Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Just to say

Hello blogging buddies!
 Well here we are and another week gone! Into November and tonight is Bonfire I used to love going to Roundhay park to see the I still love fireworks but my days of standing in a field in the cold and possible damp have gone............misery I hear you say? Well OK then are you going to a bonfire?...or like me will you watch from the window in the warm? Anyway for those who are going out to celebrate have a good time but be accidents please.

When I went to the GNPE a few weeks ago I bought some stamps from a company new to me called Honey Doo crafts. They are stunning stamps and here is my card made with the rose.

                                                                                                                                                                     It also looks stunning in black but I wanted to see what it looked like in red....unfortunately the red I bought turned out to be more burgundy so shall keep my eyes peeled for a brighter one. I used versafine inks for the detail. The photo is a bit darker than the real thing...possibly due to the bad light these days ....bad workmen always blame their tools and all that!
I let the image speak for itself and just mounted it on white and scored down the sides for a touch of detail, sorry that is hard to see on the photo (here I go again) .

Well I had better get to the craft room and crack on. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head but the oomph is lacking today. Perhaps I could do with a Scottish power van or equivalent this week to bring me some energy? ...groan!
OK stop the groaning I'm going!

I wish you all a wonderful week (whats left) and a fabulous weekend.I am off to Hobbycrafts at the NEC on Friday so hope that oomph has come back or I will be done for the day walking from the car park! NO! I don't need anything but I am sure I will see something that I will want and have to buy when I am there.  Lets face it, going all that way and paying to go in, it's silly not to buy something isn't it?...and not just a program!
I usually do the Cake Show as well, but I am passing on that one this year. The entrance fees to these things is getting extortionate....or am I just tight?!!

Take care my friends,this card is for you all......'just to say'..... thank you for stopping by and making my day, hugs to you all for taking the time...... my best blogging buddies ever!
Be safe and well
Love Carole xx

PS I notice the count down to Christmas at the top has disappeared! I don't know what has happened there, so i have removed it will have to use your fingers now I am afraid!                                                                                                    


  1. Lucky you going to the NEC - haven't been to a show for a few years... always spent far too much - so self imposed ban!
    This is a lovely card Carole - and a beautiful stamp - I rather like the burgundy - although Red is my footie team colour (LOL) I find it really overpowering sometimes..this is soft and pretty. x

  2. Brilliant post just love this stamp its so elegant and I personally like the burgundy colour I think its softer than bright red. I hope you enjoy the NEC I've never been to that show but would love to get there at some point. Enjoy the rest of the week love and hugs Carole x

  3. Hi meant to say in my previous comment that my countdown has disappeared as well when I checked the link it said site no longer available. I've just added another one the link is if your interested but fingers is good as well not so scary as these countdowns panic panic !! Hugs Carole x

  4. This card is stunning! That is a beautiful image, and I like the color you used, although it will be fun to see you do one in red, too. Have a good time at Hobbycrafts..sounds like a fabulous day of fun!

  5. A beautiful CAS card and love the colour. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  6. Ha ha great post Carole x No we didn't venture out last night, watched the fireworks from bedroom windows instead. Going to a local one on Saturday pm but neither of us are convinced the boys will enjoy it, quietly hoping we won't be out in the cold and dark too long! Your card is beautiful, simple but sophisticated, was the sentiment with it too or is that a LOTV? I know what you mean about the light, I've been struggling with photos too, either too bright sunlight of too dull in our kitchen. 'Bout time I learned how to use my camera properly! It is funny light though, not just the workmen!
    Have a fabulous time tomorrow, will be thinking of you xxx

  7. very classy gorgeous card
    hugs Kate xx

  8. Hello Carole! You are such a gem, leaving such delightful, mega-watt-smile making cards on my blog. Whenever your name pops up, I'm beaming with joy! Your card here truly is lovely, with the 'burgundy' roses. I think they'd be stunning in pretty much any colour; so pretty. Your fireworks event sound fabulous. We see fireworks rarely here: New Year's Eve and July 1st (Canada Day). Although I stand outside in the freezing cold when I officiate at bike races, my days of doing so to watch fireworks are done. Easier to watch on TV, snuggled in a cozy quilt on the couch, with a nice beverage in hand. Hope your shopping trip was a blast; looking forward to seeing what you bought when you have a chance. As for being in a card-making slump: I hear you. Making tags always works for me: they're little, but wow, you can sure dress them up! Have a great Sunday, my friend. By the way, your posts are awesome; it's as though you're chatting with us 'in person'...

  9. A beautiful card, as always! The image looks absolutely gorgeous, such an elegant design!

  10. Hi Carole! Oh yes, this is so BEAUTIFUL & ELEGANT! I do love the CAS style of this .. that's all it needs to make it look GORGEOUS!

    Hope you are doing well! :)

    Big Hugs to you,

  11. Hi Sis, fabulous card, lovely stamp, will have to look out for that stand... you always do CAS so well and this is so elegant, I do like the burgundy... but agree you can never find a red red if you know what I mean!I I hurt my back this week-end so have been hobbling about like an old woman... what do you mean I am one lol!!
    Will speak soon,
    Take care, love and hugs,
    Marjorie xx