Monday, 30 July 2018

White on Kraft.........

Well the rain came and the thunder storms and the gardens said 'Thank You' ! today is very pleasant...not too hot, but sunny and breezy. Cool enough to do a few chores and the ironing!
It's set to get hotter again towards the end of the week so best make hay as they say!

As promised this is the card that I made for hubby for our Anniversary the other weekend....

Base card is 7 inch square
The brown card is Neenah and the Inkylicious stamp was stamped and embossed in white. Using the mask that came with the stamp I then created the inner scene using Distress Oxides and again an Inklicious stamp embossed in white. Love theses stamps.!

I am pleased with the result because it didn't end up in the bin!...and hubby seemed happy enough with it too.

Blogger seems to be playing many tricks of late that I am not happy with. It took ages to get this photo on the blog, I ended up re taking the photo as blogger insisted on turning it on it's side and no matter what I tried it wouldn't turn around! frustrating.

Blogging seems to have really dropped off of late...perhaps everyone is feeling like me...why bother?...followers have disappeared.....comments either everyone is having a rest/holiday ...maybe enjoying the summer.....or they are all on Facebook...which I don't do. Is anyone else finding this?

On a brighter note I got some mojo back last week when I attended a workshop/class and made 6 cards...4 for the Christmas Box.....that's a start for me ! I really enjoyed myself and met some nice like minded ladies. Will maybe show you the results at some future point.

Right it's cuppa time so off to boil the kettle...hang around if you would care to join if you have popped in then 'Thank You'...much appreciated. Please let me know you have been.

Take care and keep safe in the sunshine.
Hugs Carole xx


  1. A lovely Anniversary card Carole, I was very tempted by those stamps when Emma and Deby were releaing them on TV and I think they will be on my wishlist.

    B x

  2. This is absolutely stunning Carole. As you say, it really is a lovely stamp. The white ink shows up beautifully against the Kraft background and the scene that you’ve created looks like it’s on parchment, it looks amazing. I know what you mean about blogging, it has gone really quiet if late. I know I haven’t crafted as much as usual, simply because my little craft room has been like an oven. We’re just not used to this heat in Yorkshire! I have a few loyal followers, including yourself who I keep going for as it’s lovely to share with like minded people but the numbers are definitely dropping. Even if you choose to stop blogging, I hope you don’t stop making such wonderful cards as that would be such a shame. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

  3. Hi Carole. The effect of the white on the kraft for this frame is lovely and I shall be trying this. The scene is very pretty.
    I found the spring and summer so busy that there was no time for crafting or commenting. It's slightly better now but I have spent the last month watering all the time. Recently it's been too hot to think, today wet and windy which is strange after all the sun. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time for visiting. I even made some cards this week. x

  4. Wow!!!Carole, your card is truly fantastic. I thought it was Pergamano until I looked closely. Stunning design and love the white on Kraft card. A gorgeous scene you have created. I always said the I would never go on FB but the DT I am on has moved everything onto FB. It took me a while to get to grips with it. I don't put many pictures of my makes on my blog or FB. I don't want people to copy my makes. I have dropped some of my followers that do not comment on my blog, so why should I keep on commenting every day on their blogs! I only post once or sometimes twice a month and they can't manage even one a month. Having said that, on my last post I got 18!! The most I have had this year. So we plod on!! I don't want to lose contact with you if you decide to close. So I suppose we could contact by email. I hope you don't, 'cos I love to see you beautiful makes!! Hugs, Carol S.xxxx

  5. Well now Carole, this card is just beautiful and so serene. It's very effective on the Kraft cardstock base. I bet this took centre stage on the mantle and rightly so. I'm afraid my card making and blogging have suffered during the hot weather as I enjoy being out in it but yes I have noticed how quiet its become and oh... I don't do Facebook either, hate the pesky site ;) x

  6. Have been backwards and forwards since the beginning of June and missing catching up with everything. Here for a couple of days then off again so thought it might be a good idea to show my face..... and am glad I did cos this is just a wonderful card Carole.
    It is very quiet now in blogland - I am on FB but rarely post cards on there - I have also lost followers and very few now comment. Hope you don't decide to stop blogging - how will I keep up with what you're doing???? x

