Friday, 6 May 2016

Halloween I 'm told!

Hi friends.........yes Halloween was the comment from eldest son on his Birthday card......

.. he thought what I had meant as red paint looked like blood.....wish I had used another colour now!!
So another flop as he didn't seem that keen...............remind me next year to buy one!! Sentiment computer generated and stamps from Crafters Companion 'For the Men'

I seem to have picked up a summer cold from somewhere.....well a cold anyway...the summer bit has passed me by although the past two days here have been warm and sunny (maybe that was summer) but today we are back to a blanket of cloud again. I need to get rid of it pronto as next week I am looking forward to a visit from ......yes Thomas!! my second cuddle...and I won't be allowed near if I have a cold will I!! he is 3 months old now and changed quite a bit since our visit to them.

I hope this finds you all well and ready for the weekend again...came round quick this week didn't it!.....because of the Bank Holiday.
Thank you for stopping by to visit me, your visits make my day! and I love catching up with your wonderful work on your blogs.

Enjoy your weekend...fingers crossed for that sun and we will catch up agan soon.....the kettle is calling now!...atishoo...and the
Crafty hugs
Carole xx


  1. Ungrateful son! One of my son's has a birthday next week, I still have to make a card but I won't give in and buy one! I like this and especially the wall and I thought boys liked blood? I hope you feel much better soon and especially in time for your cuddles... Vitamin C and fresh air. x

  2. First...eeeee! Thomas cuddles on the radar! How exciting! As for that cold: shoo! Go away...and stay away! Snuggles about to happen. Your card - well, I admit, based purely on your son's comment, that it does have a Halloween slant to it. And I quite like that!! I also see it as I believe you intended: a 'graffiti' birthday card, which I think is super cool! No buying him a card next year, either! He may have 'appeared' keen, but I know, inside, he loves the gesture! And guess what: you have a 'protype' for a Halloween card, when the time comes (all too quickly, I might add!). Looking forward to Grandma and Thomas photos...Happy Mother's Day for Sunday, my friend!

  3. Haha that's boys for you! Hope you feel better in time for your snuggles! Have a lovely weekend
    Anne x

  4. Well I think the card is brilliant! A very clever idea. Hope your cold goes quicker than mine did! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  5. Love your card Son's watch so much Si fi and horror movies brains are not the same as us crafters !!! Hope your cold gets better soon and have a lovely time with Thomas take care love and hugs Carole X

  6. Haha! I can see now what he means by the paint spatters as blood.Too funny! I sure hope your cold is gone by now and you are ready to get in those cuddles!

    Today is warm and sunny and I am excited to meet my girlfriends for coffee this afternoon. I haven't seen them for quite some time AND we are celebrating!!! One of them had lung cancer and just had her CT scan after months of came back NO cancer!!!! Maybe we should have MORE then coffee...or something IN our coffee haha!!!

    Have a great day!

  7. Men are so hard to create for but I think you did a great job here in spite of your son's comment lol!
    Hope your cold is getting better so you can get some of those cuddles!
    Carol x

  8. Lol with the comment from your son, Guy cards are not always easy. What a fun card! Hope you feel better soon!

  9. HI Carole! You know .. male cards are the hardest to make! I feel like I'm partly suffering when I make them! LOL! But your card for your son is simply FABULOUS!

    I hope you'll feel better soon dear! Take well care!

    Sending hugs and get well wishes,

  10. Ah well, you can't win them all Carole! Mind you, I think he's being a little harsh. I think this card is FAB xxx

  11. Hi Carole, well I hope you got rid of your cold and had lots and lots of cuddles. I can't wait for September to arrive and Dad is really looking forward to it too as he so much wants to see his great granddaughter (something to keep him going.

    There's no pleasing some people - I think it's a fabulous fun card and the graffiti works perfectly against the brick background xx

  12. Well I didn't see Halloween Carole .. .. love the brickwork and distress work!

    Hope your Son had a good birthday.

    Sorry to hear about your cold. I hope you feel better soon. Mr Heart is full of it at the moment. I have told him not to bother sharing it with me.

    Love Jules xx