Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Happy Anniversary

Hello my are we? Good I hope. Well another week has passed by in my blogland , all too quickly I have to say...but then you know that don't you?...cos it feels the same to you....

I had a nice weekend visiting my friend in wine spilled this time round I am glad to say.(see an earlier post of you are new to my blog) On Saturday we went to Manchester to the Christmas Markets and had a lovely time mooching the stalls, there was lots of food and drink on offer and some lovely gift ideas too.
Hubby took this picture of all these Santa's...very reasonably priced when you compare to the Garden Centres. They look a bit like a choir singing!

The one thing that I can't get over was one stall selling bite size macaroons to have with a know the sort of thing (sorry no picture).about 1 1/2 inches across......well they were charging £1.YES! £1 per macaroon...but if you bought five you got one free!...wasn't that nice. Daylight robbery....well in my book anyway... I chuntered the rest of the market over that one but the food stuffs did seem quite highly priced.

Right well today is the Wedding Anniversary of my friend so here is the card I made for her and her hubby (well it wouldn't be for the boyfriend would it! ) .JOKE!!!

I recently bought (treated) myself to some tonic header dies and this is the celebration one. I backed the cut-out with pink glitter card to make it stand out. The sentiment is Inkylicious and the die it is on is Spellbinders.
One tip I give myself for next time is to make the card a little wider if I is limited by the width of your die-cutting an effort to make the shoulders either side of the cut out bit a little stronger. I suppose when I think about it...brain in gear time....then you can only cut A4 either portrait or landscape as your largest card and then folded in half...get that.?......come on keep up!!
If anyone has any other ideas or experience of these dies then I would love to hear them.

So back to the weekend. Did you do anything nice?.or anything nice planned for this weekend perhaps. A trip to LOTV on Saturday for tea and cake.......oh and shopping almost forgot!!.......yes I know I have spent a lot lately but birthday next week is my excuse...whats yours?
Anyway say hi if you are going too...........and otherwise have a great weekend.
Take care my lovely friends, please leave me a comment...I love them...they remind me what lovely friends I have out there in blogland. Thanks for stopping by.

Till next time..........£1 for a macaroon !!!!!! Ridiculous!

Crafting hugs
Love Carole xxx


  1. Hi Carole!!!!! OOooH my GOSH! I love love love those Santas! They are so darling!!!!!!!! Glad to hear that you had a fabulous time! :)

    As for your card .. ooooo! It's GORGEOUS! Very elegant indeed! They will treasure this card forever!!!

    As for this weekend .. hmmmm .. we didn't do anything very exciting. hehe .. just the regular routine things we have to do. :)

    Hope you are having a lovely day!

    Big Hugs,

  2. Brilliant card Carole. Love the edge design and the classy finish. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  3. Those santa's are awesome! I love your new header die, what a fun new look. I haven't seen that die before, I love the card you made with it.

    I didn't do anything much over the weekend, but this weekend we are going to a church bazaar and a Christmas show.

    I hope you have a fun Birthday this week!

  4. Awesome Santas - keep saying every year we'll go to Manchester Markets and never get there - 25 minutes down the road... how BAD is that!!!
    Great card Carole... and happy birthday for later this week. x

  5. The Santa's of Manchester Markets look amazing we usually go as our Son lives in Manchester but looks like we'll not make it this year I definitely think they are the best . But what a price for a macaroon mind I'm used to paying those kind of prices for GF food at present M& S do a loaf with 8-10 slices for £3 and the slices are tiny !! I just love your card its gorgeous and I've seen this die on another blog and it looks the same so you got it right. I'm sure your friends will treasure this one. Enjoy LOTV love and hugs Carole x

  6. I'm with you: the price of that 'treat' was rather steep! For that price, it should have been triple in size, along with being 'buy one, get one free'. Yikes! I've decided to put more effort into home-made goodies, especially blueberry muffins, which are always my #1 indulgence when out and about. I have a gigantic bag of blueberries in my freezer, so no excuse not to pull out those muffin tins. The photo of the Santas - yes, a choir indeed! Your card: anniversary awesome! Your weekend plans sound like fun. I'm home today, on my own as my husband is in Calgary (about 1 hr. 20 minutes away) teaching a coaching course. Craft-day for me. Tomorrow, I'm going to head into the 'big city'; drop him off to carry on with his duties while I hit one of the malls. I need a shopping fix, especially to find little treats for the Advent Countdown project I have in mind for my niece and nephew (notice the 'have in mind' part...I need to move it from 'thinking about it' to 'doing it'). Perhaps a start on that later today, once I tackle a few more cards for the stash for my mom! Hope your Saturday is nothing shy of fabulous, my friend!

  7. Ooh I'm going to the Manchester Christmas Market soon and your gorgeous photo has made me even more excited! But I'll make sure I avoid the macaroons... ;) Your card is beautiful - I've never seen that header before, it looks brilliant. Love the soft shade of pink you've used too. Have a great week!

  8. Wow! That's a lot of Santa's... they look fabulous... I love your card Carole... I love these headers, I think this one will be very versatile and you will be able to use it for different occasions, I love the swiss dots too it's one of my favourites.... I've never been to the Manchester Christmas Markets... I was brought up there too, but we didn't have anything like that, used to do my little bit of Christmas shopping in Woolies lol!! xx
    Marjorie xx

  9. So what do you call a gathering of Santa's? I would say a sackful of Santa's what do you think? We go to the Glasgow Christmas market every year. It's right along Argyle Street and gets me into the festive spirit in more ways than one!

    Gorgeous card, as always. Don't have any of these header dies so cant give any tips (maybe one of those Santa's will bring me one).

    Liz x