Friday, 14 May 2021

LOVE with all your heart.

 Hi folks!

Thank you for your visits and comments....I appreciate every single one.

While on the subject of dogs and my sons Labrador (last post) I came across this photo of a present I made for my son at Christmas and never shared. It was difficult to photograph due to reflection.

It is a wooden Inkylicious stamp that I had to peel of the wooden block to enable me to use it in my stamping platform to get a really black image. A bit of effort but worth it in the end.

 The stamp re -stuck nicely back on the wooden block afterwards.

 I cannot bear to make more storage space for myself by permanently removing all my stamps from their wooden blocks. For me there is something about a wooden mounted rubber stamp. Maybe because all those years ago when I started stamping that was all there was! ...........and I'm not that ancient!! Anyone else share that feeling?

Anyway Bentley (sons black labrador) does all those things on the stamp....and I guess so does my son when he walks him!

I hope you are all well wherever you are and coping with lockdown easing in the UK and jabs in your arms. I would personally like to see numbers of infections under 100 not in the thousands still, but maybe that will never happen.

How the weather has changed here in the UK...from a dry April to a wet and stormy June and temperatures still requiring those winter woolies. Fingers crossed for a flaming June!

Till next time take care, be safe and 'Thank you' again so much for stopping  by.

Crafty hugs

Carole xx


  1. Carole, a great gift for a dog lover and sure your son loved it.
    I did take a lot of my stamps off wooden blocks, for storage really. But I have got a drawer full of ones that I couldn't do it too!! Thank you for all the lovely messages you leave me on my posts.
    Have a lovely weekend and stay safe. Big hugs, Carol S,xxxx

  2. A lovely thoughtful gift for your son to treasure forever, a nice idea too. Makes for a great masculine look x

  3. Hi Carole

    Your picture frame is wonderful .. .. .. I bet your son really appreciated it. Love the black frame within the actual frame and the words are so lovely.

    I am like you and have "a thing" about stamps on wooden blocks. Most of my Penny Blacks are wood mounted and no way could I remove those from their base. They are my most treasured crafty possessions.

    I do have to admit to removing some very very cheap sentiments from their original blocks though because they weren't stuck on straight .. .. and I didn't stick them back either but have saved them in a "shamed" stamp box! Shock horror !!! I understand if you stop following me!!! LOL!!

    Love Jules xx

  4. I'm another that loves the feel of a wooden block in my hand and still have a whole cupboard full of them, so many are PB's as they were my first love way back in the 90's. Then several companies who no longer seem to be about but their stamps still treasured.

    In recent times I've bought a few oldies from the States and they have removed (after asking) the wood block to make the postage viable.

    Back to you photo of the black lab, so very striking in monochrome Carole.

    And another think we are in agreement on, the desire to get infection numbers down, but reading about last nights press conference I get the feeling they are expecting number to increase again. One wonders if it's going to be an ongoing trend with one variant after another, it's what my eldest son told me to expect way back in the early days.

    B x

  5. What a lovely piece of art Carole. I'm with you on the wooden stamps. I've unmounted a few of mine but still have quite a few of them that I still enjoy using. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  6. I absoluteoy love this Carole... What a beautiful gift... there's nothing like a dog. Oh my the weather... It's so depressing this month, the sunshines and then suddenly the heavens open... I hope we have a better June too. Stay well, even the situation is depressing!

  7. What a wonderful card in the frame, Carole. I too love dogs and will have to find that stamp. :D About 1/3 of my stamps are wood and I still love them too.

  8. Fabulous Carole ... bet your son loved it
    Hugs Sylvie xx