Tuesday, 13 April 2021

65 Birthday Wishes

 Hello everyone..time to play catch up here!

I hope you are all well, and if you are in the UK, adjusting cautiously to Lockdown easing. I know I am not finding it easy.

I have done a bit of crafting these past weeks when the mood has allowed me. I had a special card to make for a good friend who celebrated an 'in between big' birthday.......here it is...

I used Uniko .........'Simply Organic Additions' and corresponding dies and 'Simply Said Blocks' for the sentiment. 

The numbers I think may be a tonic set...cut in glitter paper. 

A few dots of glitter to finish off .

Finally got my hair cut yesterday (after over 4 months) as hairdressers here re-opened their doors , so thankfully at last the old long haired grey woman that was stalking me has disapeared..lol 

I'll try not to be so long away next time, so till then, many thanks for popping by and take care of yourselves.

Crafty hugs

Carole xx


  1. This is gorgeous Carole .... we unlocked here in Gib ...a few weeks ago ....so getting used to it ...just wear a mask on the bus ...and in the shops ...
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  2. This is very pretty card Carole, love the soft colours and just focusing the image in the centre looks elegant x

  3. Hi Carole

    A truly beautiful card for your friend .. .. .. I bet it will be kept for always!

    Lovely colours too!

    Great new profile picture from you as well.

    Yes, I bet the hairdressers are going to be run off their feet. I bet that will have boosted your spirits.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Hey Carole, very pretty card. Hope you are keeping well. Shops not open here yet but we can now meet outside so we have plans to go to my sister in laws garden on Saturday to have fish suppers! I will need to wear a hat cos couldn't get a hair appointment till 12th May!!! Still pretty cold here so I guess a hat would be an idea anyway!
    My blogging has slowed a little as I decided to give youtube another go. I have also changed direction a little to vintage/junk journals and collage. I don't really post them on the blog as I think its cardmakers that follow me in the main.
    Anyway, take care, stay safe, Liz xx

  5. Lovely card, Carole. Such a pretty design. xx

  6. How very elegant and stylish Carole, I am sure your friend will really appreciate it.

    Pleased you got your hair done, read so many people happy about the same, with waist length hair I'm not over fussed on that one and can deal with the 'wrong colour' roots that appear, it's my nails I can't want to get sorted.

    B x

  7. I'm not sure you will have my comment Carole as I navigated away and forgot the Robot is out this morning and probably forgot to click him....so just in case it went along the lines......

    Your card for your friend so very elegant in the soft and delicate pastel colours.

    Pleased you got your hair done, read so many the same, not worried too much on that one as waist length hair and can deal with the roots that persist in appearing the wrong colour, but do so want my nails done again.

    B x

  8. What a beautiful card for your friend Carole... I love the design and I'm sure she will too! So happy for you that you got to go to the hairdresser... It always makes you feel better doesn't it, not that I ever go.. I do my own. Coming out of lockdown really hasn't made much difference to me... I'm still a little bit of a hermit. Have a super day and thanks so much for you lovely comments

  9. How did I miss this beautiful card Carole?!!! A pretty design and gorgeous elements.
    Being a hairdresser for 58 years, I have always cut and coloured my own hair and hubby's too. I am too scared to go to a salon, as I know what they can do!!
    Lovely to see you crafting a bit more Carole. Stay safe and a big hug, Carol S.xxxx