  7. Carole this is stunning I'm in love with it its fantastic love everything about it. You are right about blogger people seem to have lost interest and i must admit I'm a bit erratic at present with all my hubby's hospital stuff. I know people prefer FB but whilst I am on it its not my favourite as there is so much rubbish on it i try to stick to the craft stuff and much prefer Blogging. Have a good week and Happy belated Anniversary Love and hugs Carole x

  8. A perfect card for your anniversary! I love the beautiful scene in the center. Just gorgeous Carole!

  9. What a gorgeous card Carole! I think white on kraft always looks so classy and this is a perfect example. Like a previous commenter I though the centre was on parchment at first and I think it is stunning. I agree that people seem to be losing interest in blogging but although I have a facebook account, I don't often use it, and instagram is still a mystery to me! I keep intending to try them out because blogger can be very time consuming when it is playing up, but I never seem to get round to it. Happy belated anniversary.

  10. OMG What a beauty this is!!! I love that stamp and your beautiful colouring ... Happy Anniversary too! I'm still blogging when I can ... Seems everyone likes to do Instagram but not me. The art of conversation seems to be dying everywhere! I understand people are busy but blogging is a kind of diary to me and I like conversation even if it's just writing... Have a super day!

  11. Oh my stars! Your card is masculine marvelous and absolutely gorgeous! Distress oxides for the painting, you say? Must give that a try; your results are spectacular.
    Yes, my blogging has become slow of late and yes, comments have dwindled significantly. 'Tis the way things go when technologies like IG are part of the scene...sigh. Even so, I'll continue card-making (just ordered a bunch of Halloween goodies...) and blogging as usual. Like you, I'm not a real FB fan (my posts are rare); need to be in it as part of some of my design team gigs.
    Our weather has been interesting, of and nearly daily thunderstorms...grass is happy *grin*
    hugs and love~carol

  12. oooh I love this Carole, white on kraft is gorgeous but I really like the colour in the centre.
    My blog seems to have really dropped off too but to be honest I've not posted as much during the summer. I try to visit and leave comments for my favourite blogs but it is time consuming. A lot of my friends seem to use Instagram now although I haven't got that myself. I do like Facebook but don't tend to use it for my crafts as most of my friends on there wouldn't have a clue what I was talking about!

    Anne x

  13. Fabulous card Carole, love the white on kraft, you totally amaze me with your wonderful designs.. Speak soon..
    Love and Hugs, M xxxx

  14. Well I've finally made it here..... and what a beauty to feast my eyes on. The stamp is wonderful and your colouring is amazing against the kraft and white embossing. Mojo made a rare appearance here yesterday and I've made half a card so maybe I'll get around to blogging again soon! Take care xx

  15. Wow, Carole, your card is spectacular! I can't stop staring at it! If I didn't say it before, Happy Belated Anniversary!

    I feel the same way about blogging dropping off, but I blame it on Instagram, not Facebook. I feel that Facebook posts from folks have dropped way off, too, for the same reason. Well and because of the admissions re allowing hackers in! That's what made me stop posting to FB! I've talked about the whole Instagram thing before on my blog. I know it works for a lot of people, but it's not for me. So impersonal. Sure you get lots of {hearts} and comments like, "Beautiful," but where's the joy in that, where's the personal connection? That's how Blogland was when I first started. People weren't sharing in their posts and their comments, when there were any, were one word. I've seen it change to full-fledged comments since and it breaks my heart to see it going back. Everyone is just so "busy" staring at their phones. Not judging, just not my cup o' tea.

    I'm sorry I've not been a very good blog friend for many months myself. I can definitely tell I'm slowing down and one thing and another has happened. I know everyone understands, but it doesn't take long to lose those connections if the contact is interrupted. I already know I have a busy fall, so it might have to be my new year's resolution to get back into a routine!!

    Sorry to write a book. There's no charge! Hugs, Darnell