Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Double debossing

Hi friends...NO, double debossing does not mean double bossing de husband about...lol...though he may beg to differ on that one. (He's decorating the spare room at the moment).
It actually relates to the base layering dies I have used on the card below. These are from Phil Martin and I think they are very classy...so more on my birthday wish list (hope hubby reads this).

Self explanatory but as the stag (magazine freebie) was cut from gold packaging (doing my bit for re-cycling) and everything else cut from left over scraps too I shall head to the Playground this week...where it's half term so no teachers to tell us off! It will be so good to catch up with mates that I haven't seen in a while for one reason or another.

Well I can't believe it is 2 weeks since I posted, nor that Halloween is rearing it's head this week (shudder...not a fan really) and shudder again because it has turned so cold here (thermals almost edging out the drawer)...and to make matters worse the clocks have gone back and it is dark by 5.0pm.! Roll on spring!...though it is a good time to cosy up and craft. I have knitting, cross stitching and cards on the go...and the fruit is soaking for a Christmas cake (late this year), so plenty to keep me busy!

I do hope you are all keeping well and free of bugs...I'm thinking(being the operative word here) about a flu jab but always hear so many people say they are ill afterwards ..so indecisive about it at the moment. Have you had yours?

Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you to those who regularly leave me some love in the form of a comment. I do love to read them and they keep me going. I do visit all your blogs to see  your wonderful creations and I am blown away by the artistry out there...you are such a talented bunch. Big hugs to you all.

So HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of you celebrating it, wherever you are and hopefully I will be back again soon.

Crafty hugs
Carole xx

Challenges entered :-

Pixie's snippets Playground Challenge #364.......stag, sentiment and mats from snippets

October Rudolph Days Challenge.......................Anything goes

Holly and Ivy Christmas Challenge #59 .............Anything goes


  1. Am knackered just reading this.... knitting, cross stitching,cards and cake making???? Off for a lie down to recover.
    Can't advise on the flu jab - some say they feel dreadful for several days after it, others say no problem. Thing that I can't get my head round is that it doesn't protect you from all strains of flu - just specific ones??
    I say continue with the bossing - (husband included) - cos this is a real nice card! x

  2. What a lovely classic card, it has a beautiful highland feel to it and who doesn't love a stag as a feature on a Christmas card. I have no personal experience of the flu jab, its about the only thing I'm too young for lol. Lots of controversy surrounding the flu jab, most people I know avoid like its the plague but I guess its personal preference x

  3. Great card! I am loving the fact that you used a the gold wrapping for the stag. I love upcycling!!!

    Your stacking dies look so good here.

    We get over 300 trick or treaters. As it takes me a while to close up the electric recliner and get to the door, I am thinking of srapping up in a quilt and sitting on the porch this year. Might even wear a long black dress I own and a witch hat!

    Had the flu jab and did feel off for a couple of days. Stayed home for one as it felt like it might get worse but didn't. Thank goodness.

    Thanks for taking part in the October Rudolph Days Challenge.

  4. Well I've finally made it here! Fabulous christmas card and I love the dies. I'm in a panic now as I forgot christmas is just around the corner! As for the flu jab - I don't have it but hubby gets his each year xx

  5. Wonderful card! Love the stag and the layers are brilliant!

    We had our flu jabs earlier this week. Len felt one degree under for 24 hours or so but I've been fine! As Viv says, it doesn't protect you from all strains of flu but the one(s) most likely to hit in the coming, which is why it's a different vaccine each year year.Personally, I still think it's worth it.



  6. A very elegant card and even better that it recycles. It's getting dark now which is really miserable, as you say. Autumn is very pretty but that's about all you can say for it! LOL. I am a lover of spring. I don't have the flu jab, I'm very healthy (touch wood) and work outside for some part of every day so I think that helps. I'd certainly have it if I was prone to catching bugs. Enjoy your cosy days of crafting. x

  7. Love your card..the gold is very elegant and I love it with the plaid!! Yes I have had my flu shot. It was an easy one compared to the shingles shot! Ouch...that hurt for weeks!!

  8. I love the frames!! And the regal stag looks amazing against the tartan. The days seem so short now and cold... I don't opt for the jab as I always had a rough time after and since retirement I don't get half as many colds etc., Staying away from people helps Lol!

  9. I love how you've layered up the frames and the plaid background looks superb. I agree with you Carole, I'm always relieved when Halloween and fireworks are out of the way. Being from your neck of the woods, I also agree with you about how cold and wet it is..... time to bring on the comfort food :) x

  10. What a beautiful Christmas card, thanks for playing along with us at THAIC.

  11. I have to say, Carole, if debossing was calibrated, my Mister would say I was a ______ (some astronomical number) debosser, lol! I really love the double frame with this handsome stag and you can never go wrong with a Christmas plaid on a card! Great job with the upcycling and use of snippets!! I hope you got your flu jab and you didn't have any ill effects other than a sore arm for a few days. ❤Hugs, Darnell

  12. Love your card. love that golden stag. I use scraps lots and posted today using them. i hate waste lol. The flu jab is the best protection we have as we get older. I have had good and bad experiences with it but i know it is vital i protect myself so i go with it. Hope you do the same. Ok off to blog again, BTW i am your newest follower. Hugs June x

  13. Carole, how did I miss this gorgeous card with the wonderful stag?!! It's brilliant. Hugs, Carol S.xx