Wednesday, 15 March 2017

There are fairies at the bottom of my Garden!

Hi my friends.......those fairies don't seem to come and do the ironing etc that they are supposed to do......though my husband says they visit him!!......he finds his clothes all washed and neatly pressed! I must be doing something wrong....I have to do my own!

Anyway I have been playing this last week and using up some old stash...yes all of four pre printed cards that I have had for ages!.......and no.... I have no more room in my craft room as a result.
The cards came with a sheet of sentiments to layer on top , but me being me, decided that was too out came the stamps.....fairies, Lavinia I think...all stamped with archival as the card is shiny. I had to add liberal amounts of Glamour dust of course!

and one close up

The sentiment stamps are from a Phil Martin set...very useful!

I now have four one layer cards for my stash..........still in the craft room, but in a different

I really will have to find somewhere different to photograph my cards, they are not coming out well at all.

So how are we all? I hope some sun is shining for you...lovely spring day here in West Yorkshire, but I do know some of you over the pond are either sinking in snow , or baking in the heat! Funny weather!! Anyway I do hope you are all well and safe, and if you are having a bad week...or more, I hope it all improves soon for you.

Thank you for stopping by, for all the lovely comments you leave me, I so love to read them all and know that I have such lovely friends all over the world. Friends that give of their precious time to visit my humble little blog......mwahh to you all.

Ok... well this fairy had best spread her wings and go and magic something up for tea tonight. Can't spoil the magic for hubby can I?

Enjoy the rest of your week
Carole xx

PS.  When I make a card you can always bet your bottom dollar that the week following my post there will be a challenge for that topic...always too late for me to watch this space...I bet next week somewhere there will be fairies!!.....and not only at the bottom of my garden.


  1. Your fairy cards look gorgeous Carole. I love the colours. Phil's sentiments work really well and all fairies need glitter on their wings. Beautiful!

    The sun is shining here to but all is not well. I think the hairdresser has forgotten we changed our day as I'm out all day tomorrow. I could do with a couple of fairies to lend a hand as hubby told me just before he went out he was wearing his last shirt! I need some ironing fairies here quick sharp and another to deliver a birthday card!!! Tomorrow is another day and I'll be enjoying myself at the NEC. Hugs, Barbxx

  2. Beautiful fairies Carol and glitter of course, so pretty.

    B x

  3. Ha! I had these cards too - can't remember what I did with them but I can bet they didn't turn out as good as these! Ironing fairies, bed changing fairies and bathroom cleaning fairies are what I want right now - oh and suitcase packing fairies... so if you can send a few my way I'd be really grateful! xx

  4. I seem to have the same fairies in my home!! They do everything for my husband except the grass cutting. Your cards are all beautiful and love the designs. Your blog is one I always read right through, as they always make me laugh!! Keep it up Carole!! Big hugs, Carol S.xxxx

  5. LOVE Lavinia stamps and these cards are simply fabulous Carole.
    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  6. Beautiful cards Carole. Love all the shimmer and those super round the corner sentiments. If you come across any housework fairies in need of employment then please send them down this part of the country, haha. Hope you get happy news soon xx

  7. You've created a beautiful, ethereal quality on your cards with the colours and swirls. They must have been such fun to do. If i received one, I'd keep it!
    I could keep a couple of fairies busy for a while...

  8. Hi Carole! heehee .. I don't think it's fair that the fairies take well care of your hubby and not you too. :) As for your cards .. I love them! The sparkles are like magic dust blessing every person who holds these cards! Absolutely STUNNING!!


  9. Hi Carole just love these such gorgeous designs and pretty colours I love those sentiments they look great around the edge. I'm the same with challenges always early or late as I rarely make anything just for a challenge never have the time Love and hugs Caorle x

  10. You hit the nail on the head on all fronts with this post, Carole! Where are the fairies for the ladies?????? Although I think the next generation has a lot of hubbies who do for their wives; we just came along too soon! And I hear you about the challenges popping up right after I've posted a card! Mind, I find others that work, but so many times it feels like they saw my card and said, "Oh, what a good idea for a challenge!" lol! Must happen to all of us. But that's not why you called. Let me say that your special attention to your cards to give them a personal touch turned out sensationally!! Love them! Hugs, Darnell

  11. Ha! I'm exactly the same with challenges ... a few days later and there's one that fits the bill ... This happens so often I began to think they were just waiting for me to post to get a challenge idea!
    Your cards are gorgeous ... Total transformation! Fairies don't help me out either but they must like my craft stuff 'cos it often just disappears... Happens to Pat too! It so cold and miserable here today ... Hope you enjoy a better one!

  12. Wow!! Sis, these cards are stunning, love what you have done with them, all the sparkle and shine.. lovely!.. Also love the sentiment stamps you have used.. really must get some of these:) xx Hope all is well, will send an email soon. A little tied up at the moment as David has had his hip done xxx
    Big Hugs,
    Sis xxx