Monday, 18 April 2022

Black and White 70

 ......and a serving of glitter!  


This is a card I made for a friend of my late husbands who celebrated 70 this weekend. I.m not fan of doing male cards as one soon seems to have covered all bases applicable to that person over the years...sports, hobbies this was done with Uniko Explosions and Explosion Additions and the sentiments are also Uniko.The numbers a 'go to' from stash (not sure of make) cut twice for a bit of depth. I kept the rest flat for posting. Plenty of glitter to bring it to life.

So I hope this finds you well, so many people I hear of now eventually succumbing to the virus, but thankfully not too ill with it. if you are under the weather I hope you soon feel better.

Did you all eat lots of chocolate this weekend?..and have a nice Easter break. in the UK the weather has been really good for a bank holiday weekend.Nice to have some warm sunshine, it makes one feel so much better. I got my Vit D fix sitting in the garden for a bit. 

Blogger seems to be juggling my feeds around these days and posts I have already seen appear at the top of my list again. sometimes I miss new ones that are further down! Does anyone else have that happening.?

Thank you for popping by and I will see you again soon I hope.

Take care

Crafty hugs

Carole xx


  1. I so agree about male cards, Carole - I really struggle to think what to do. I think you have found the trick with this one though - such a good idea to make it a celebration card and the layout is good for all ages too with lots of scope for different colour variations!
    We were lucky enough to have good weather over Easter too and it's been lovely to spend time in the garden after the long winter. Great to have a break from routine, and eat guilt free chocolate too lol!
    Hope you are well,
    Carol x

  2. I have just had 2 commissions, one being for a 50th for a man!! I always struggle if they don't have any hobbies, like my husband! Fortunately this one does have two. Love your design and makes a great CAS card.
    Keep safe and well Carole.
    Big hugs, Carol

  3. I am so with you on making cards for men Carol, but I think you ticked all the right boxes here.

    Blogger is a pain and constantly meddling, it seems every time you go into a post to amend, or as many do add challenges, it pops right back to the top of the reading list.

    Take care and keep wearing the mask, mind you sadly it's getting to the stage you get odd looks as a good percentage of the Country have decided the pandemic is over, of only!

    B x

  4. I think I'm in the minority when I say I enjoy making masculine cards... probably bc I'm surrounded by the male species lol.

    Can't go wrong with classic black and white with some silver sparkle, looks super cool and very eye-catching.

    Unusually sunny Bank Holiday for us UKers but so uplifting to see the sun... hope you're keeping well, look after yourself x

  5. I don't thibnk any of us like doing male cards bit you did a terrific job Carole... have a good week

  6. I think if anyone amends their blog post, Blogger thinks it's new and puts it to the top of the Reading List - I don't know if the same applies when moderated comments are subsequently published!

    FABULOUS masculine card Carole. Great idea.
    Stay positive! xxx