Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hearts and Flowers

Hello friends...hope you are having a good Saturday evening..or had if you are reading this later.

I have been to the GNPE at Harrogate today so I am worn out now..and shopped out. It was nice to see a few blogging friends and have a catch up, and of course  there were a few things that I just had to have!

My card today is very simplistic in design. After I made the anniversary card for my son and wife I had some of the pink glitter card left...and so as not to waste it you will have noticed I used the same card on my snowflake card. I also punched out some small intention to put them inside their card as confetti...but I had sealed it before I realised that I hadn't put them in (doh...where is the brain). They have sat on my desk ever since...can't throw anything away and I started to play with them is the result. I tried it with and without the pen line round the flowers but preferred with in the end.

Sorry about the photo..taken on flash and not very good.So what thinketh thou? I am not keen on my stems..otherwise I can live with it.

Well folk I must thank you for stopping heartens me that you take the time and sometimes leave me nice words  too. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last is nice to have support and have such a lovely group of followers.  I see now that as a result of my moan to Bearly Mine they have added a 6th rule ...about claiming your prize....still nothing about them re-drawing it though!
Life is too short to worry about such trivialities, and as my Grandma always said..What you never have, you never miss!

Wishing you all a great rest of your weekend, keep well and take care.
Carole xx

I have decided to enter this in Alphabet Challenge ...Q for quadruple......4 of something. There are 4 petals on each flower.

That's Crafty...Keep it Simple

Virginia'sView Challenge # 8.....Clean and Simple

Keep it Simple........3 of something...3 flowers


  1. Genius! I love that you found a new and creative way to use the little hearts. Thanks for joining us at Alphabet Challenges.

  2. Very clever use of the quad. I love how sparkly they are.

    Thanks for joining us at Alphabet Challenge blog.


  3. This is so pretty Carole.
    Like the way you've edged the petals and the stems look fine to me ( maybe it's because you've done them to the bottom edge which has left you being unsure?) but they look ok!!
    Wish I'd have known you were off to Harrogate - could have given you a list!!!!

    1. Perhaps you are right time I will try not taking them right to the edge. thanks!

  4. Hi. Carol
    Lovely Clean and Simple card....
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  5. What darling flowers you've created, Carole...way to put the 'forgotten' hearts to lovely use (so glad to know I'm not alone in sealing envelopes before realizing something was left behind!). Now, in my efforts to have you showcase your creativity wherever possible *grin*, I think you should waltz this gem over to Keep it Simple, where the challenge is "three", and to Virginia's View Challenge #8: clean and simple. It sure belongs in both those galleries. Your comments sure brighten up my day; thank you!!

    1. Thank you for being so thoughtful and telling me about these blogs. I have found Virginia's but I cannot seem to find Keep it Simple......perhaps you could send me a link. Hugs xx and thanks again.

  6. Hi Carole this is so pretty what a beautiful design love it. Sorry I've missed your September cards as I've been away in Florida for a month. They are just so lovely I especially love the Ruby Wedding card just perfect. Back home now and trying to catch up with everything but hope i'll be commenting as usual very soon. Hope you are well love and Hugs Carole x

  7. Hi Carole, no one at Bearly Mine had the decency to reply to my emaol. The last time I looked at their blog, it still had you as the winner. So they are not being truthful to their folowers.
    I love this card . The clean and simple design I find hard, as you have nowhere to hide any bits you are not happy with. I think you are being too critical, as the stems look fine to me. The flowers are so pretty and a great use of the sweet hearts. Keep smiling. Hugs, Carol S.xx

    1. I agree with you Carol. Apart from their rudeness, Bearly Mine are being somewhat deceptive actually to all the people who entered that challenge. The scoundrels!

  8. This is such a pretty card, love the design using the 4 hearts for flowers.
    Glad you had a good time at GNP (I was there too)
    Thanks for sharing with us at Alphabet Challenge

  9. Hiya, this is so sweet. I am never brave enough to try to freehand draw anything on my cards so I take my hat off to you!

    So is Harrogate worth the effort? I would have about a 3 or 4 hour drive.

    Liz x

  10. A beautiful design, your stems look perfect - I would never be brave enough to do that! I love the cute heart flowers too, so pretty. Glad you enjoyed GNPE. I've never been so I might have to give it a try next year.

  11. Love your card Carole, I love how you have used your extra flowers... very clever:) You do CAS so well!..
    It was lovely to see you on Saturday, we really should have sat and had a cuppa...
    Hope your weeks going better:)
    Marjorie x

  12. What a fun idea for your little leftover hearts, I love how you outlined them,too. Very sweet card, and so clever!

  13. Oh Carole! This is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I bet your son and DIL was tickled to receive such a lovely card!!!

    Big Hugs,

  14. beautiful CAS a great idea love it
    hugs Kate xx

  15. Thanks for the visit to my TIME OUT post, Carole; your comment has started my day with a kick in my step and a smile on my face! You're the best!

  16. This is very creative Carole! I love it! The freehand drawing looks great and what a clever way to use up your hearts! Lovely to see you last week (has another week flown by already?!) x

  17. Gorgeous CAS card Carole - fab drawing! So glad you joined in the fun @ Keep It Simple!