Tuesday, 5 January 2016



Twas the week after Christmas,
And all through the land
Crafters were gathering
Their craft stash to hand.

They were sorting and storing,
Even throwing  giving away
The excesses of shopping,
And stuff seen it’s day.

No more would they purchase,
They must use what they had,
They would use it, not stroke it...
That favourite pad.

Those snippets of card
Were all gone in the bin.
It seems such a waste,
It seems such a sin!

They’ve sorted, recycled,
Re-given and tossed,
And then in the process
Found things that were lost!

But now they can settle
A smile on their face,
For everything ‘s done
And back in a ‘place’.

But where did they put?
The right piece of card?
Everything’s tidy
It can’t be that hard!

Oh where did they put it?
They knew it would ‘come in’...
Oh no!.. could they possibly
Have put that in the bin?

So that’s why we keep stuff
We might need it we fear,
And to make us feel  better ?

Same sort out ....NEXT YEAR! 

Hello there friends.......is this you? I thought I would write us a little ditty! It no doubt will be me as I can't see the floor in the craft room...BUT I am aiming for little and often in the hope that I might see it all done ....eventually!............ bet I still won't be able to find something afterwards or wish I had kept something though!

Happy New year to those of you that have missed my previous wishes and did we all have a good Christmas then? Glad it's all over? ....or not?
I have to say as I get older I like to get the decorations down but this year they didn't seem to have been up two minutes and now everything looks bare....hubby is back at work...and dare I say I am back to normal......I know that's debatable maybe.....define normal!

OK here is the card I made for hubby's birthday last year!..........only December , but it was overtaken with Christmas cards so here it is.....

I stamped one of Sheena Douglas's scene stamps and coloured with distress inks (for the background). The canal boat is a Brittania die and I paper pieced the curtains at the windows. The frame was created using Sue Wilson Double pierced rectangles.........a birthday gift from my son... and I placed acetate behind the aperture after stamping the trees and grasses on to the acetate (bit tricky) to give the depth. Sentiment dies are Die-sire. The rest is obvious!

OK well the craft room awaits..... some cards to make..........and a few chores to do too so best get to it! I might pop back later and link this card to any challenges I might come across...if I have the time!...There you go, less than a week into the new year and TIME crops up already! I WANT/NEED this year to go slower than the last one not faster.......and more importantly to ENJOY my time! Make sure you enjoy yours too.

The rain has stopped momentarily here in West Yorkshire....so tired of day after day of rain, and dark grey days and oh how I feel for those poor souls that have suffered so badly at the hands of the floods. The roads round here were flooded Christmas weekend, but fortunately not nearly as bad as some other areas. Personally we are at the top of a hill, but the garden is soaked as the ground cannot cope..............nothing compared to some poor souls where there house belongings are ruined and in their front gardens...............there is always someone worse off than yourself!

Thanks for stopping by...let me know if you agree with my poem........I would love to know   :) 

Take care, be safe and keep well...................I know there seems to be a lot of cold viruses doing the rounds here in the UK so if you are under the weather.....I do hope you feel better soon.........wherever you are in the world.

Crafty New Year hugs all round. Carole xx


  1. A great post Carole! It's not me that ditty you know..... not much anyway!!
    I saw some blue sky here this morning, so popped on the coat and walked down the hill - didn't walk back up (!!!!) - got OH to collect me on the way back from the supermarket. Yes he IS one of those odd men who don't mind supermarkets!!
    Anyway Blue Sky didn't last long - home 45 minutes later and now it's raining (for a change - not). At least I got some fresh air - 2 days running and stayed dry whilst out - must be a record.
    Lovely card too! x

  2. Hi Carole, Well you have another talent that has become apparent. Your poem is fantastic. I did LOL at it then called hubby to read it to him as well. I think it sums up most of us.

    I went to my weekly craft club yesterday and came home with some stuff my friend brought along that she didn't want any more and guess what - she went home with some of mine too!!

    Your card is absolutely gorgeous Carole. What a lot of techniques put together so well to make a wonderful card.

    I'm glad to hear that it's just your garden that is so wet. We've been lucky here and our village is on a hill too. I think all our hearts go out to the poor souls
    who are having to deal with the flood damage.

