff challenge #303.............Die cuts (the 18 and the circle)
Crafty creations #362                           Anything goes

Thursday 8 March 2018

Mother's Day

Hi Everyone.
I  hope you are all well and have survived the bad weather here in the UK. Here in West Yorkshire, chaos again this morning with another sprinkling of snow...just when we thought we had seen the last of it. I for one have had enough of it now and I am fortunate that I do not have to go out in it or drive in it. I hope by Easter that Spring has sprung!

On to my card.........Here in the UK it is Mothers' day on Sunday and so this card was made with lots of love for my mum who will be 98 in June!

I decided on  the all time favourite Gerbera stamp from Uniko. I stamped with coloured inks and then die cut the flower and leaves .
The sentiment is computer took some time to dry I have to say! I was going to leave the background white...but as mum would think it unfinished! I got out my stencils and inked through with both a yellow and an orange colourcloud inks....just softly. Yah!! get me having ago at wonder it has snowed!! I then added the flower and leaves on 3D pads for a bit of dimension.
 I am hoping it is to her's OK she doesn't read my blog!

So Happy Mothers' Day to all you 'mums' here in the UK...enjoy however you celebrate on Sunday.

Take care everyone.
See you all again soon I hope...thank you for paying me a visit, it is so much appreciated, as are the lovely comments that you leave me.

Crafty hugs
Carole xx

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Addicted to Stamps & More #282--------------------Make your Mark
A Bit More Time to craft #63-------------------------Anything goes
Allsorts Challenge wk 457-----------------------------Ladies Only
Crafty Cardmakers #206-------------------------------Floral delight
Alphabet Challenge------------------------------------ Y for your Choice
Pixie's Snippets Playground #321--------------------the flowers and leaves were cut from snippets of                                                                                      white card.

Sunday 25 February 2018


Hi there everyone!...and welcome to my latest followers Ksenija and ...I hope you will stop by often and continue to like what you see.,,,,that goes for everyone else too mind! I really appreciate all your visits ad lovely comments...THANK YOU so very much.

So have you all had a good weekend? it has been cold but really sunny with clear blue skies and it wasn't dark tonight till 6.0pm!!..surely that' to mean that we are on our way to spring, especially with the little daffs now bending there heads ready to burst forth in bloom.

Today I am sharing a Sympathy card that I have had to make for a friend...not the type of cards one likes to make but sometimes necessary unfortunately....

Apologies for the quality of the photo, the paper looks very washed out in the picture but it is a tad deeper in the flesh. You can just see the butterfly which I thought added to the occasion.
I cut a square..pierced and cut a pierced circle from that, raised it on foam pads over the snippet of backing paper and before sticking down added the memory Box poppy behind, just to one side to show that pale butterfly.
Sentiment stamped in Versafine Onyx....job done. This has winged it's way to my friend now so could't re photograph.

I am entering this in a couple of challenges that I am not sure whether it qualifies for or to the organiser...please feel free to exclude me if my criteria is not as should be.

Ok...have you got a busy week lined up?...I'll let you into a's going to be one of those fast ones!

Thanks for popping in, for the love ad encouragement you leave me...and for being my friends.

Take care, keep safe and well...see you to watch the skating....
Carole xx

Challenges entered:-

Allsorts Challenge # 456.....Something beginning with B.....I hope my pale butterfly qualifies here!

AAA cards #109..................Die cuts only......all die cuts bar the bit of backing paper and base card.

Snippets playground layer, poppy and backing paper all snippets