Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Where did that year go?

Hi there's things? ......yes a year has flown since Thomas was born, seems like it was only yesterday!...time sure has wings.

Here is his card...HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS......I hope the card made it in the luggage with them to Australia where they went to live at the end of last month.... bet it is a bit warmer there than it is here!...miss them so much!

It's pretty self explanatory and all the dies except the 'number 1' are Sue Wilson. The 'number 1' is from Sara of Crafters Companion...her Birthday collection, and I mounted that on foam pads. These numbers are larger than the free ones I used on my last card so make a bit more of a statement...but are a bit big for the technique I used in my last post.
The sentiment stamps are a mix from my stash.

There are some wonderful creations out there in blog land....such talented people...yes you!!! I have to admit to be rather lacking in motivation at present...hoping it returns soon, though I am getting the urge to get out the old alcohol inks for a this space! (need to find them first)

Hope you are all well and keeping warm wherever you are.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and also for all the lovely comments you leave me that brighten my day. I love to read them...mwah to you all.

Take care...I'll be back when I have another share.....maybe when I find those inks!!

Crafty hugs and love
Carole xx


  1. The card you have made for little Thomas is beautiful Carole. The little animals are lovely and look very cute standing in a row. Sending Hugs, Barbxx

  2. Oh this is just delightful I cannot believe he's one that time has just flown We need to see a photo of hime. Hope you can get to visit them very soon fotunately the world is not so far away these days with social media devices to help keep in touch Love and hugs Carole x

  3. Wow! I love this card Carole, can't believe Thomas is a year old already!! He's just going to love the gorgeous embellishments you have done, so bright and cheerful. I have to make one for Liam he is turning 9 years... like you say time defineatly has wings:)
    Big Hugs,
    Sis xxx

  4. How time goes so quickly Carole - a lovely card for Thomas's first birthday!
    I am waiting to see what happens with the alco inks..... LOL x

  5. Such a gorgeous card and love the cute animals. I bet Thomas loved it. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  6. Oh how cute! This is really lovely and I can only imagine how much you miss them ...

  7. Those little animals are so cute. All the stitching really makes them look like toys. So lovely but so sad for you too. Don't ask me where the time has gone, I'm still looking for last month. x

  8. It's a really fabulous card Carole, I love the design with those super animal dies. I'm sure the card made it okay and they love it. Last look on Royal Mail tracking shows Asher's card and pressie has been sent to Spain for delivery!!

    I can't believe it's a whole year ago since we were both proudly showing off our baby photos... at least with them living closer to each other now we can start our matchmaking plans! Take care xx

  9. My wonderful friend! Did you feel the earth rumbling a bit under your feet? That was me, throwing a minor tantrum, at the number of my comments that I truly did leave on your fabulous posts, but that apparently didn't stick! Evidently, the -40 temperatures back in January played havoc with our server, which is sketchy at the best of times. Today, for instance, with the mercury showing a warming trend, my internet is slower than molasses! Crazy! Anyway, umpteen apologies (I'll blame part of my tardiness on the 12 days I was at mom's on my 'working' visit)...and time to catch up, reverse order! First: oh my! I didn't realize that sweet Thomas has moved to Australia! The distance between my niece and nephew and I sees me missing them immensely...and it's but 4 hours! Australia...I can't imagine! Good thing we have technology to keep in touch! Second, Thomas is already 1? How quickly the time has flown! Your card to mark this special occasion: absolutely, completely and totally darling! Those little animals have planted a smile allllll over my face!