Monday, 30 July 2018

White on Kraft.........

Well the rain came and the thunder storms and the gardens said 'Thank You' ! today is very pleasant...not too hot, but sunny and breezy. Cool enough to do a few chores and the ironing!
It's set to get hotter again towards the end of the week so best make hay as they say!

As promised this is the card that I made for hubby for our Anniversary the other weekend....

Base card is 7 inch square
The brown card is Neenah and the Inkylicious stamp was stamped and embossed in white. Using the mask that came with the stamp I then created the inner scene using Distress Oxides and again an Inklicious stamp embossed in white. Love theses stamps.!

I am pleased with the result because it didn't end up in the bin!...and hubby seemed happy enough with it too.

Blogger seems to be playing many tricks of late that I am not happy with. It took ages to get this photo on the blog, I ended up re taking the photo as blogger insisted on turning it on it's side and no matter what I tried it wouldn't turn around! frustrating.

Blogging seems to have really dropped off of late...perhaps everyone is feeling like me...why bother?...followers have disappeared.....comments either everyone is having a rest/holiday ...maybe enjoying the summer.....or they are all on Facebook...which I don't do. Is anyone else finding this?

On a brighter note I got some mojo back last week when I attended a workshop/class and made 6 cards...4 for the Christmas Box.....that's a start for me ! I really enjoyed myself and met some nice like minded ladies. Will maybe show you the results at some future point.

Right it's cuppa time so off to boil the kettle...hang around if you would care to join if you have popped in then 'Thank You'...much appreciated. Please let me know you have been.

Take care and keep safe in the sunshine.
Hugs Carole xx

Friday, 20 July 2018

Schools Out!

Hello there!.....yes the kids break up from school today in the UK ready for their summer break. I have a card to share that I was asked to make for a teacher leaving/retiring from the profession......

The wording was a request and the inside says'YIPPEE' !! The image was a freebie on the internet (took longer to find a suitable image than make the card) and I layered the middle bit for a bit of dimension after adding my own wording to the blackboard.

Well we are having a shower here in West Yorkshire this afternoon...not a very heavy one (barely wet the paths)so I don't think it will do a lot of good but it may freshen up the grass....and it allows me to do inside jobs rather than want to be outside.

The craft room sorting?... I hear you say....not much further on.....crafting seems to have really taken a back seat too as it seems to have done with a lot of people as I pop into if you have taken the time to 'pop' into mine then Thank you...glad I still have some friends  :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone...we are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary this weekend with a day out somewhere and a meal. I can't believe it is a year since we were at Niagara Falls....wish we still were!

Take care and see you soon...with the Anniversary card for hubby of course!!

Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

'Happy Succulents'

Hi Everyone!.......... and a very Happy 4th July to my friends in America.

Well here in the UK we are still having a glorious summer and I for one am not complaining but it does mean I am loath to get in the craft room when I can enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

I do have a card to share though, made with Uniko's...... 'Happy Succulents'. I guess they are happy because they have their own supply of water!

Pretty self explanatory...the sentiment is Uniko too and the embossing was done in silver. Not a brilliant photo I am afraid.
This was not the first idea I had... that went in the bin along with a couple of others too...about par for the course for me...never a quick card! this was nothing like what my head was telling me to do in the beginning. It was well received by it's recipient though so that's all that matters.

Thanks for stopping by and for all your lovely comments that you leave me...I have some lovely blogging buddies and I am so grateful to each and everyone of you.

Enjoy the rest of your week...enjoy the sunshine if you have it..........and make the most of your weekend...says she who's hubby spent a day last weekend clearing the garage out ( needed my help of course) and the shed is due the same treatment this weekend!!(deep joy)...Pity I can't do the craft room in a day!

Take care till next time.
Carole xx

Friday, 22 June 2018

Here at last!

Well hello friends! Sorry I have not been around for a while...various reasons, the main ones being that I have suffered from a bad bout of shingles and was quite poorly since my last post and also have just returned from our hols this week! It was fingers crossed for hols but we made Kos...and now it's back guessed it...the ironing.!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post...I was a while finding them as blogger decided to play funny and stopped alerting me to comments via chance I found them...thank you for sticking by me...I thought I had lost you all!!

A couple of  Silver Wedding cards to share with you now that I made a good while back for a friend that required them.......I gave her a choice but I knew which she would pick after I had made them. can you guess?...answers on a postcard

The first one...

and the second...

Oh I'm screaming! photo keeps loading on it's side and my attempts at rotating it are distorting the's the best I can do :(

Anyway you get the gist, I have done similar cards to the second one before.
If you want to know what I have used in either card then please e-mail me. I am aware I have rabbited for long enough!

