Wednesday, 6 May 2020

This is your Life!

Hi everyone I'm back. It's been awhile since my last post but I have been busy in the craft room...honest!

Actually I have created my first ever scrapbook....drum roll please! I am proud to say that I used loads of snippets...BUT...made several more in the process as!

Monday saw my eldest son turn the big 40! mum here thought what a good idea to do him a scrapbook of his 40 here are a few pictures of my heavy.

I used a Hobbycraft scrapbook with 40 pages but the ring binder was not big enough for it all , so I and rebound it with the Zutter and hubby's help.

here you can see how thick it was!

I was very happy with all my efforts and pleased to say that so was Andrew, who said it brought tears to his eyes.
I was just disappointed that I couldn't actually see him open it and give him a big hug.and kiss.

So that's why I have been missing folks!

For those of you who read about Zog in my previous post...... I am sad to say he has still not arrived in Australia...we wait to see if he arrives before her next birthday or has just gone missing.!

I hope you are all staying safe and well  and thank you for your visit which is so much appreciated as you know.

Till next time

Crafty hugs and love to you all

Carole xxxx


  1. Oh no where the devil has Zog gone... fingers crossed your super fun card arrives soon. That's a lovely thoughtful and very personal gift for your son, and I bet it was totally unexpected. The hours of love and memories gone into the scrapbook will be cherished for many years to come which makes it... priceless x

  2. Well that turned our beautifully Carole and worth every moment you spent on it and I know what was quite a lot, but so nice that Andrew was so happy with it. Jogged my memory I have a Zutter hidden away somewhere.

    B x

  3. Oh this is such a beautiful thoughtful project and certainly something to treasure Your son must have been delighted with it and to go back over wonderful memories is very special I am sad your beautiful card has still not arrived but you never know I once sent a holiday postcard back in the day to my office and it arrived a year later!!
    Hope you are well take care and stay safe hugs Carole x

  4. Hi Carole

    What a fantastic project. That must have taken hours and hours and hours ... ... a real labour of love.

    It must have brought back lots of lovely memories for you whilst making it and is such a wonderful gift for your Son on his "landmark" birthday.

    What a shame you weren't able to be with him when he opened it. Life is very cruel at the moment on lots of levels.

    Love Jules xx

  5. A lovely book for him to treasure. Love the layouts. My son was interested in the Maltese side of our family. My mother was Maltese, so I made him a scrapbook of the family and included pictures of himself in Malta, as a young child. I have also got one book complete of our family to 1965. So started another to be finished in a few years!! Big hugs, Carol

  6. What a brilliant idea for Andrew's 40th birthday. It's super and I'm sure he'll treasure it.... and probably have a few laughs remembering old times xx

  7. Happy birthday to your boy!! What a fabulous album and such a keepsake I'd have loved one of these... Be safe Carole!

  8. What a fabulous and thoughtful creation, Carole and no wonder Andrew loved it. I have made similar scrapbooks myself and know what a labour of love they are. I bet you had lots of fun going back through your photos and reliving the memories they evoked. I hope you feel very proud of this my friend!
    Stay well,
    Carol x

  9. Hi Carole, I'm back to try and leave you another comment.... and to say how fabulous this scrapbook is and I'm sure Andrew will treasure it xx

  10. That looks brilliant and must have taken ages. It will be so appreciated though. Thanks for popping by, I'm sorry you've had trouble with blogger too. I haven't had another go yet. I need to work up to it. I hope you are well and keeping yourself busy with those scraps. x

  11. Hi Carole
    Fabulous book for your sons 40th he loved it ...
    Hugs Sylvie x

  12. I'm so sorry I've been such a bad bloggie friend and not been by since you posted this almost a month ago, Carole! But I'm glad to get the chance to visit and see this incredible 40th birthday scrapbook you made for your son! My heart is sad for you that you didn't get to see his face. (Darn, someone should have done a recording!) Having done scrapbooks of my grandsons' first year of life (only ONE year!), I know how much work and effort and love goes into it. To have covered 40 years just blows my mind! Way to go!! I hope you are keeping well and staying safe! Hugs, Darnell

  13. The album is fantastic Carole, what a labour of love. I bet he'll treasure this forever x