Wednesday, 12 November 2014

50 and lost?

Good evening my lovely blogging friends....well it's night really, nearly bedtime so if you are reading this late then I hope I don't send you to sleep!

Well another week has gone past down the time tunnel , the highlight of which for me was the NEC last Friday for the Hobbycrafts and Crafts for Christmas shows. It was an early departure 6.30 am and I hate mornings! Good job hubby was driving........yes I took my best critic with me....why? I hear you carry the stuff of course!....anyway before you interrupted me (how rude) I was saying he drove, and a good job because I had trouble keeping my eyes open! It was a foul journey weather wise.......lots of rain and spray.......and do you know that every lorry in Britain was on the M1 that morning!............ but we arrived safely.

It was a good show .........I nearly wrote you a poem about it,but I didn't..... so you can breathe that sigh of relief now. There was so much to see in every craft possible, and plenty to make you part with the pennies or pounds. I was very restrained but I did have to buy something didn't I...otherwise why did I go, and why take hubby if he had nothing to carry! I have to say our packed lunch probably weighed more than what I bought which was a couple of dies......can't resist them, (and I found one that had been on my wish list for ages), some wow embossing powders.and ....oh gosh can't remember (age kicking in here maybe) it's a while since I unpacked the bag. I did buy a beaded angel to make for the tree for not necessarily this Christmas! and some other small bits Oh! and a £10 goody bag from C & C (now that was heavy)......full of card and paper, a couple of punches and a spellbinder freebie(embossing folder) and a load of Craft Studio papercrafting discs....not bad value.
A good day but it took me all weekend to recover...I slept well!

Anyway enough rambling and get to your card I hear you cry. Ok ....sorry!

I had to make a card recently for a friend who wanted a card for a lady of 50 that liked ski-ing....(I did that at the NEC...spent the kids inheritance :)  )  and bike riding, and whenever she went in to Leeds to the theatre she got lost on the city loop, so some specifics there. This is what I came up with in the end.

Google maps to the rescue and the rest speaks for itself. I left the ski-ing out. It is a card of stamps, dies and hand cutting (the sign).It was not the most enjoyable project I have to say, it didn't do it for me but hopefully it went down well at the other end, my friend seemed happy with it......and if she wasn't she didn't say so, just probably went out and bought another one!

Well it's gone 11.0 pm now and I can hear you all snoring after all those ramblings so I'd best go and let you get on with your night/day.

Thank you for stopping by, please do so again and I promise not to bore you.If you would like to leave me a comment I would love to read them........they make it all worth while.

Stay safe and well.

TTFN (ta ta for case you didn't know)

Crafting hugs
Love Carole xx


  1. Oh! Carole, what yer like!! fabulous post, and I love the card... it's so different and I'm sure who ever it was that received it will realise a lot of thought has gone into creating it!! Fabulous!!!
    Big Hugs,
    Sis xx

  2. Fabulous card and a great post Carole!
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  3. This is so clever! You sure have some great ideas. Sounds like you and hubby had a fun time, too, and that was also very clever...bringing him along to carry everything!

  4. Brilliant card Carole. Fits the brief. Sounds like you had a good day. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  5. hahahhaha Carole .. I giggled so much through your post! You're funny!!! :) And what a FABULOUS idea for your card .. you are so CLEVER! I bet your friend fell in love with it too!!!

    Big Hugs,

  6. This is brilliant - such a beautiful and unique design! Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

  7. Fantastic post as usual and a great card you've got the theme perfectly. So glad you enjoyed the NEC it sounds like it was worth the trip I'll look forward to the beaded Angel maybe 2015!! Love and hugs Carole x

  8. Ha ha, loving your 'ramblings' Carole! I'm determined to go the NEC next year now, sounds fab! Love the card and the signposts! Leeds loop is a nightmare, I go a different route every single time I drive through Leeds. Hope you had a good weekend seeing the lights!!! x

  9. What a fab. card and a great idea Carole! So pleased to see a bit of Leeds in blogland! Love your fun take on the SKI word - must remember that !!!
    Sylvia x

  10. Carole, your posts are pure entertainment! I hear you about early morning travels; my husband drives and, after some 'back seat driving instructions' from me, I eventually fall asleep, much to his relief! How wonderful that you have crafty spots nearby to stroll through and tempt you! I wish we had similar venues here...then again, given my inability to exercise restraint, perhaps not having any nearby is a good thing. Your card: incredibly innovative, charming and, in my opinion, is personalized perfectly for the gal receiving it! Clever you!!