Saturday, 13 February 2021


 Hi Everyone.....yes it is me! I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger this fact this is my first post of 2021!  time seems to be whizzing past and no doubt this will be another year that is gone in the blink of an eye.

Two cards, both pretty much the same, just a subtle difference. Both cards made with a Crafters Companion Edgeable Balloon Die which I have to say I was a bit disappointed in...more on that later.

1) I cut the die on the edge of my card and then I cut several of the die again from bits in different colours to obtain the balloons.

2) I backed the front of the card inside with another piece of white card , paper pieced the colured balloons in place and then cut round the balloon edge .

3) A strip of turquoise card is on the inside back page edge which shows when the card is closed (hope you follow that).

4)The background on the front was stamped with a sprinkles stamp (sorry can't remember where from) using several little inkpads and the Happy Birthday (again sorry don't know origin) was cut twice..once in the turqouise (used the same as the inside strip) and one in the red and layered to give a drop shadow.

Still with me?....good, second card.............

I chose Bazzill Bling this time ......remember that?....for the balloons and backed the inside of the front with black and left it uncut so to speak.
The background on this one is a Uniko Party Confetti background again multi coloured with little pads and stamped.

The reason I am unhappy with this die?
 When cut, the balloons are empty until you fill them, yes you can leave them just cut but they are hollow so to speak. Then you need something behind for the balloon piece (in whatever colour you have chosen) to adhere to when you paper piece it in. .........and then to have to start fussy cutting the edge! Also I only see this as a vertical die and not something you would use across the top edge or fold of a card.

If you have any experience with this die, or any ideas I would value your comments.

OK I've rambled enough. Taking the second card to Uniko's 9th Birthday Party.....I need a drink after all!

Hopefully see you again soon.
Till then , continue to stay safe and keep well.

Love Carole xx


  1. Hey you, how are you feeling... your blog post sounds rather chipper so I'm hoping that's a positive thing, you take care xx

    I love both cards, I like how they still look different using the same idea and they are very happy cards and thats always plus as it makes the recipient smile and us when we create happiness in paper form.

    I'm not a fan of Crafters Companion so I can't offer any advice other than to say it would niggle me aswell but I'm sure someone will come up with a inspirational solution :)

  2. I have just today been messing about with this die and have stared at it for a long time trying to think of the best way to do things - the result - am still thinking!
    Going to sleep on it and come back tomorrow!
    Know you're not a fan but your 2 cards are lovely matey! xx

  3. Two lovely cards, Carole. It always frustrating when you buy something which turns out to be not quite what you expected. Hopefully someone else has this die and can offer some advice. xx

  4. Hi Carole! Lovely cards there and good to see you blogging. I'm with you about the die - if you recall, Viv gave me one to offer as a prize and I alsi bought my own to use for a snippets sample. Try as I might, I can't think of how to use the die as a true 'edge' with the balloons floating freely to one side other than the two ways you tried. They would have been better to make it a die set with one die where the balloon centres didn't cut out so you could at least double layer them and then pop coloured ones into the top layer. Crafters Companion do seem to be a bit of a law unto themselves and don't always make life easy. Having said that, I'm quite happy just popping a piece of card behind - although it would be nice to know how they made that sample card on the die packet and their website - fussy cutting round the backing layer as you did on one card I expect! Hope you're keeping well.


    Di xx

  5. Hi Carole

    So lovely to see you posting .. .. sounds like others have been scratching their heads when trying to use this die set.

    Such a shame it isn't easy to use because the finished result looks beautiful. They should probably have included another edge die to trim the background. Hardly an edger die if you have to cut it yourself with scissors or a craft knife.

    Lovely finished look and you have created great backgrounds for both too.

    Wishing you a good week.

    Love Jules xx

  6. Hi Carole great to see you crafting in 2021 these are both lovely designs but that die does sound disappointing I hate it when that happens unfortunately I don’t have that die so cannot help Have you tried Pinterest ? I did buy quite an expensive large die and the biggest one just rips the paper I’ve tried all sorts even gave to a friend who has a different cutting machine but still no good.Unfortunately I had it a while before I used it so couldn’t return . My fault for hoarding . I hope you are coping with this third lockdown got to say I’m getting a bit fed up now going for a walk just doesn’t help much anymore . Let’s hope for some warmer weather and we can do something normal again not sure about you I’d settle for a good craft show You take care stay safe and as always sending my love Carole x

  7. Glad you are back posting!! These cards are amazing I just love the balloons!

  8. I got all excited at first, thinking you were playing in Twofer, Carol! But I agree with you, as cute and festive as it is, this balloon die does seem like it would only work as an edge and be quite fiddly. Two people are going to be very happy that you persevered, however, cuz this design is just as celebratory as a birthday card can be! I'm glad you are keeping well and hope to see you again soon! Hugs, Darnell

    1. Would have loved to enter your twofer darnell...but I can only see one way to use this die unfortunately, it seems I am not alone on this one either! xx

  9. I like your cards, so bright and colourful and especially like the stamping on the fronts but I do see your problem with the die. It's disappointing. I like to be able to use things in several ways, I'm sure we all do. It looks like you'll have to do a line in birthday balloon cards for your family this year - all the same but in different colours. Lol x

  10. Well Carole you may not post often but when you do your cards are amazing!! I just love these happy birthday cards... Shame about the die, I've been disappointed a few times, but you certainly did a great job of filling the shapes!

  11. Shame you're not happy with the balloon die . .. but have to say you've made two lovely colourful cards that are going to be well received.

    Hugs,Sarn xxx

  12. Love these bright and cheery cards, Carole and the multicolored stamping is gorgeous on the cards. The die does seem problematical and I would have to agree that an outside die should have been included to save the need for fussy cutting. I hope you are well and feeling cheered by the imminent arrival of spring. Take care my friend.
    Carol x

  13. Two fabulous cards and great designs and layouts too x