Monday, 1 June 2020

A kit and blogger experiment!

Hi Everyone!

Well here we are at the beginning of June and the easing of Lockdown!...I for one will still be carrying on the same and not venturing out more than is necessary. This rapid release worries me I have to say.

Thank you to those of you that left such lovely comments regarding the album I did for my son...when I found your comments that is...they were not coming through on the email to alert me. As blogger is once again messing with our heads I am giving this post a go on the new goes....

Three quick cards made with a kit I have had for ages and decided it was time to at least use part of it....nothing special in the creation.....

One in pink....

In blue....

and green.....(just showing off now! ) I have also changed font size to large for those who are interested....or struggle to read small print. Let me know what you think about it.

I think they are an ages old Kanban kit.

I normally wouldn't have blogged these but as I have nothing new that I can share with you yet then I though I would experiment with posting these! far so good!

I think I will leave linking for another! I always struggle with that and I wouldn't enter any challenges with these.

Apologies for not being around much...I have been making the most of the nice weather!

Thanks for popping in...stay well..stay safe..and see you again soon. :)

Love Carole xx


  1. Don't you just wish they would leave well alone? I am finding my way around it but it takes ages. These cards are very pretty and I particularly like the green one. We must make the most of the weather as we never know what we will get next! I can't believe it's June already. I suppose we have been focused elsewhere. Mostly staying at home here too. x

  2. Hi Carole

    Three beauties .. .. love the rich deep colours .. .. especially the purple one and the lovely central image.

    Well done on making friends with the new style blogger has morphed into.

    I am with you and think the lock-down is being rushed .. .. especially as we are still getting so many new cases.

    Make sure you stay safe and sound.

    Love Jules xx

  3. In the great outdoors - got to make the most of it my friend, likely a change is on the way!
    These are really good makes Carole, I particularly like the pink one!
    Like you think it is all too much too soon, so apart from one trip to the garden centre things have ticked over as before (and no change in sight either).
    Frustrated with the new Blogger but no doubt as with everything else will just have to get used to it!
    Hugs from across the hills. xx

  4. I like what you've done with the card kits, I like the green one... not sure why though. As an asthma sufferer I've been venturing out only to do the weekly food shopping and kept myself to myself, its been very hard. I'm pleased that lockdown is easing but I do see people stretching the rules quite far and it does grate on me... I've enjoyed grabbing a book and sitting in the garden, however with so many at home its been impossible to sit peacefully, it appears music must be blasted out... sigh, I'm set in ways and love quiet lol. Take care x

  5. Wow!! They are stunners! I always loved Kanban stuff and I love your cards! I'm like you, worried about what is to come and staying put... There are far too many idiots out there and that really scares me. Sometimes I think I'll be housebound forever! Have fun in the sun - In your own garden Lol!

  6. I will be following the same route as you with lockdown Carole and not going anywhere any time soon. Far too early in my opinion and certainly one shared my my secondary teacher daughter and Granddaughter who both feel the same, children interact as a normality and social distancing will be impossible. You only have to take a look at the news and know people are already ignoring the rules, so hardly an example to children.

    Blogger, yes a pain in the rear and not looking like the changeover to new blogger being imposed on us this month will make it any better, already glitches showing up.

    On to your card, what lovely designs and although I'm not normally a blue person, that one really jumps out at me.

    B x

  7. What a lovely trio of cards!! When the weather is so nice it's hard to stay in doors, that's for sure. I haven't made any cards this week...yet anyway. Stay safe!!

  8. Three lovely cards Carole. I'm in no rush to go out, although I am back working in a primary school two days a week, which terrifies me! Other than having to go to work, I'm still doing all of my shopping online and I'll be staying at home as much as I can. I think things are starting to move way too fast. I'd like to think they know what they're doing but I'm not convinced! Let's just hope that there isn't a second wave. You take care of yourself and stay safe x

  9. Three beautiful cards Carole. I love those papers. Well worth making.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx