Friday, 4 May 2018

Make a wish! wish is for some sunshine! What's yours?

Hi Everyone!.........I am so tired now of this English weather, and I know we Brits are renowned for 'going on' about the weather...but come on surely we are allowed to when it is so rubbish for so long. Grey skies and threatening dark clouds today......doesn't make me feel happy like the sunshine does.

OK..enough on the weather...and it's May for goodness sake...does anyone else in Britain feel like the year just hasn't got going yet?

Today my card is a birthday card for my eldest son who is.......making me feel very old right now!...and there is a story to this first...(sorry about the light when it was taken).

The story..are you sitting comfortably?.....(I'll keep it brief)
Last year hubby and I went out for a meal with Andrew and his partner Becky. This was to celebrate 3 of our birthdays which all fell around the same time (you can work out which 3). As it was the end Nov/beg Dec...the restaurant laid the tables with crackers for the Christmas party season. 3 of us got golf tees in our crackers and as the only golfer is my son , he copped for them all! Varnished wooden looking ones they were......but apparently not suitable for his needs so I collected them all back as we crafters do. They had to have a use.
Yes you can now guess the next bit...the candles on the card are the golf tees...hubby sawed off the wide end and I painted them with 'Starlights' paint (several coats). As Andrew is still yet to open his card I am waiting to see if he works it out! I thought they would also make great little pencils too!

The card itself was all made from Snippets(except the base) I will be heading to the Playground to catch up with my mates there.
green card....adorable scorable
stamp...........Uniko Party Confetti background
                     sentiment from a fairy set in stash.
Inks..............Brilliance rainbow in blues and greens and Brilliance purple dewdrop.
Glitter...........Glamour dust (sorry not visible on photo)
Paints...........Imagination Starlights

I hope you all enjoy your long Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and have something nice planned,  we don't go far because of becoming stuck in traffic jams and today the Tour -de -Yorkshire is heading all around our way...another reason not to venture far...unless you are into bike riding of course.

OK  I'm off to see if there are any challenges to be joined in with...sourcing them is a challenge itself!

Take care
Carole xx

Challenges entered:-
Snippets Playground............................all snippets!


  1. Great card, Carole. What a brilliant use of the golf tees, very clever! Will be interesting to see if your son recognises the tees.

    Another grey day here, but temperatures are due to rocket over the bank holiday weekend.....that's if you believe what the weathermen say! Fingers crossed. xx

  2. Oh my stars! How brilliant are you to re-vision and re-purpose the tees into the cutest...oops, I mean, most 'handsome' (need to remember this is a masculine marvelous card so need to stick with 'guy' words *grin*) set of candles EVER! Your son will love this, as do I!
    Currently, we're on a little vacation in Oregon and we're feeling mighty fortunate that the weather is warm, even though the sky is hazy. Nice to experience temperatures that are above freezing! Hopefully, you'll feel the sun's shine soon!

  3. I hate to tell you this Carole, but we have had glorious warm sunshine all day! We even went for a walk at the beach this afternoon.
    Love your very clever card. Great design and using tees is brilliant. Have a lovely weekend and hope the sun shines on you! Hugs, Carol

  4. I echo your sentiments about the weather completely Carole, for the last few years winter seems to have gone on forever and then we miss out on summer as well. But it may be that this weekend your wish will come true as the forecast looks promising.

    Such a fun bright and cheery Birthday card.

    Have a good and sunny weekend.

    B x

  5. How very creative Carole! I would never have thought that the candles were golf tees - and they look great painted with the starlights. I love the sparkly candle flames too and the celebration confetti background! I hope you are enjoying the amazing sunshine.

    Carol x

  6. Lovely card Sis... I think you got your wish as the weather has been gorgeous for a few days, hope all's well, need a catch up soon...
    Sis xxxx

  7. Absolutely brilliant Carole! Talk about thinking outside of the sandpit! Love this card and such a clever way to get your son guessing. I do hope you had some of this glorious weather - it's still very hot down here.

    Lovely to see you in the Snippets Playground.

    Di xx

  8. You got your wish for the sun to shine Carole!
    This is so clever, what a fantastic idea to use the tees
    Anne x

  9. Thank yo for the lovely comment on my blog. I missed this great card of yours: it's beautiful.
    And the weather: well on the other side of the Northsea it's a LITTLE bit better than in your area...We Dutch are often talking about weather too!
    Lia xx