Monday, 14 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

Well hi there, hope you are all keeping warm in this cold snap.The snow has hit today but not staying thankfully. Not that I venture out, I hibernate!

So how are the New Year Resolutions coming on? Made them? Broken them? not bothered or not admitting to them? I always make some to myself and then if I break them no one knows but me.
I shall share one with you.
I have vowed to make a..... sssh..... Christmas Card, yes ! ...sssh..... that C word, one a month! Then I am not all at the last minute. Well 2 weeks of January gone and guess what -- yes so far no card, well Christmas card anyway, but. I have made a quick card from Craftwork Cards products for my future daughter in law who turns 30 today.
I often spend a lot of time thinking about what to do and not getting on with it, so I dug out a Craftwork Cards Goodie Bag and made myself just use the contents, apart from the base card. (another of my resolutions is to use up some of the stash in the craft room, not just buy more!)
So here is the result, no stamping or inking, well a tad to obliterate white edges.

Nice and girly - hope you like!
Let me know if you have any crafting resolutions

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