Thursday, 31 August 2017

It's that 'heart' again!

Hi Everyone!
Yes it's that heart favourite heart die by Concord 9th...the one I lost and found (thankfully) down the back of the radiator had slipped off a pile of stuff on the window sill!

Speaks for itself I reckon!

The other thing that has been occupying my time...the sorting in the craft room,.... well I have been ironing ribbons...yeah sad I know......but they are always creased and crumpled when I want to use them so then I tend not to bother with them. ironed all the shortish bits...(the long pieces are in a tin all individually held in mini rubber bands).........and had an idea to hang them on a coat hanger!

Some of you probably already do this!

Then.... hubby had the idea to peg them at the bottom with those mini pegs we use at Christmas for the cards...and that would add weight to the bottom and hold them on the hanger! they are.....just awaiting a hook at the back of the craft room door now.
Nicely organised and I can see what I have now...but sadly I don't appear to have gained any storage space as a result..ah well!!!

Lastly but by no means the least...a happy welcome to my latest follower.....Karen Knott......unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find a link to your blog Karen...perhaps you can help me out there.

Thank you for popping in to see me and for all the lovely comments you leave me. I really must thank everyone for the lovely Anniversary Congratulations  received lately..'THANK YOU' you really are a lovely bunch ...mwah

Wishing you all a super is nearly here! Didn't we get great weather last weekend for the Bank Holiday! Some more of the same would be good.

Take care and I will see you again when I have something to share.
Crafty hugs
Carole xx


  1. Fabulous card and I can see why it's your favourite heart die. It really is gorgeous and I'm just wondering how much longer I can resist the temptation to buy it!
    As for your ribbons, that is a super idea and you can see at a glance what you've got instead of having to rummage through boxes. My short pieces are in a bag and the rest are sorted by colours. Hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. Hi Carole

    I would be well gutted if I had lost such a beautiful die .. .. another die that is on my "one day" list along with lots of others LOL!!

    I can remember looking for ages for a lost die only to find it stuck to the back of my ipad!

    Still waiting for my embossing folder .. .. it was temporarily out of stock so I have put it on back order with them.

    Lovely organisation of your ribbons. I iron mine with a cheap pair of hair straighteners I got from Wilkos.

    Enjoy your weekend when it arrives.

    Love Jules xx

  3. What a great way to store your ribbons Carole and I sympathise with your work to sort out your craft room. It's like painting the Forth Bridge I reckon - you just get it sorted and then in a few weeks its back to square one! I do love your beautiful sparkly card and that die is wonderful.
    Carol x

  4. What a lovely elegant card! The simple designs are often the best especialy when done like this. Oh my... Ironing ribbons!! No way... I have a ton of them and sorting out is bad enough but ironing... Yuk!

  5. Oooh this is lovely Carole, I've not seen that die before and I love the idea of using glitter card. I'm not surprised you were pleased to find it when you thought it was lost!
    Great idea for storing ribbons, I use travelling straighteners for mine, I saw a tip somewhere and got a cheap pair on ebay - it works a treat.
    Enjoy your weekend
    Anne x

  6. I'm glad you found it...what a beautiful card! That die is amazing! I love the glitter, so striking. Great idea for ribbon too.

  7. Hi Carole! How STUNNING this card is .. and so perfect with that beautiful glitter!!! Hope you're doing well!

    Big hugs,

  8. wow this is one fabulous card so classy and elegant
    hugs Kate x