Thanks for staying with me...I haven't crafted for a good while but have one more card to share next month. I have decided to not spend as much time at the computer and finish getting that craft room sorted and then I can concentrate on CRAFTING!!and using all that new stuff that I have acquired! I may be haphazard in blogging. I will of course still be stopping by to visit you lovely people to see what you have been up to. I always admire all your wonderful talent.

Take care my friends till next time...keep well and safe and enjoy the sunshine if you are having it. The crafting channels I notice are doing there best to remind of us snow!!

Crafty hugs
Carole xx

PS She chose the first one!
PPS Eldest son didn't recognise the golf tees as the candles ...he thought I had used mini crayons!...see previous posts.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Pink addition!

Hello friends!...well I got my wish didn't I ! Sunshine...hasn't it been lovely. I do hope it lasts the rest of the summer and doesn't call a halt the next time we get a drop of rain. I have been making the most of it so not much crafting to share with you...but I do have one card....currently winging it's way across the Australia.

Here it is......

sorry abut the photo quality...bad lighting!

Yes...we have a Grandaughter Chloe...born 27th April..7lbs 3oz.  I don't think my son has the time to view my blog so I have decided to share ahead of them receiving this. No cuddles this time sadly...not sure when or if we will see her....but here is a picture..............

and one of Thomas proudly holding her...

he is 2 now...doesn't he look happy!! Where did that time go?

Ok that's it from me. I do have other cards that I cannot share for a while yet , and while the sun continues to shine I shall continue to soak up my Vitamin D. The chores can wait...and the crafting too!

Hope you have enjoyed the sunshine this weekend and wishing you all a good week.
Catch up again soon
Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Challenges entered : -  Snippets Playground #326.......... elephant and sentiments all from snippets

Friday, 4 May 2018

Make a wish! wish is for some sunshine! What's yours?

Hi Everyone!.........I am so tired now of this English weather, and I know we Brits are renowned for 'going on' about the weather...but come on surely we are allowed to when it is so rubbish for so long. Grey skies and threatening dark clouds today......doesn't make me feel happy like the sunshine does.

OK..enough on the weather...and it's May for goodness sake...does anyone else in Britain feel like the year just hasn't got going yet?

Today my card is a birthday card for my eldest son who is.......making me feel very old right now!...and there is a story to this first...(sorry about the light when it was taken).

The story..are you sitting comfortably?.....(I'll keep it brief)
Last year hubby and I went out for a meal with Andrew and his partner Becky. This was to celebrate 3 of our birthdays which all fell around the same time (you can work out which 3). As it was the end Nov/beg Dec...the restaurant laid the tables with crackers for the Christmas party season. 3 of us got golf tees in our crackers and as the only golfer is my son , he copped for them all! Varnished wooden looking ones they were......but apparently not suitable for his needs so I collected them all back as we crafters do. They had to have a use.
Yes you can now guess the next bit...the candles on the card are the golf tees...hubby sawed off the wide end and I painted them with 'Starlights' paint (several coats). As Andrew is still yet to open his card I am waiting to see if he works it out! I thought they would also make great little pencils too!

The card itself was all made from Snippets(except the base) I will be heading to the Playground to catch up with my mates there.
green card....adorable scorable
stamp...........Uniko Party Confetti background
                     sentiment from a fairy set in stash.
Inks..............Brilliance rainbow in blues and greens and Brilliance purple dewdrop.
Glitter...........Glamour dust (sorry not visible on photo)
Paints...........Imagination Starlights

I hope you all enjoy your long Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and have something nice planned,  we don't go far because of becoming stuck in traffic jams and today the Tour -de -Yorkshire is heading all around our way...another reason not to venture far...unless you are into bike riding of course.

OK  I'm off to see if there are any challenges to be joined in with...sourcing them is a challenge itself!

Take care
Carole xx

Challenges entered:-
Snippets Playground............................all snippets!

Monday, 16 April 2018

Gone Fishing

Hi there everyone!...Monday again!..but at least the sun is shining here today and the promise of a warmer week...fingers crossed. I hope it is spring like where you are.

Another male card and this time

Not my idea of fun but each to their own. I would rather be stood in warm water in the Med with a cocktail in my hand!

I used a Kraft card for my base for a change and the background paper and image are from an old Making Cards for Men magazine...see I knew it would be useful one day! The ribbon I had in my stash...probably used it before for the same person!! The sentiment and Candi are Craftwork Cards.
The black mats were cut with a Sue Wilson double pierced squares die.......but they looked flat when the card was put together so I took my silver pen and highlighted each pierce.... it corresponded to the sentiment and I am really pleased as it lifted the whole thing.

So what wonderful plans have you got for this week? Nothing exciting happening here...just looking forward to some sunshine and warmth.

OK folks...tea/coffee break over...back to it! Thank you for stopping by and sharing my makes and also if you leave me a extra hug for you this week. You make me smile.

Take care friends

Crafty hugs
Carole xx