Saturday, 2 May 2015

Behaving Badly

Hi...the computer that is....behaving spent last week at the repair people...and keeps crashing it's heading back again next week...sigh!
SO.......this is just to let you know that I have not abandoned you all...and I hope you will not abandon me when I return with something to show you...son's Birthday card next week.....all being well.
Aaaaag...... it's just crashed again! so before it gets to the stage where it won't boot up at all. I shall love you and leave you to have a wonderful BH weekend and hopefully I shall be back at the end of next week.
Take care friends..thanks for popping in....I am thinking nice thoughts of you all.
Carole xx


  1. Oh Carole hope you get sorted very soon how did we ever manage before computers Have a lovely weekend Love and hugs Carole x

  2. Hope all goes well with your computer.


  3. Oh no Carole! Sorry to hear about your computer! :( Hope all gets fixed quickly! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    Big Hugs,

  4. HI Sis, hope you are up and running soon!!... hope you had a lovely bank holiday.. David and I were in the garden trying to re-style the borders... my backs killing me this morning lol!!... off to work now will speak soon...
    Love and Hugs,
    Sis xx

  5. Looking forward to seeing your son's card Carole, hope your PC soon get's sorted, have had no internet and no phone all day today, such a pain, it's only just come back on!
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  6. Hi Carole. It's so annoying when this happens - I hope the 'puter gets better soon.
    Have a happy week - hugs, Sylvia xx

  7. Hello sweet MARVELOUS to see your comment appear on my post! I have missed you and your dose of sunshine! Hope the computer woes are put to bed and I'm looking forward immensely to seeing your crafting ingenuity back at play!
    Hugs and love,