Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Chloe is 3!

 Hello friends...hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine and longer days here in the UK.

Today it is my Granddaughter's 3rd Birthday. Sadly of course she lives in Australia and so I am unable to share in her excitement and I have not heard whether the card I am about to show you has reached her yet.

I am not sure what they call this type of card......

All the stamps are Crafters Companion balloon stamps with matching dies and the papers are from an old paper pad in my stash.

I was quite pleased with the result as it is the first time I have done this style and the first time an idea in my head has actually made it to the card without changing it!

Well I mentioned sunshine and as I look out the window now it is drizzling with rain....the gardens need more than a drizzle though I have to say.

Thank you for stopping by and sticking with me as I know my blogging is a bit sporadic at present. I have been and visited you all but blogger seems very hit and miss with its feeds and also sometimes I read a post and then two days later it appears back at the top of the list again as a new post!! Does anyone else have that issue? Very confusing (it doesn't take much)...lol

Have a good week everyone and if you are in the UK and heading for the long bank holiday weekend...enjoy...lets hope the weather gets just a bit warmer for sitting outdoors.

Crafty hugs

Carole xx


  1. What a fun card, Carole! Love the letter and number balloons and the coloring on the letters adds to the fun!

  2. A gorgeous card Carole and a fabulous fold. It really adds that something special to a card. It doesn't seem two minutes since she was born and she's three already, where does the time go! I absolutely love her name in the die cut balloons, it looks great. Take care and stay safe x

  3. Oh my goodness Carole, it doesn't seem a year since the last card went on a slightly extended journey to Chloe. I love the fun design of this card, it definitely is what sweet 3 year old girls are all about, delightful card and I hope she's has a special birthday.

    Hmm blogger, my feed has been playing up for ages now... one of my friends I've had to click email notifications as it just won't update and looks like she hasn't posted in over a year. I felt awful when I realised, not sure how to fix things as I've tried the usual... think its down to blogger and I see they're actually removing email notifications shortly so I suppose I'll dust off a crystal ball. Anyway, just letting you know it doesn't just happen to you... take care x

  4. Thank you for the lovely message you left on my post Carole. Very kind of you.
    This is such a pretty card and perfect for a little girl. Sad you can't see her. Not that I see mine and they only live in west Sussex, about 200 miles away. My son, quite often, contacts us on a video call so we can have a chat with our grandson.
    So stay safe and will be looking out for your beautiful cards. Big hugs, Carol S.xxxx

  5. I missed you! You have disappeared from my reading list!Have sent you usual drivelly e mail. x
    Loving these balloons spelling out her name matey and what a great fold - too clever by 'arf!!
    Am sure it will have made her happy when she received it. Hang in there.
    Love and hugs from across the hills! xx

  6. Hi Carole

    What a lovely card (I think it is called a double Z-fold card). Your grand daughter is going to love it I'm sure. I hope it arrived in time.

    Love all the diecut balloons and your pretty papers.

    Yes, my dashboard keeps changing the order of the posts for me too.

    Love Jules xx

  7. Oh I hope she got it... It's beautiful!! Love how the balloons spell out her name. It's non to warm here Carole... going to get colder I believe... Sigh

  8. Such a beautiful vibrant card Carole - hope it reached her in time. But whenever she gets it, she will love it, I'm sure.

    I think if someone edits and updates a previously posted blog entry, it automatically puts it to the top of your reader list!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  9. This is such a wowzer of a card, Carole and I'm so glad it arrived on time. Such a clever fold and the balloons look 3D and very professional! I think we're getting a taste of what it is like for you to be so distanced from your Chloe - I know I've not been able to see Alice and she is only 12 miles away and I have to say it stinks!
    Carol x