Tuesday, 1 March 2016

'Rabbits Rabbits'

Hi there friends!.........
.........no my post is nothing to do with rabbits really but I believe that on the first day of the month if the month contains a letter R then you have to say 'Rabbits Rabbits' before anything else...then you will have a lucky month!!!!  So there I've said it.....have you?

Enough rabbiting (groan..sorry) and on to a card. A male birthday this time,but could be for a female too I guess.

The card is burgundy, not black as it looks in my photo. I stamped and heat embossed the bottle, glass and sentiment in black WOW powder and the colouring of the grapes was done with Twinkling H2o's........I had forgotten how delightful it is to paint with these. The stamps are 'Honey Doo crafts'.
I kept the card flat apart from the tiny bunch of grapes top right so it would post easily.

So..March eh!!!! No I haven't made any Christmas cards yet.......and no I haven't finished sorting the craft room. The lounge and dining room have been painted this week......moving furniture resulted in a spring clean of course!!.........where does all the dust come from??.........and yes one job leads to another two...well in this house anyway. I am a bit OCD on being clean and tidy really....just ask hubby... so I am always horrified when we.. (Royal we...hubby and eldest son) move that furniture that is too heavy to move weekly and find the dust and the odd dead spider (shudders at the thought)......never find any cash though!! Anyway what the eye don't see etc!!

Do hope you are all well and have enjoyed some sunshine of late...even though it has been cold. Today we are back to rain here........and my joints are telling me so.....who needs a weather forecaster!! Enjoy your week my friends, I will try and catch up with you soon. Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you if you leave me a comment, they are truly appreciated and I love reading them.

Off to finish my card for mum now!........and then see if I can de-clutter that craft room a bit!

See you soon
Carole xx


  1. Oh this is beautiful, I think I'll need to add that stamp set to my wish list. Gorgeous card

  2. Beautiful card Carole,it reminds me of many images and logos of our town , Cucamonga used to have many vineyards,not many left. Beautiful CAS card!
    The sequin egg on my blog is something I used to collect ,I love all sequine and beaded things,I have a collection for Christmas and Easter. Years ago some were filled with candy.

  3. This suits me perfectly!!! Great card Carole.... and when you've finished tidying the craft room {cough cough} let me know!!! xx

  4. A sentiment I totally agree with Carole. Wonderful elegant card and a fabulous stamp xx

  5. Wonderful card that sentiment is just perfect I can think of a few people that would be brilliant for. The stamp is great. Must be clean up day I've just been doing the same moving stuff and cleaning underneath I fee a whole lot better its got done but do my shoulders ache. Enjoy your de-clutter Love and hugs Carole x

  6. Hi Carole! That sentiment is awesome....makes me smile:) Love how you embossed then colored...so striking. I had to laugh at your cleaning issues...same way with me!

  7. Thanks hombre for the comment on my ombré! Heads will roll, just can't get the staff these days!! This is gorgeous. Could do with a wee glass myself. Happy cleaning xx

  8. Oh my gosh! I do the *rabbits, rabbits* on the first of every month (covering all my bases *grin*) outloud, too. Great minds and all that jazz! Your luscious grapes and vines, nestled into the bottle and wine glass, are gorgeous, especially with their bit of twinkle. Incredibly pretty! Ah yes, spring cleaning...something I need to tackle very soon. Or not...I can talk my way out of that quite easily. Like you, though, there comes a point when my neat and tidy obsession flares and away I go. Maybe *next* weekend!