Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Hi Friends

I must thank those of you who left me good wishes on my last post and thought that you might appreciate an update.......although I know one does not pop by to hear about health issues and much preferring a creation to view.
Unfortunately the surgery was not without some complications making it a bigger job and thus a longer recovery and I am still pretty wiped out........... but........... I am back at home with a wonderful hubby playing nursemaid (bless him) till next week when he goes back to work for a rest!!..lol........... I think it may be a while till I get into the craft room again., but I as my Grandma always said...I am getting a little better every day. I do hope you will bear with me, and I am popping by your blogs intermittently leaving you some love...........your creativity gives me my crafty fix!

Sadly the last card that I made before my NHS trip was for Son and DIL Wedding Anniversary yesterday.........BUT........it hasn't arrived  :(         so I will keep that one up my sleeve and blog it later as I have nothing else and hope that it turns up in the meantime.
 It was posted in good time , I could cry that they didn't get it...........good old Royal Mail!

Thank you for stopping by to read this...........see you all again soon I hope.
Carole xx


  1. Hi Carole! Loved your previous card - and here's to your continuing recovery! Don't overdo things too soon - or at all for that matter!


    Di xx

  2. So lovely to get an update and glad you are progressing you take advantage of that nursemaid while you have him home and enjoy being pampered. So sorry the card hasn't arrived Royal Mail sometimes don't get it right I'm sure it will turn up soon and I'm certain they love it and it will be worth the wait. Take care and look after yourself thinking about you love and a big get well hug Carole x

  3. Hello Carole, Sorry to hear your recovery is going to take a little longer, please don't overdue
    it, and take good care of yourself. Take as much time out as needed we will always be here.

    Your last photo is brilliant, and the colous beautiful.

    Take one day at a time, and speedy recovery.


  4. Hopefully you will be up and about soon. You can't rush recovery, so rest is what you need. Thanks for updating us as we are all in your blogging family. Big hugs, Carol S.xx

  5. Oh my goodness Carole! I'm so sorry to hear that you've had some complications with your surgery and I truly do hope you'll be back in tip top shape very very soon! I wish you a speedy, safe and restful recovery! Please take it easy and know we're always here.

    Sending you tons of get well wishes and hugs,

  6. Carole I hope that you feel better very soon.

  7. I'm so glad to hear from you! I hope that you keep getting better and better. Recovery never goes fast enough, does it? But like you said, each day you will keep getting stronger and stronger!

    Have a great day Carole!

  8. Whew! Great to hear you're on the mend, despite the setback! Hopefully recovery will remain on track, or rather, will "speed" along the track so that you'll be back to your hale and healthy self in record time. I'm sure your husband is enjoying tending to your needs (and whims...be sure you have a sprinkling of those in the mix *grin*) and would likely prefer to continue in his nurse role rather than return to work. I'm excited to see the anniversary card once it arrives... and oh, I hear you about the pace -or lack thereof- of mail delivery. Mail from the US to me, in Canada, is three weeks minimum! Patience...not one of my virtues but... oh well. Makes for great bouts of anticipation! Please keep us updated...we miss you!!
    Hugs and love,

  9. Hello, sweet Carole...popping in to check on you, in hopes that recovery is coming along well and your husband is continuing you to spoil and pamper you! If I lived closer, I would happily take on that task! Thank you for your visits; hearing from you causes wild happy dancing and mega-watt smiling!
    Hug and love,