Monday, 10 December 2012

Cake anyone?

Well time got away with me, have yet to find somewhere we can buy more time! I guess I would find myself in a very long queue! So apologies for bad blogging. So many projects on the go at once, all coming to fruition slowly, and as some are for Christmas if they don't happen soon it will be too late for this year. I can't believe how close it is.

OK a cake this time. A Birthday cake for my hubby, no prizes for guessing how old he was last week! Anyway he had a good Birthday and not a lot of cake left. It is fruit and he LOVES fruit cake.

Bit of a gardening theme going on here. Sorry if the pictures are not very clear but I am still learning this blogging lark and how to get good pics on the blog. At the moment I will settle for being able to upload them!!
Used Patchwork cutters on here for all the little pots, trowels etc and the criss cross side design was a Stephen Benison roller.

That's it for today friends, back soon with some crafty things and hopefully show some Christmas bits, so you can see what has been keeping me busy.
Keep warm and safe.

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