Sunday, 9 August 2015

Painting on Silk

Hi hope you are having a great weekend. Us?.......we are surrounded by tiny match pots of paint, painting little squares of varying colours all over the walls in the hall...and then deciding that not one is the right colour! Shade cards and pots do not seem to match as their name intends. Perhaps we should just do patchwork!!......Alongside that hubby is painting the smallest room in the silly not the cupboard under the stairs...the downstairs problem with colour here as we are keeping it the same!

Crafting....other things on my mind this week so not much crafting fact none!. I have been in the craft room and moved piles of stuff from A to B to C in the hope that I might find a home for it!.......GOT IT...forget the painting...we'll move to a house that has a bigger craft room.......oh no we won't I hear him shout! It's cheaper to buy every match pot going...he does have a point there!

Enough rambling and on to my attempts at Painting on Silk. You may remember me telling you briefly in an earlier post that while on holiday in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands for those that may not know) I had a go at silk painting.

Here is my attempt.....

I feel it is rather child like in its execution and I wished I had chosen a different design once I had know the feeling when you go to a restaurant and when the food comes you wish you had ordered what someone else is having! However it is very therapeutic the way the colour just spreads as you touch the silk and is held in place by the gutta outline (the silver bit).
 The lovely lady that ran the class is called Sue Brown and if you are on facebook then you can visit her at....painting on silk at the Barcelo hotel.
Her work is exquisite....................and she also makes the most beautiful jewelry is my purchase...and very reasonably priced.

A wonderful and talented lady, so friendly and helpful and a great teacher giving one a lot of encouragement.I am sure she has started a few people on the road to painting on not yet...but never say never....I certainly need the practice.I wonder how I would fair on the beading side of things?

Well the sunshine is struggling here today, after a glorious day's not been a good summer for the North of England this year and I fear we are running out of time now! I do hope it is better with you...wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Thank you so much for visiting me and I would love you to leave me a comment so I know you have called in....I will visit you in return of course....get the wine chilled!!...or even the kettle on!...whatever takes your fancy.

Take care till next time and keep well. Big hugs to you all...after all without all you lovely people I wouldn't have a reason to blog.
Carole xx


  1. This is very pretty and love the butterflies. Gorgeous colours. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  2. This is super Carole. It turned out really well.

  3. Hi Carole love your post I'm impressed by the silk panting i think its a lovely design . We have had it on the program at our craft group a couple of times but each time I've missed it as I've been away on holiday. are they telling me something !! The necklace is gorgeous just my style and such a pretty colour I bet you wear it lots. Decorating I just hate it all that upset and you are right it never looks like it does on the tin.then when you think you have it right you switch the light on and suddenly its awful Good luck Love and hugs Carole x

  4. Hi Carole, yes I have managed to find my back to card and cake! Missing blogland but other things taking priority as usual! Sounds like you have plenty going on yourself. You would laugh if you saw our hall, I'be been painting it for about 2 years, on a second colour now and you can still see some of the original olive green - yuk. I really ought to finish it...
    I think your butterfly painting is quite beautiful, not child-like at all! What a lovely thing to have had the chance to do on holiday. Hope all is well with you xxx Going to ST's on 5th Sept (CC demo day), are you?

  5. Wow Carole - the silk painting is awesome. It's great when you find a crafting class abroad, especially if hubby wants to go hiking for the day! Love the necklace and earrings you bought .
    Sorry about the missing pic. last night, (no idea what happened there)!! , and a huge Thank You for leaving a comment .
    Hugs, Sylvia xx

  6. Your silk painting is beautiful! You are SO talented. Great choice on the necklace, I bet you will wear it often. Good luck on your painting! It's always a project, but then so rewarding when it is all done!

  7. How fun to try silk painting, Carole! I think your painting is just beautiful! I love the butterflies and pretty colors! And you picked a very pretty necklace and earring set, too! I hope you get a few more days of sunshine before summer is gone!! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Darnell

  8. Hello, my dear Carole...your post makes me smile! The thought of painting our place (much needed!) gives me the willies! Unless we hire a professional painter (at prices that would blow your socks off! Crazy $$$), the likelihood of doing so is slim...but...we do need to spruce the place up immensely! I rather like your idea: moving to a new place *grin*. Then I could have a craft room! Your painting on silk is most definitely not 'child-like'; but so incredibly pretty! Butterflies = swooning, and that is, indeed, my response! Gorgeous! The jewelry: lovely! Hope the sun shines on you before fall makes its 'official' arrive...where has the summer gone? I'm back to work on the 24th already..GAH!
    Hugs and love heading your way!

  9. Oh you are too modest about your silk painting Carole! I would be thrilled to have produced this beauty and I love your design.
    Good luck with finding new storage for your craft goodies. I need to have another cull of my stash soon because my hubby would not be amenable to me having a bigger craft room either lol.
    Carol x

  10. Hiya, I would be thrilled if I could paint on silk like this, it's gorgeous. I am forevevr moving things from A to B to C and then back again. Hubby says he thinks I enjoy re-arranging more than actually using (sometimes I think he might be right - heaven forbid!). Weather here rubbish too, an odd nice day, but no real summer. Might just need to book a week in the Canaries!!

    Liz x

  11. Hi Carole

    Your decorating tales make me smile. You sound just like us! Not easy changing colours is it?

    To begin with I thought you had used the test pots for a craft project LOL!

    Loving your silk painting. Very beautiful!

    Best of luck on the storage/craft organisation front.

    Love Jules xx

  12. Hello, Carole ~ you are just THE sweetest ever! Your comment on my silly shaker (I kid not: inordinate amount of time!) makes me smile! As for our vacationing mojos....the least they could have done is take us along on, so we could spend time chatting and visiting, not missing them in the least *grin* Hope your painting and re-organizing is going well. I should be doing both (oh wait...forget the painting bit!) because yikes, my crafting zone is becoming far too crowded Remember I create on the kitchen counter, between the sink and fridge...and I'm quickly outgrowing that space. Perhaps that means a lottery win is on the house with a crafting room and garage! Oh, how I wish! You're a gem! Hugs~c

  13. Amazing painting on silk! Organizing is always time consuming and I often get sidetracked by shiny objects:)