Thursday, 5 September 2019


Hi friends
Thanks for reading my last post and again Thanks to those of you kind enough to leave a comment.
I don't do Facebook and persuing a complaint of any sort would cost more than the original hope fully one day 'Jack' will get his just deserts...we have moved on! but will be reminded of his rudeness every time we use the parasol!...which at present is back in the garage because of all the wind and rain we have had. My guess that's it till 2020 now!...2020 eek!!

So back to what this blog is really about..crafting.

My cards are pretty plain and straight forward but reflect the title of this post. Made a while back with Crafters Companion dies (no I don't have shares in it sure feels like I do the amount I seem to spend on their products, though not as much of late since their move back to C&C )

So to each and everyone of you ...

for being a blogging buddy...

for stopping by today...and

  for leaving me love.

These were made with male recipients in mind (no not for all my toy boys! if I would need 3!)..but would look good in other colours and even with glitter card behind.

Well tomorrow signifies the end of yet another week. I can't believe where this year has gone and this past few months has been a roller coaster for me one way and another. Hopefully now I am back on the level and can get back to some creating again.

Till next time

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Take care.

Crafty hugs
Carole xx


  1. Just catching up and saw your post about the parasol. Disgusting!!! I'll put it on Facebook for you if you want! What a cheek. Hope Karma isn't too long in repaying this rude individual.
    Nice cards by the way! x

  2. So I'm going to say 'thank you' too, you never miss a post and always leave me a lovely comment and every time I smile and think 'yay'. I think these are brilliant for the male toy boys, joking or are we lol. Great strong designed cards x

  3. Well Carole, your card is so elegant in the monochrome but having read your post I was keen to scroll down to see what I missed (sorry I wasn't about at the weekend and been slow catching up).

    What an absolutely appalling reply from anyone, let alone a CEO of a company. I know customer service seems to be on a downer the last year or so which I put down to less trading leading to less staff and so the downward spiral goes on, but that still does not make shoddy service and sheer rudeness acceptable.

    One eldest Grandson took a year out between Uni and starting his teaching career and was fortune to land a job as customer service manager at our local Huntingdon Wyevale garden centre (now taken over by Dobbies). Every evening he would tell us tales of rude and irate customers and how he used to bend over backwards to placate them to comply with company police. Clearly Jack Whitely's company has no customer service policy and could take a leaf out of Wyevales book.

    I don't do Facebook either, but if Viv is willing to put it on there for you I'd say why not, name and shame is no more than they deserve.

    B x

  4. Hi Carole

    Always nice to remember your manners and say thank you .. .. and what a lovely way to say it. Love the finished look.

    So the toy boys got black backgrounds .. .. did your hubby get one with glitter?!?

    You have a lovely weekend too.

    Love Jules xx

  5. Hi Sis, what have I been missing... lovely card as always love the black and white. Hope all's well, will get an email to you soon. Also getting back to normality slowly.. hopefully will get more time for crafting soon too..
    Have a lovely week-end.

    Big Hugs M xxx

  6. Gorgeous cards Carole. I nearly missed this one!! I have a sister called Marjorie. Sadly she has Alzheimers and quite poorly with it now. Going to look at the post above now!! Hugs, Carol S.xx

  7. Well I think they are all eyecatching and elegant!