Monday, 14 October 2019

Happy Birthday Son!

Hello glad you stopped by....Thank You.

Today is my youngest sons birthday...the one who lives in Brisbane, so today he is in my thoughts more than ever. It seems like yesterday that he was at high school...then graduating from Uni...and then moving to London with work and for a girlfriend...  getting married.....having a baby...and then moving to the other side of the world! Where did those precious years go? It all makes me feel old I have to say!...and they now have another baby. I miss them so much.

Anyway here is my very simple in design but not as simple to execute to my perfection

The stamp is just the one word SON..inked and repeated in rows in the two different shades of blue and double embossed lines either side. Topped off with the stars and sentiment. See told it was simple! (but fiddly)...He is worth it.

Filled with lots of love...I hope he celebrates a wonderful day.

So halfway through October, Autumn is here with a vengeance. Too much rain here in West Yorkshire...we never seem to go a day without some. The nights are drawing in and we alter the clocks in a couple of weeks so it will be dark by 4.0pm...time to hibernate...hopefully to the craft room..and think of Spring!

I hope you have a good week whatever it holds for you.. Thank you to those dear blogging friends who take the time to leave me a comment when they visit...they really are appreciated so very much.  I love seeing all your wonderful creations and get card envy so much as you are all so talented...some really clever people out there!

So till next time, stay well and happy and thanks for popping by.
Carole xx


  1. Hats off to you my friend, that stamping looks printed it's so perfectly positioned every time, I love the alternating colours. You can tell you made this card with love, so much care has gone into it. Great masculine card and I hope your son has a wonderfully sunny and Happy Birthday in Brisbane. I feel you about the years, I get very emotional when I see how much time has gone by and remember my boys little... I wish we could bottle time *Sigh. Take care x

  2. Hello it’s ages since I have had time to post on blogger such a lot of time spent at hospital appointments but hubby is much improved so fingers crossed we have finally turned a bit of a corner. I love your card it’s just so classy but you must miss him a lot my son is only in Manchester but I miss him as well they lead such busy lives . Like you I hate this dark weather and the rain . We have very clos3 friends who live in Spain and we are going out next week for some warn sunshine so looking forward to that you take care and I hope you understand why I cannot post as much as I used to our lives have changed a lot Love and hugs Carole x

  3. A very clever card Carole. A lot of patience getting the stamp in line. Just had a thunder storm and very heavy rain here. Not a lover of winter!! Hugs, Carol S.xx

  4. It's a really lovely card for a male and in particular your son. I can in part identify with how you feel and miss your son. My youngest is only in Europe, but he's been gone well over a year now. It is a little easier to see him as it's a much shorter flight, but as he and his partner are on the move all the time moving from race to race that's easier said than done.

    Share your thoughts on these dark days, I got up just after six this morning and it was pitch, now approaching seven and it's no different. Roll on Spring.

    B x

  5. Very creative! great job stamping. He will love it! Yes I agree..where does the time go....they grow up way too fast for my liking!!

  6. This really was a labor of love, Carole! It took a lot of concentration to stamp like that, especially in different colors! I'm sure your son loved it! My heart is heavy for you being so far away, especially with a new baby and I wish you could see them soon! Hugs, Darnell

  7. Wow, Carole - I'm in awe! How on earth did you keep those small word stamps straight and so perfectly stamped? It was certainly worth the effort to get this gorgeous clean and masculine design. I bet he loves it!
    We've been having some gloomy days here too and I was sure it was still the middle of the night when I had to get up at 7am today!
    Carol x

  8. It must be so hard for you with your son being so far away... I'm fortunate to have mine here and supporting me through another tragedy...Roll on next year!
    Your card is fabulous! Beautiful stamping Carole and I'm sure he will love it and be missing you too! As for the rain... Today is dark and so very wet!