Friday, 22 June 2018

Here at last!

Well hello friends! Sorry I have not been around for a while...various reasons, the main ones being that I have suffered from a bad bout of shingles and was quite poorly since my last post and also have just returned from our hols this week! It was fingers crossed for hols but we made Kos...and now it's back guessed it...the ironing.!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post...I was a while finding them as blogger decided to play funny and stopped alerting me to comments via chance I found them...thank you for sticking by me...I thought I had lost you all!!

A couple of  Silver Wedding cards to share with you now that I made a good while back for a friend that required them.......I gave her a choice but I knew which she would pick after I had made them. can you guess?...answers on a postcard

The first one...

and the second...

Oh I'm screaming! photo keeps loading on it's side and my attempts at rotating it are distorting the's the best I can do :(

Anyway you get the gist, I have done similar cards to the second one before.
If you want to know what I have used in either card then please e-mail me. I am aware I have rabbited for long enough!

Thanks for staying with me...I haven't crafted for a good while but have one more card to share next month. I have decided to not spend as much time at the computer and finish getting that craft room sorted and then I can concentrate on CRAFTING!!and using all that new stuff that I have acquired! I may be haphazard in blogging. I will of course still be stopping by to visit you lovely people to see what you have been up to. I always admire all your wonderful talent.

Take care my friends till next time...keep well and safe and enjoy the sunshine if you are having it. The crafting channels I notice are doing there best to remind of us snow!!

Crafty hugs
Carole xx

PS She chose the first one!
PPS Eldest son didn't recognise the golf tees as the candles ...he thought I had used mini crayons!...see previous posts.


  1. Poor you Carole, Shingles is very painful. I'm sure your holiday was a great pick you up. Both cards are stunning and love the detail. Have a lovely weekend...….washing and ironing!! Hugs, Carol S.xx

  2. Welcome back Carole, sorry to hear you've had shingles that can be very nasty but at least you were all better for a bit of R&R on holiday. Two very elegant cards, I do like the white with the silver and while I like both, the second one just edges it for me x

  3. Two very elegant cards Carols. Sorry you've had shingles, hubby had it a few years ago and I know it's was painful.

    B x

  4. Beautiful cards sis, hope you are feeling a lot better now after your hols :) Will pop you an email soon, also trying to catch up with myself after hols..
    Take care,
    Sis xx

  5. They are both simply gorgeous, Carole! I personally like the second one better only because I have that heart die and I'm bookmarking that photo because I love how you put the number of years in the apex (?) of the lines! I'm glad you are all over with the horrid shingles now and can have fun sorting your craft room. I swear I like reorganize my crap, er craft goodies better than I do making cards, lol! I was gone most of May so I caught up with the posts I missed: excellent and clever idea to use the golf tees as candles and many congratulations on the birth of your beautiful granddaughter, Chloe! It must be so hard being so far away; I hope they send you tons of photos and Skype with you often!! Stay well! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Love both cards Carole!Sorry about the shingles, hope you are all better by now!

  7. They are both lovely Carole, the first would be my favourite too as I'm loving hexagons and octagons at the moment.
    I've been trying to sort my craft room too, I started last year but ran out of steam. I have so much stash it's overwhelming and I don't use most of it because I'd have to find it first!
    Hope you're feeling better, I've never been to Kos but it's on the list!
    Anne x

  8. What gorgeous cards Carole and I bet your friend had trouble choosing between them because I know I would. I have heart envy with your second card and have really loved the cards you made with it. I'm glad you made your holiday in spite of the shingles. I know that can be really painful for quite some time so I hope you are well over it by now. Good luck with the organising!
    Carol x

  9. Beautiful cards Carole and what a choice... did she pick No.2? I'm so sorry to hear that you have been unwell... What a horror to have shingles! Feel better soon

  10. Both beautiful cards Carole. The silver and white looks fabulous on both designs but I do love the second with that die cut heart xx