    Wishing you a very happy 2016 and lots of fun crafting. Barbxx

  3. That poem describes me perfectly at the moment! Have you been following me around? I've just popped out to the dustbin (again) with a bundle of tiny unopened bags of powder. They may be sparkly embossing powders, they may be glitters, they may be something quite magical. I have no idea as they are unlabelled - and I've had them at least 15 years, so I have no idea how or when I got them. My only worry is that some of them are white, so if the dustmen start rummaging in the bins looking for treasure (or things that should have been recycled) they might get alarmed and call the police. Oh well, it might be fun watching a rogue policeman snorting embossing powder!

  4. Great card and a fabulous post Carole!
    Hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  5. Hi Carole
    Fabulous card... Stunning scene....
    Great poem...
    Hugs Sylvie xxx
    Happy new yearx

  6. Fab, fab, fab, love it! You should write dittys for the insides of cards, I'm always wondering what to write on that big blank white bit of card!

    Love the card, another December birthday. Me and my hubby are both December too - no luck!

    Well, it's freeeeeeezing here. Been snowing for a couple of hours too. Now where did I tidy away that shovel??

    Liz xx

  7. Carole, your ditty (totally awesome - you are sooooo talented!) describes me to a "t"! I did a "sorting" of sorts prior to Christmas, and gave my niece a WHOLE bunch of stamps and inks that I don't use, along with some water-colour pencils (those *had* to go...the stress of having water-colours, trying to use them, creating epic disasters and feeling frustrated has now been alleviated!), papers and her very own acrylic block! Upon returning home, I organized (well, a bit...) my stamps/dies, tossed snippets that really had me puzzling as to why I was keeping them, and did a general tidy up (which may not seem like a great feat, given my 2X3 kitchen counter crafting zone - but it was!. I had good intentions to put myself on a shopping freeze, however...NOT! Some new goodies have arrived, more coming (except for one wee spree, there remainder were honouring gift certificates...and one ought to honour those, right? *grin*). Christmas passed too quickly; indeed, the year did as well! We need 2016 (and 2017, etc. etc.) to slow down! Your card: gorgeous! Beautiful images and a wealth of techniques, from the painting, to the acetate stamping, to the framing. Work of art, my dear! I'm glad you were safe from the floods; my heart goes out to those affected. We had major flooding here a couple years back: awful! I think I've mentioned this before, but heavy rains, or a spate of several days of rain in a row, sees me - and many people here - become quite anxious. Being evacuated (our home is fine...) was nerve-wracking! Hope you've decided to let the chores wait while you play in your craft room; we want to see more works of art from you! I've scouted some challenges, so dash this handsome gem over if you have a chance:
    Dragonfly Journeys~Birthday: http://dragonflyjourneys.blogspot.ca/2016/01/challenge-no-38-they-say-its-your.html
    Simon Says Wednesday Challenge!Something New: www.simonsaysstampblog.com/wednesdaychallenge/simon-says-something-new-2/
    Seize the Birthday~Anything Goes: http://seizethebirthday.blogspot.ca/2015/12/happy-new-year.html
    Sending you warm hugs and lots of love~c

  8. Tee hee, definitely see myself in your brilliant ditty!

    I hope you had a really good Christmas and wish you all the best for 2016.

    Bet your hubby loved his card.

    Love Jules xx

  9. Happy New Year Carole, hope you are well! I love your poem, spot on for lots of crafters I think there. Couldn't even get to my desk but it is looking a bit better after some tidying yesterday - more moving around than getting rid of anything. I was awful this year and didn't make any Christmas cards, I didn't even send a single one. Just had a look at yours and they are really lovely. I particularly like the Holly & Mice one, it's gorgeous. Hope to catch you this year xxx

  10. I coloured the flowers to match the sequins!!

  11. Hi Carole! What a cute poem..sure brought a smile to my face. That is a gorgeous birthday card,too. I love the frame...so classy! No rain here, just snow and more snow! Well, it is winter after all I guess! It's -8 below tonight...brrrr. I'm all cuddled up on the sofa with a warm throw and enjoying visiting blogs. Happy New year!