Sunday, 21 November 2021

Wobblers on the way!

 Good Morning friends...its been a while I know, but life has got in the way again as it sometimes does. But I am here now and will visit you all soon.

People seem to have been having issues with blogger recently and getting strange messages. Those of you that got them regarding my blog....your comments came through Thank you very much, regardless of what blogger told you! please continue to leave them, each and every one is so much appreciated, and never taken for granted.

Wobblers?..yes lets get down to why you are here...a card...two even!!...currently en route to Australia for my grandchildren and hoping they get there before Easter! Thomas will be 6 in February and Chloe is 3 and a half time goes, and they grow up!

This one is for Thomas.....

I think the elf on the shelf may have sneaked passed immigration this year! after a negative Covid test of

.............and for Chloe

I dont suppose that they will be familiar with penguins, snow, scarves and hats...but hey ho...I'm not familiar with shorts and surf!

These are both made with Crafters Companion dies and stamps and on springs made from acetate...die included in each set. They all wobble...or did when they left me, but no doubt will be flattened in transit. On arrival they will need pulling to free them again...hope the kids don't pull too hard!

Both cards pretty self explanatory really.

So thats me for some chores to do, Sunday is not a day of rest here! The sun is shining, its dry but turned a lot colder with a sneaky wind so I guess it wont be long till we can say it is winter. I hate closing the curtains in the middle of the afternoon. I am definitely a sunshine and warmth kinda girl.

I hope you are all well , staying safe amid the Covid bugs, and getting your jabs as appropriate. I had my booster last problems,and still wear a mask when out and about.

So take care, I'll see you soon. Love to you all, ad to those celebrating Thanksgiving...have a Happy one! 😊

Must dash. I have a pressing engagement...yes that's right it's the...ironing!!

Crafty hugs

Carole xx


  1. Aww, it's lovely to see you posting again Carole and I'm pleased that you're keeping well. Your cards are lovely and I'm sure that your grandchildren will treasure them. I'm sure that Christmas in Australia is very different to how it is here, much warmer for one thing! It's definitely feeling much colder here isn't it, I think we live in the same neck of the woods. Right then, Sunday lunch beckons, so I'll love you and leave you for now. Take care and stay safe. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

  2. Ugh! Ironing! Yuk! Hope you've finished the pile by now!

    LOVE both these cute Christmas cards and am sure the wobblers will be gently tweaked and much appreciated.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  3. So nice to you you have been doing some crafting Carole and what delightful cards for your Grandchildren, I am sure they will love them. You are so right in how quickly they grow, our little Margo is now 13 weeks old and the changes week by week amazing.

    I am with you on these dark days, almost dark before it's light, such is the lack os sun and any hint of brighness.

    Yes still wearing the mask on the rare outings, yesterday did a swift in and our of the village Tesco for bread, I counted about 25 people, not one wearing a mask, in fact only myself and the two staff had one. Is it any wonder numbers continue to rise. Like you had my booster a few weeks ago and all fine afterwards.

    B x

  4. Hi Carole, Have missed you, as you always make me smile. Your cards are lovely and I am sure they will get there in time!!
    I am like you and still have a mask in my bag, if I am going in a shop. I am amazed at how many people do not use a mask.
    We are hoping to get up to Yorkshire for a holiday next year. Well stay safe and well, Big hugs, Carol S.xxxx

  5. These are so cute Carole! Love them! I had my booster but was not well for a few days afterwards. I'm okay now but still feel drained for some reason, maybe it's the weather. It's hailstoning here right now and sooo cold! Roll on summer. Have a good weekend and thank you for your lovely comments

  6. These are such fun, the children are going to love them. They may pull them to bits but they'll have fun. A week has gone by and we are heading into a wet and windy weekend. Not my favourite. I'd like to go back to summer when I complained I was too hot all the time. lol