Monday, 27 April 2020

Zog...lost on route to Oz!

Hello! Sorry to have been a bad blogger but sunshine and something else creative (under wraps just yet) have been taking precedence here....honest.

Well today I want to share  my card for our Grandaughters 2nd Birthday. It winged its way to Australia on March 23rd.....sad to say it still has not arrived. :(

Chloe is apparently into Zog..a Julia Donaldson creation (she did the gruffalo for those of you that dont  know .

I took my free images from the internet...for personal use only I might profit.

All a bit academic really but I thought I would share it with you. I did some distress inkink on the card and the sentiment inside was done in publisher.

Thank you for popping in, I love your visits...the only sort I get at the

I hope you are all staying safe well and not too fed up yet with the lockdown...seems like we still have a bit to go though it seems some people already think differently!

Till next time I must go and press on with my creation as i only have a week left to complete...quite a challenge I have to say...but only because I left it a bit late to start!

Crafty hugs
Carole xx


  1. What a shame it didn't arrive yet... It's fabulous! The post has been very sparse but only to be expected I guess. How are you doing? At least we have sunshine which helps a little. Take care Carole

  2. Aww well when Zog does finally land down under I bet a little girl is going to squeal with delight when she sees him on her birthday card. He's adorable as is the card Carole, it's so personal to Chloe and isn't it nice when we can turn a persons favourite character from a book into a special card. I haven't really done much crafting atm, I'm really frustrated and unsettled. I think it's a big concern on what will be left of this Country and the economy if lockdown continues, it's a very difficult situation... anyway stay safe and well x

  3. Awww what a shame it's not arrived yet Carole cos it's real cute!
    Can't wait for the great reveal..... I think????
    I am beginning to get more than a little worried as I am not in any rush whatsoever to go back to the way things were and some may think that very strange. I might feel differently if I had family but my life really, apart from the weekly lunch out, a couple of trips for Coffee, the odd day out to a National Trust place and my garden centre strollings, my life is pretty much the same as it has been since hanging up the Presidential chain - so no big 'fed up' from me at all!!!

  4. I am sure Zog will be well loved when he arrives. A lovely card for her to keep and see what she thinks about it in 10 years time!! My mother saved my 1st birthday cards!! Sorry I haven't been around blogger much but had knee probs and couldn't sit ay my desk but seems to be a bit better, as long as I don't stand for long. Oh the joys of getting old!!LoL!!! I'm curious and can't wait to see what you have been working on!! Hugs, Carol S.xx

  5. Hi again Carole.

    It sounds like this will be an absolutely perfect card for Chloe, I'm not really up on the characters the youngsters are into but this certainly is fun.

    Yes post is being very delayed, I had one within the UK took about ten days, I know and am pleased they have introduced social distancing within the sorting offices, everybody who has to work deserves that safety, but that does sound like an awfully long while. And sadly some are taking advantage, I'm told packages overseas are now carry aircraft surcharges because they are having to load them onto planes other than the usual passenger ones.

    Take care and stay safe, as you say this looks likely to go on for a little while yet.

    B x

  6. Hi Carole

    What a shame your card didn't arrive on time .. .. hopefully it will get there eventually so that Chloe can see your beautiful creation.

    At least she will be able to see it "on-line" while she waits for it to arrive.

    Pleased you have projects to keep you out of mischief whilst the sun is hiding.

    Love Jules xx

  7. That’s such a sweet card and love the character . I’m sad it’s not arrived but I think it will get there the post is all over at present Like you I’ve been absent from blogging for a while but have decided to make an effort and get back as I do prefer blogs to FB I hope you are keeping well hating the lockdown but not much choice as hubby is in the 1.5 million extreme risk not allowed out at all so his world and mine is the house and garden. Not what we had planned as should have gone to our apartment in Florida on the 29 th March for 5 weeks but better to be safe and always another time . Take care and stay safe sending love and hugs Carole x

  8. Hi Carole, sorry I'm so late visiting but I missed this one on my reading list. I love the Zog card you made for Chloe and I bet she will too. The post is a bit slow at the moment with this Coronavirus but I'm sure she'll get it soon (the last card I posted was end of February and it got there end of March!) xx

  9. What a fabulous Zog card, Carole and what a shame that Chloe didn't get it on time. Love how you used Publisher to create the inside of the card. I don't have that programme but it looks very useful! I wonder what your secret project is! Enjoy!
    Hope you are well and take care.
    Carol x

  10. I thought I'd already left a comment on this but probably forgot to hit the publish button!
    It really is a fabulous card and I hope it arrives soon as I'm certain she'll love it. Last card I sent took 4 weeks to get there! xx