Thursday, 5 March 2020

Hats , Flowers and Pigs!

Hi everyone..whizzing in with a quick post to show you the makes from card group last month.

After a 3 month break it was a bit hard to get back in to the swing of it all...I think people wanted to catch up really.......... however little time for chat, there was a lot to do and most of probably all of us brought homework away with us.

Here's mine after a few finishing tweaks.......

No idea who's make of stamp this is...but coloured with copics and a bit of decoupage on the hat.

Polka Doodles flowers on this one.....

and it opens at the top.

I think these flowers are Honey Doo......

This is a Pink Ink stamp and sentiment ..don't we all believe we could?

and lastly more Polka doodles flowers.....

a lot of colouring involved as you can see...kept us all busy and ..quiet!!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well from fires, tornadoes, floods and viruses.....and anything else that threatens to make us suffer.

Still sorting here...the loft mainly...and still falling over stuff in the craft! How does one accumulate SO MUCH stuff?

Keep positive everyone...I am off to the hospital for neck injections today so crafting will be off limits for a couple of days but see you soon with my Mothers Day card for mum.

Take care ...we alter the clocks at the end of the month in the UK.. :)
Happy crafting

Love Carole xx


  1. These are all rather nice you little busy bee.....I think I may have to come and steal the pig - just LOVE it!!
    So - here's you and me with the neckie things - I had that nasty lump removed last week and have lots of stitches (was deeper than he expected so cue on Dr with a scalpel virtually kneeling on my back whilst he dug this thing out which was attached in places it shouldn't have been) so am not happy - particularly now cos it's itching like hell (and so is my head - how do you wash your hair without getting your neck wet?????)
    Hope the nasty man with the stabby thing doesn't hurt you too much - just keep reminding him that you are a crafter and scissors can be used for other things than cutting paper......speak soon. xxx

  2. What a great collection of cards, Carole and I can see why you were all so quiet with the colouring work lol! I'll have to stop coming here because I always find something new that I 'need'! This time it's the Polkadoodles flowers - they are gorgeous and I love the whimsical look - especially on the circular card. I love how you always have cards that look so different from each other.
    Good luck with sorting out the loft! We emptied ours a few years ago and it was a mammoth task. Stay safe and healthy and good luck with the injections.
    Carol x

  3. Fantastic cards Carole. Fab colouring and the designs are beautiful. Love the Polkadoodles flowers too. Hope the injections go well and do their job. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  4. You've definitely been a busy bee at the crafting group and wow what a great mixture of cards. Lots of pretty colouring and don't those bright polkadoodles cards just make you smile and lift your spirits. My favourite is that sweet circular one, that's just darling. I'm not normally a piggy person but she looks super, I think you made her look very cute and a lil sassy! x

  5. Hi Carole

    Another beautiful collection of cards .. .. .. how long do the lessons last as you seem to come away with so many beautiful cards.

    They are all lovely .. .. but ones with the Polkadoodles flowers are very eye catching!!

    Hope those neck injections went OK and you aren't too sore.

    My sorting is still continuing .. .. and is going very slowly .. .. but I have come across a local care home that isn't too far away who do craft lessons with the residents and apparently they "have a go at anything" .. .. so I am popping some goodies to one side for them in the hope it will bring them a bit of pleasure.

    Have a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  6. You certainly were busy and you've got a fabulous collection of cards to show for it.... especially LOVE that fun pig xx

  7. What a beautiful array of cards Carole!! They are all beautiful and that piggie made me laugh. I'm trying to diet and can relate Lol!!
    Good luck with the injections... I had 18 of them over a year ago... sadly they didn't work for me... Hope they do for you

  8. Sorry to be such a delayed visitor, not really sure where my time has gone the last few days, great collection of cards anyhow.

    B x

  9. Stunning cards Carole
    Hugs Sylvie xx