Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bearly NOT Mine

Hi blogging friends. How are we all?

 I am a very disappointed bunny this weekend...let me explain........I entered August's challenge over at Bearly Mine and my number was the one drawn on the random lucky was that ...over 300 entries, so what were my chances eh...still I got lucky...OR NOT!.... because of holidays and the broken computer, yesterday was the first chance to check their site and find I was a winner......BUT apparently I am too late to have my winnings ......(.some of the prize was some of their digital paper kits) despite their being no mention of a time limit in their rules and explaining my prize. I wouldn't have minded as much if they had time limited it in the rules and re-drawn it so that someone else could benefit. So that's why I am disappointed this weekend...and more for the fact that my faith in the lovely caring crafting community that is out there... is obviously not applicable to everyone.

Anyway on to brighter things.....Christmas! Well it is looming up far too fast for me to execute those ideas floating around in my head...and to use all that stuff that gets added to year upon year. How about you are you organised? I say I will start early every year but then I cannot get Christmas into my head till about now!!

I added to my die collection...couldn't resist...with Dazzling Snowflake (Memory Box) the other week. It is quite a large negative die so obviously needs something behind it to show it off.

It didn't look quite right without the pink edge to it...which wasn't in my first plan...but hey the best laid plans eh!

So that's it....speaks for itself, so no sentiment needed...I think it needs to be on a bigger card base now I look at it...will see.

Well I hope you are having a good weekend and continue to enjoy what is left of it...they go so quickly but then so do the weeks.

Take care, keep well.

Carole xx


  1. First...I agree with your frustration. I think when you win something they should notify you. I know it would take more time on their part, but I still think it is the right thing to do! I guess all one can say is "bummer!"

    As to your snowflake.... I ALMOST bought that die just last week! I think it is so beautiful, and I love the idea of a circle. Have a great day!

  2. I feel your pain and I think that people that hear this, will boycott that challenge blog. Totally unfair behaviour does them no good. They should have at least offered something as a prize, as it wouldn't cost them. Instead it has cost them their reputation. I love your snowflake card. Simple but stunning. Chin up!! Hugs, Carol S.xx

  3. Hi Carole, I have just emailed Bearly Mine and said I felt it was very unfair what they had done to you. I was going to send a copy to you but cannot find your emailaddress on your blog. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  4. Although we all appreciate running a challenge blog is time consuming and are grateful to those who do,I do think that if winners don't contact to collect their prize that a quick e-mail or comment on the original post (after all they have a link to you) would perhaps help! Maybe it could be a job assigned to one of the DT members who has a little spare time?
    A shame for you Carole.
    Lovely Snowflake. x

  5. Aww Carole, no, I don't want that to spoil your weekend. Look, I have a spare copy of Simply Cards and Papercraft, the current issue 128. Still in it's plastic with a free gift set of stamps and an embossing folder. Would you like to have it (if you don't already)?

    Email me your addy and I'll pop it in the post, Liz x

    PS, gorgeous card

  6. oh bless I am sure you will win again maybe with this gorgeous card
    hugs Kate xx

  7. Carole, I totally understand your frustration, having experienced the same thing myself; missed claiming a prize by 'that much'. Yours is especially disconcerting; we're talking digital images, right! Goodness! I agree with the others who've offered suggestions of how to resolve such situations; it's simple to dedicate one person to ensuring that winners receive their gifts - or at the very least, to making clear that 'expiry dates' exist! On a far happier note: your card is STUNNING! I was 'this close' to buying that die last weekend, and decided on two ornament dies instead (giving myself a talking to about that!). You've showcased it beautifully! I first saw it used by one of the DT at CAS(E) this Sketch ( It's a most stunning die - and I pretty much speaks for itself! The round card...sweet!! Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friend!

  8. What a nightmare and very unfair x Yes why don't they just email winners? It takes 2 minutes for a quick email, and once a month?! Mean buggers! Black list it is!
    Beautiful card Carole, what a gorgeous die, love the way you've used it x Made your decision about GNPE yet? xxx

  9. Aww Carole, that is so disappointing! :( They should definitely make allowances for the fact that you weren't able to find out in time! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you have an even better win soon to make up for it! On a more positive note, your card is absolutely beautiful. A gorgeous die and so beautifully showcased with your design. The sparkly pink looks fabulous too!

  10. What a shame not being able to get your winnings. Your snowflake is gorgeous.

    Hugs diane

  11. Awww Carole! :( I'm so sorry to hear this! :( I can totally understand your frustrations .. but keep your chin up .. better things will happen and come. :)

    Now your card .. oh my! It's GORGEOUS! I love this design and how you have the sparkles coming through to the front! How clever!!!!!!

    Big Hugs,