Tuesday, 9 April 2019


Hello blogging friends. how are we all...good I hope.

I thought I had best pop hubbys retirement card on the blog before too long passed...so here it is.

It speaks for itself really. The image is from the internet which I doctored a bit to suit and the papers are from an old Craftwork Cards set.
He likes his gardening but sadly the weather has not been too much like gardening weather since he retired.Today is sunny but VERY cold.However he is out there now giving me a chance to chat a few minutes with you.

Thank you all of you that left kind messages ...so much appreciated as you know.

This past week has seen a lull on the craft front due to 'life' throwing it's problems in our direction and leaving me a very exasperated , angry, frustated person. I cannot understand why I have to do everyone's job these days because no-one seems to do what they say they will do. It saddens me greatly that you have to complain before you stand a chance of a result..and then not always guaranteed.
Technology is a wonderful thing, after all it allows me to have contact with all of you which is a good thing...but there are still instances when speaking to someone overides technology in my book and we are raising younger generations that have no people skills.

OK rant over...time to put the kettle on..care to join me and put the world to rights?..lol

Thank you for stopping by in this busy world. I hope you all have a good week, and next time we chat I hope my issues are in the past. Best take hubby that warm drink!

Crafty hugs to each and everyone of you......TTFN
Carole xx


  1. I'll join you in the rant Carole when it comes to youngsters and people skills, we had a family get together recently, children and grandchildren so we are usually close to 20, hubby did a head count and said at one point eleven were sitting with heads in phones/tablets and I might add all more than old enough to know better.

    Your cards sounds perfect for hubby and fingers crossed the weather will up it's game soon as it's far too cold for April and my hubby only planted tomato seeds into their little heated houses this week, much later than normal.

    B x

  2. What a perfect retirement card Carole and I bet your husband loved it! My husband is a big gardener too and since his second hip replacement he can do it without help so I don't feel guilty leaving him to it lol! Bonus. I love the papers you chose and how you added white pen on the sign. Hope you have a better week.
    Carol x

  3. Great card for the old retiree!!
    Was cold today wasn't it - but I got my bedding dry on the line - actually it nearly took off!! E mail on it's way later. x

  4. I'm afraid I can't join in with your rant Carole because it'll be bigger than War and Peace if I start. All I'll say is I start of ranting about this Country/World/people with a room full of family and when I turn round its just me and the cat who looks at me with eyes that say... I'm about to join them, so rude lol. Anyway... your husband's retirement card is fab, I love the little mock notice board with faux curly wire and brad. Fingers crossed the weather picks up over Easter so he can enjoy the garden springing to life x

  5. A brilliant card Carole. Love the detail. In our house it's me that does most of the work in the garden. I spent a few hours yesterday tidying and weeding. Boy did I pay for it today!! A very aching body!! It was so warm out there and enjoyed the fresh air. Hope you find a bit of peace in the next few days. Hugs, Carol S. xxxx

  6. Hi Carole, a super card to celebrate your husband's retirement. Hopefully as the weather improves he will be able to get out and about. Have a wonderful week.. Megan

  7. LOL I know what you mean!

    Your hubby's card just seems perfect for him..I love the way you personalized it too!

  8. Hi Carole, I love Alan's card and how you personalised it for him. Fingers crossed the weather improves and you have a better week. My motto is if you want something doing then do it yourself! - I learnt that from my Mom xx

  9. This is a fabulous card Carole and I love the muted fawn colour that you've used. Great images and sentiment too. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a tough week and I hope that you get things sorted soon. I agree with you on the technology front. It's an amazing thing is some respects but in others it's an absolute nightmare. It also drives me mad when you have to sit and listen to mundane music until someone can pick up the phone. What was wrong with getting an engaged tone like we used to?(No money to be made that way!) At least you didn't have to hang on the end of a phone for twenty five minutes getting more and more annoyed as each minute passes? My rant over. Us ladies of a certain age expect a more productive approach don't we, and I don't think that's anything that we need to apologise for. Hope you have a better week ahead Carole x

  10. Oh you rant away love! I get it! And the cold does not help in any way at all... It's been winter coats and jumpers far too long! Thankfully it seems warmer weather is on it's way... or so they say!
    Fabulous card for your hubby! I love the shed and all the little details and I wish him a very happy retirement... You take care!