Friday, 18 November 2016

Festive, small, quick and easy!

Good afternoon blogging friends. Hope this finds you all snug and warm and in good's sleeting here and definitely chilly..might be time to dig out the scarf and gloves.

Welcome to my new follower 'Sandma' , we met in the Playground ...hope you pop by often and like what you see! Speaking of the Playground...I was lucky to be a'pick' this week with Mr Gingerbread as was 'Sandma' (take a look)..........and then even luckier to be chosen by 'random org' to win a die and stamps, so looking forward to the postie and an early Birthday present.....sshhhhh.... 21 again next week.........thanks to Di the Playground Supervisor/boss!

Quick card this week.....very quick in fact. I was rummaging (as one does) in a box for a card base and I found this red card blank. It is already embossed with stars round the edge and is only about 3.5 inches square. I had a sentiment die (another Sue Wilson) sitting on my desk that I wanted to try out...and bingo...a first for me...the penny dropped straight away...cut the sentiment out of the middle!

So I did , and then backed it inside with sparkly glitter card. To finish it off glamour dust was applied to a select few stars and taa--daaa job done! very sparkly  IRL . Have to make an envelope to go with it now...did I say quick card?

The sentiment is in a small rectangle as you can see from the embossed edge round it, but the words that fall out (the waste as it were) is a sentiment on its own...hope you are following this...NO I have not been at the Christmas sherry! Do people still drink sherry?...I digress....... Unfortunately I can't find anymore of these cards...just ones with hearts on! I think they were a Craftwork Cards bargain a good while back.

OK better go and get busy.........following on from the last post when the washer was washing, I figured that the dishwasher did the dishes.....OK that's obvious...then I thought hubby should maybe invest in a Roomba automatic know the sputnic that whizzes off on it own and vacs the house for you while you are crafting or whatever. ........and then I thought why doesn't someone invent a drone that dusts too.....wouldn't be much left to slave over then would there? Jamie Oliver (other chefs are available) would drop in to make dinner! What do you reckon?

Enjoy your weekend folks.....whatever you plan to do, stay safe and lets hope the weather is kind to us all.

Crafty hugs
Carole xx


  1. Do love the traditional colours and this red really is so eye catching, don't you just love the quick makes
    hugs Kate x

  2. Haha! I'm with you... We have a dishwasher but hubby doesn't let me use it...Says it cost too much! I'm the Jamie Oliver in this house and just about everything else too! Love your pretty card ... That sentiment looks amazing! I'll say hi to Pat for you ... she'll be delighted ... Have a great day even though the weather is awful!

  3. OK Clever Clogs. Why haven't I got any of these cards that you can rustle something up using what you've got? I always see someone else's and think - I like that die - or I like that stamp- then I pointedly have to look away from the mountain of (unused) dies and pile of(unused) stamps that I have....
    We have snow...... x

  4. Super card! Great idea to die cut the sentiment from the middle of the card and if I'm following you correctly, you now have a red die cut sentiment to use on another card? xx

  5. I love reading your posts, as they always make me smile. Even though I am watching Children I Need and have gone through half a box of tissues! Love your card and how it came about. Thanks for the message you left on my blog. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  6. Now thats my kind of card , finding it already embossed :) Beautiful card Carole, love the pretty color kinda pinkish red!

  7. So the sentiment cut in the middle..great idea Carol!

  8. A super card Carole... a great die and even better that it was so quick to make. I remember the time the christmas trifle always had sherry in it. As for the housework... I always start of with good intentions but end up getting sidetracked xx