Thursday, 23 May 2019


Hi Friends!
Where did that 2 weeks go? Sorry for not being around much but life in several guises has chosen to rule the roost here, and that doesn't include hubby!!

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and support on my last post. You will be pleased to know that Chloe eventually responded to a cocktail of antibiotics (cocktails at age 1  ! ) and is home again, still on antibiotics and at the last report more like her old self...phew! Your love and support meant so much to me at a worrying time...Thank you all again..mwah x

So...onto crafting..(or lack of it) I have more cards for you to see that were done at the monthly card club. Lucky I have these to fall back on! A cocktail of cards!!
Here goes....

Just love that face!

So I wish you all a lovely Bank Holiday weekend if you are in the UK...and if you are elsewhere in the world...have a great weekend too!

Take care of yourselves. If you are under the weather or having worries/problems may you feel better soon.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by , I really do appreciate it and also as you know any comments you leave. You are a great bunch.

Right while I have charge of the computer and a coffee I am coming to see what you have all been up to now, and return some love.
Till next time
Carole xx

Sadly no chance to enter any challenges this time.


  1. Oh Carole, I'm so pleased to read that Chloe is on the mend. Thank God for modern medicine. I can just imagine how relieved you are. Our youngest Grandson is having a rough trot at the moment health wise. We've recently found out that his hip sockets didn't form at all and although there has been a slight improvement with the measurements, he'll almost certainly be needing major surgery before the year is out. During a recent visit to his allergy clinic, he saw a new consultant who asked if he could give him a full check up. He found a heart murmur, which is one of the reasons the other consultant has delayed his hip surgery from the Summer. He felt that he already had enough on his plate. We also saw an audiologist last week as his speech is delayed at two and a half, and he's not hearing very much at all, so it looks like glue ear in both. The list goes on but he's a resilient little chap who's loved beyond measure, so I know that he'll come through it all, bless him. Anyway, enough of my troubles, let's get onto the job in hand and talk about your fabulous cards... You've been a busy lady and these are all absolutely fabulous. I especially like the one with the lighthouse and I really like how you've cut around the design. The Giraffe is wonderful too and all of them seem just perfect for this time of year. Well done you, they're all wonderful. You have a great Bank holiday weekend too. Crafty hugs, Sandra xx

  2. Hi Carole, well you've certainly got an amazing cocktail of cards for us today. They are all fabulous but the second one really caught my eye with those super flamingoes and toucan xx

  3. I'm playing catch-up with my blog visiting after a recent holiday and only just read your last couple of posts. Sorry to hear about Chloe, but pleased to hear she's making a good recovery. Hope you'll soon be fully recovered too. Love your fabulous selection of cards, looks like you had a productive time at your card club. xx

  4. Carole, I am so sorry that you have had so much going on but great news that Chloe is on the mend. We have just come home from a holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. The weather was very kind to us. No rain, just sunshine except on one cloudy day. I took over 100 photos, as I did last year on the moors. We stayed in a village on the outskirts of Skipton. Back into craft room now to catch up. Have a lovely, peaceful weekend. Big hugs, Carol S.xxxx

  5. Hi Carole . . .saw your comment at the Snippets Playground, so came over to see you. Goodness me, your poor little granddaughter. . . What a thing to go through, but glad she's on the mend. Hoping your shoulder is better too. Is the kitchen finished? I can't settle when workmen are in the house either!

    All of your cards are lovely and the giraffe's face is just brilliant. Love that birthday die cut on 3rd card . . . so pretty. Wishing you a happy bank hol. Xxx

  6. Big hugs to Chloe. A worrying time for you all.x
    Kitchen finished? Any more Home Pride Men hiding in the cupboards???? LOL
    At least you can escape to the Card Club! Great cards - and the Giraffe made me smile....
    Spent yesterday pottering about outside - shoulder done in today! Hoping tho the weather is kind to us over the weekend. xx

  7. So pleased Chloe is on the mend Carole, it's always such a worry when you don't know exactly what's going on, on a day to day basis. It's so hard being a Gran with so many miles between you, sending big hugs xx..

    Beautiful cards love them all, love the third one down, I could do with this one to send to my DIL lol!!!.. speak to you soon Sis.. Have a lovely bank holiday Big hugs xxx

  8. I am so happy to hear that the little one is on the mend... Must be a great relief. Your cards are fabulous Carole!! Some wonderful stamps! Love that gorgeous Giraffe!

  9. Wow, a lot has been happening in Carole Land while I was away on holiday. I am glad I stopped on the day you reported that poor wee Chloe is recovering nicely. What a scare for everyone and so hard when you're so far away. And I'm sorry to hear that now your shoulder is a mess after the chest infection died off. We have a saying here: If it weren't for bad luck, you wouldn't have any luck at all!" It does sometimes feel like that, but overall things have turned around considering Chloe is mending and you got over the chest infection. Kevin got a cortisone shot in his shoulder and it worked a dream. Don't know if they do that sort of thing there, but I thought I should mention it. I hope it's better soon!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful array of beautiful cards! Lots of inspiration for us!! Hugs, Darnell

  10. I was so pleased on my return from my hols to hear that Chloe is on the mend Carole - it is such a worry when little 'uns are so sick and it must be worse when there is such a distance between you. I hope your shoulder is on the mend too! What a lovely collection of cards to brighten anyone's day! They are all so happy and cheery but my favourite is that wonderful giraffe card - she looks so gentle and the inked background is perfect.
    Carol x

  11. Each and every one so awesome! a fun collection of cards! I'm glad Chloe is better,too.