Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Thank You!

 Hi friends........... and a Happy New year to you all, if it is not too late that is. January seems to be hurtling through already at a pace I can't keep up with.............. Does anyone know what day it is?...lol

Lets hope things do improve this year for us all and in every way possible.

A card to say Thank You. Yes we still have things to be thankful for, and when I am feeling positive I try to remind myself of that. I THANK each and everyone of you that has supported my blog this past year. It gives me pleasure to call you all my friends and you are my reason I am still bogging. Yes I may have said this all before, but it doesn't hurt to remind you how kind you all are and how are appreciated too.

OK ...card is using Uniko stamps and coloured with Phil Martin's pens. .Not quite as successful in the blending as hoped though....not sure of the sentiment origin.

Right that is me for now.

I have made a birthday card that is on route to Australia for my Grandson's birthday at the beginning of February so wraps on that for a little while yet.

Take care, stay safe, don't forget the mask...it ain't over yet (Covid)....have you heard the fat lady sing yet?...lol

I hope you understand my sense of humour, sorry if you don't. Actually I wonder where that saying originated.?.answers on a postcard please...no just leave a comment...lol

Hope I have made you smile.

Crafty hugs

Carole xx


  1. I echo so many of your thoughts Carol, some days one wonders at the wisdom of it all but there has to be an up side to all that is going on eventually - and yes the masks still i practice at my end.

    I love the elegance of your card and pink/reds and green make such a refreshing colour palette.

    B x

  2. Thank you to you too Carole for staying with us through your own difficult times. We bloggers are few and far between these days to we need to support each other and show kindness whenever we can. As for me, the fat lady is still singing as my little granddaughter has tested positive this morning! She's still well at the moment so finger's crossed. It's ironic that it's supposed to be getting better and yet I've never known as many people getting it. Now on to your card...it's beautiful and you've done a great job of colouring it. I love the layout too. Take care and stay safe, Sandra x

  3. Hello Carole, lovely fresh thank you card with a feel of Summer in the nice citrus colours.

    It's nice to see that these few yukky years haven't dashed your sense of humour because Lordy do we need one with this pantomime of a Government lol... stay safe and always keep smiling :) x

  4. Hi Carole

    That's a lovely thank you card . . . very pretty.

    I really appreciate my blog pals too. In difficult times, they are always there! I sincerely hope you have a good year this year.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Hi Carole

    Hanging my head in shame here because I haven't had chance to do any blog visiting for ages now. Just having a good old catch up now though and can see you have been being super busy on your blog. Everything you have made looks great .. .. your mojo has clearly been super busy!

    This thank you card is beautiful ... I love it!

    I hope you had a good Christmas (why does it feel like that was ages ago?) and I wish you a much better year than the last two you have battled through.

    Love Jules xx

  6. Ooh, I like this stamp (and the colouring) but I'm not buying any new for now. I have enough to last forever really. I struggle with blending but I like what you've done here and green and pink is a favourite combo. Take care and stay safe. Think the fat lady saying is something to do with opera. Not my area of expertise. x

  7. Thanks for your comment Carole, you really make me smile. We used to have motorbikes in our early married life but I can't imagine being a biker chick these days, so perhaps a gentle walk! ;);):)

  8. What a lovely fresh design, Carole and I love how you placed the leaves and flowers. I'm glad to see you have maintained your sense of humour and I second you wish that we all have a better year this year.
    Take care,
    Carol x

  9. What a beautiful spring like card Carole... Makes me happy just looking at it. Stay well and here's hoping this will be a good year.

  10. Sorry to be late visiting again, Carole. You're right, the days are slipping away under our feet! I second your wishes that this year be better than the last two. We have to keep hoping ... and being creative. Your thank you card is so, so pretty! I love the colors and I think your shading is fantastic!

    I love and share your sense of humor and am so thankful we have it so we can continue to laugh, even when times are troubling. As for the fat lady - seems there is a controversy over whether it originated as "The OPERA ain't over until the fat lady sings," or as a saying from a sporting coach about a game, leaving off the opera bit. Either way, we all use it now! Take care and stay well. Hugs, Darnell

  11. Hi Carole, I somehow nearly missed this beautiful card. A gorgeous image and beautifully coloured, as always. You always make me smile and love your humour!! Big hugs, Carol S.xxxx