Monday, 19 June 2017

5 squares to a flower

Good morning campers!....well the weather here at present ...sshh don't speak too soon beautiful! it's too hot to sit out really...but too nice to be indoors. As for camping?..those days are well and truly behind me, I like a bit of luxury these days.

I've managed a little bit of quick crafting of late...well fairly quick for me anyway. On the last wet bank Holiday hubby took me to the Crafters Companion shop at Aycliffe. What a lovely place as no doubt those that live nearby have already discovered. Sara has thought of everything down to the coffee shop with telly and papers for hubby to read while wifey shops! As it was their Birthday celebration there were demos to watch added bonus.

Anyway...back to the coffee shop where on the tables they had vases of paper flowers which of course everyone picked up and examined as soon as they sat down for their cuppa!

Following that trip I received link to a Masterclass video (quite by coincidence) of Sara making these here we are...I was inspired to have a go and they are easy once you have mastered the series of folds.
Here are my attempts..........

and a closer look....

Not the easiest  to photograph I have to say!...but very effective.

Ok for all of you...well one or two maybe ...screaming for the is a link I found to a video on u-tube......can't find Sara's sorry , (and I don't want to be accused of copyright or anything).

If you are using patterned paper  you start with pattern side down. I used 6 inch squares (5 of them)  for my flowers, and used Cosmic wet glue. Kebab stick was inserted after gluing 4 petals together and then gluing the fifth in place.......Enjoy.

Ok off to catch some Vit D before it starts to play hide and seek (the sun that is).

Hope you have a good week and Thank you for all your lovely comments that you have left me on my previous post. Mum enjoyed her birthday and liked her card!
Thanks for popping in.........take care till next time.
Carole xx


  1. Oh they are fabulous!! Well done to you!!

  2. Hi Carole, what gorgeous flowers and such pretty papers. Glad you had fun at the CC shop and hope it didn't break the bank.
    As for the weather... I love it but not managing to sit out for long as I burn pretty easily. We've got all the fans going inside, laptop keeps overheating and still no sign of Mojo so not much crafting happening here xx

  3. I made some of these over 18 months ago. Only know that as I sold them before we moved!! I had them on my stall, just as a decoration and a lady asked how much they were. I just came up with a number and she had them all!! Love the pretty papers you have used and the soft colours. Brilliant.!! I fink they are luffly!!xxx

  4. Your paper flowers are BEAUTIFUL Carole. Melting weather down here in the South!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Wow these are great and thanks for sharing the link this might be something different for our craft group. I'm ashamed to say even though I live very close to the store I've not visited but I might mention the coffee and papers to hubby and if they have cake as well I'm there. Glad your Mum had a great birthday . Sorry this is a bit late lots going on at the moment shame about the weather now rained for three days here definitely paying for that summer last week Love and hugs Carole x

  6. Oh my gosh Carole! These are simply STUNNING! They're so beautiful and would make such lovely little gifts for anyone! And I agree with you about camping ... ugh .. I'm so not into that anymore. I like a running faucet, and a toilet that can flush, also a bed, kitchen and tv ... yea .. pretty much speaking of a hotel room. hahahahh! :)