Friday, 15 April 2016

'Happy Birthday to you'

Hello blogging friends!
Well it's Friday the weeks are flying by..........but that's all been said before so I shall quickly move on.

The design for this card has been replaying itself over in my head all week...until I actually got to sit down and execute (big word there) it. I had the idea..loosely based (can't do with tight things) on the Mothers Day card that my eldest son sent me.........sorry I have stashed it away for safe keeping so cannot show you my inspiration unfortunately.............yes honest.....I do a still have it, stashed away with years of cards that my children have sent me and I still have (as Mothers do).

Here is my card.........

and the back as well.... I cool is that!!........

I dug out a suitable flower I have lots of flower stamps...but it was touch and go whether I had one to do the job ...if you know what I mean. Anyway I did (it had to be solid in design)...sorry I have had this set years  ages and it's NBUS (head hanging in shame)...but I have now rectified that (smiling now).
I stamped randomly with Versamagic inks (two colours....sorry.... thats's obvious) and when dry drew round each one with a quickie (they should think of another name for that) glue pen and added my favourite glamour dust.
The sentiment was computer generated and raised on foam pads for a bit of dimension and when I know who I might send it to..the rhyme will be finished off your thinking caps on and see if you can guess what it will say.......

Easy peasy eh?

So if you are celebrating a Birthday this weekend...have a Happy one...and if not ...well have a Happy UN-Birthday. Enjoy whatever you do (weather permitting).
Stay safe and well, thanks for popping in, your visits make me happy.
Talking of which I appear to have lost a follower this week, don't know if its down to blogger or did someone fall out with me   :(    I hope not, let's face it guys...I need all the friends I can get!!

Toodle pip for now
Crafty hugs
Carole xx


  1. Well I'm still here!! I enjoy reading what you write, as it always makes me smile. Great idea for your card and pretty colours too. 3 was it!!Hee Hee!! Have a brilliant weekend. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  2. What a super card Carole. Love the way the design continues on the back and great colour combo too. Have a great weekend xx

  3. Surprise! when we see the back. Shame on you not using this super little flower before - I'm only joking. I love your card Carole. The colours are lovely and so is the glitter round each flower. I bet that took some time. I like the way you've done the sentiment too and hey you've got your own smart back stamp. A lovely card. Hugs, Barbxx

  4. Cute post Carole..always a fun visit when I stop by! What a cute idea to stamp the back,too. Great job with all the stamped pretty. I like how you added the sentiments. Thanks for the un Birthday wishes...right back at you!! Have a great day!

  5. I'm smiling, too, Carole! Well done with your rectification!! I love the look of a pretty card design like this wrapping around the back, but when I'm sat at my desk, does it ever occur to me? No! That's right. I used to have my wall covered in reminder sticky notes about these sorts of things, but pretty soon I no longer "saw" the sticky notes and the mess was giving me hives, so that idea went bye bye. No matter, I can enjoy it when you do it!! I think it's fabulous!! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Darnell

  6. A great card Carole - the colours are really pretty - love the back too! x

  7. Hi Carole! What a sweet & BEAUTIFUL birthday card! I love the color combo of this .. and the sparklies I see on the flowers! Gorgeous!!!

    Big hugs,

  8. Back and front decoration! You are amazing. Pretty floral card here Carole.
    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  9. Hi Carole

    Never mind the weeks flying by .. .. the months are too (and of course we won't mention the years!!).

    Great card.

    Love the colours and all those fabby flowers. I dont think I have ever decorated the back of a card!

    Have a good day

    Love Jules xx

  10. It's really pretty and such a good idea ti go all round! I used an orange Fiskars trimmer for my card. Not as neat as a rotary but accurate. Apparently you cant have everything. X

  11. Very pretty card Carole, what a good idea!
    The way time flies by is scary, just scary...

    Anne x

  12. What a fabulous funky card Carole and I love the glittered edges. I think your handmade for you stamp on the back is just gorgeous too. Sorry to hear a follower dropped off but it probably is Blogger related and this happens to me too. I was sure I was one of your followers Carole but I don't show up in your list so I've joined again today.
    Have a great weekend.
    Carol x

  13. Sweet friend, I was sure I'd left a comment on this floral front-and-back delight, but a wee wander shows that's not the case. Blogger shenanigans or my noggin' not recollecting very well (hoping the former; suspecting the latter *grin*). Anyway, I'm smitten with your pretty design and the shimmer is a charming touch. I 'need' to remember to head around the corner on my cards on occasion; the effect is quite marvelous! Our weather has been *knock on wood* quite marvelous of late, although the hot temperatures haven't helped the wildfire that destroyed the city of Fort MacMurray in our province. Close to 100,000 people incredibly sad...and scary. I'd be happy with a few days of gentle rain...